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Gladys 1. 7/10
2. i think that this book will still be read 100 years from now. this book has been around for quite some time; since the 1950s. for this book to have been so well read by many even now, many decades later, there must be an explanation for it. this book tells the story of a group of schoolboys who crash landed on an uninhabited island in the midst of a war. the boys have to learn to fend for themselves, catch animals for food and learn to adapt to the harsh conditions of the island. the horrible conditions of the island cause them to turn from civilized schoolchildren into savages who would eventually even kill each other. also, they are all extremely young, some even under ten and most being around 12-13 years old. at the start, there was order in the island; the boys even elected a leader by democratic vote who they would respect and obey. everything was seemingly normal at first, as the boys were still held down by the society’s norms and maintained civilization. what makes the book so interesting is the development of these schoolboys becoming wilder and losing all that they’ve been taught, to be prim and proper. there is also an interesting part, where we are told how much someone can change if they possess another character, who is not themselves. the boy, jack meriddew, smeared on face paint on himself, to change up his identity. once the face paint was on, he transformed into a total savage, killing animals at will and not even blinking an eye at his totally cruel and un innocent action. this same boy, at the start of the novel, had tried to kill a pig for food but hadn’t managed to when the pig squealed, as he was still bound by the rules of civilization and was still his young and civilized self. he had felt too guilty and ashamed and what he had just tried to do. this shows us how much someone can change if they take on another identity and “hide” their true selves, which is very relatable even in real life now. also, the little boys had talked about how they spotted a beast on the island, who was ferocious and scary. everyone had been afraid of the beast, that there was such a scary entity living on the same island as them. however, eventually, it is revealed that the beast, is actually the evil that lives inside of them, the cruel and uncivilized savage that lies deep down in their hearts. this is very meaningful, as they were so afraid of the beast, but never once stopped to think that the beast was just themselves, and this tells us that everyone, even the most innocent of humans, all have a deep and dark side, but it may just be covered and smothered by society, which tells us that we have to be prim and proper and that we have to be civilized, good people. however, if we lose hold of our values that we have learnt in life, that evil side of us may just come out and take over us, causing us to do evil. this book will still be read even after a long time, i am sure as there are many deep and meaningful messages hidden and embedded in it that will help us to reflect on and relate to ourselves.
3. i would highly suggest for my classmates to read this book as i feel that this book will greatly enlighten us. it has a dark but meaningful storyline, and it will tell them how much society and our environment can affect us. it may also help us to realize how even the youngest and seemingly most innocent of us can contain a dark side that is suppressed by society’s norms, and warn us of what could become of us if we ever lose hold of ourselves and our values, which is extremely terrifying and alarming.

Eduardo Cortes I think is relevant because made a review about wich is the cause of badness, goodnes is genetical, is socio cultural , and is presented in a place isolated where just there are boys an youngs, fighting for survive , the creation of mits figures to get control more than using violence,

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