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message 1: by Dave (new)

Dave (davecenker) | 10 comments I have recently self-published my first novel and am looking to have it "available" through the "Stores" dropdown link on the Goodreads book page.

Some of the links (iBooks, Indigo) take me to the proper landing page on the appropriate site. Others (B&N, Kobo) take me to either a generic page searching by title (Kobo) or indicate that nothing was found (B&N).

It was suggested that I created alternate editions with the B&N ID number and/or other metadata specific to an online retail store in order to have the link in Goodreads find its way to the appropriate page.

Before doing so, I want to be sure this is the accepted Goodreads policy or if there is some other course of action I need to take in order to have my books discovered on these various sites through Goodreads. I have done my best to research this group to find an answer, but have been unable to locate anything.

Any help or advice would be appreciated! Many thanks and best wishes!


message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23228 comments The drop down link is created by individual members, to suit their buying choices.

That said, if you want a kindle edition you go to amazon on the drop down. The kindle edition will only work on the amazon listing as you can't buy it anywhere else. The same with the bind number from B&N, it only works on the B&N listing and doesn't work on any other drop down.

I'm pretty sure that an isbn ebook will also work on B&N, Smashwords, ibooks, kobo etc.

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