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Wind Catcher (Chosen, #1)
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message 1: by Nai (new)

Nai (naimeless) | 27 comments Hi Guys,

I have a few things related to new covers that need to be fixed. I do not have librarian status, and the author has asked me to do this on his behalf. I cannot access the book metadata to do the changes as we sent out in a recent email/newsletter.

Title: Wind Catcher (Chosen Book 1)
ISBN/ASIN: 1622533070 and B00U555OLU
All editions link:

There should be 1 ebook & 1 paperback edition of each cover
And this cover is the newest edition & should show up 1st in search results

I have 3 more of these for the same series. I'll post them as separate comments after this one is done. Let me know if you need any other information :) I would do this myself, but don't have librarian status.


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message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Not entirely sure what you're asking to have done here, but I've taken a look at all the editions and tried to fill in any missing editions.

Here is the ebook edition with the new cover:

I also added a missing audible edition here:

All the paperback editions are valid, including the two with the old cover, so no change needed there.

In accordance with recent changes to Goodreads policy regarding alternate cover editions, I also moved the ebook ISBN and kindle ASIN to their respective newest cover editions.

The edition that comes up in a search by name is the one that is either a) shelved by the most readers or b) the one set by the author as default. If your author would like to set one of the new-cover editions as default, they need to follow these instructions:

A default edition cannot be set by a librarian; it must be done by the author.

message 3: by Nai (new)

Nai (naimeless) | 27 comments Thank you so much - that was exactly the answer I was looking for, and I can take the issue back to the author of having it show as default.

Thanks again,


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