Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha, #1) Children of Blood and Bone question

*SPOILERS* Inan and Roen.
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I don't know about you guys, but I wasn't a big fan of Inan x Zelie. But, I lowkey ship Roen and Zelie together. I don't know why, I just felt like they had more chemistry together.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who felt this way :')

I know i shouldn't like inan and zelie so much but Inan grew on me and when he made that godforsaken decision I already knew he would because we get to see all his broken parts in the book. I like Roen too😊😁😁 but i REALLY wish Inan didn't have to die by his father's hand. It was like -BOOOY i told you so😂

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Alvin_chipmunk not to be a spoiler if you haven't read it, but the sequel came out, and Inan is revealed to be alive :D. And similarly, we've known Inan longer, and ...more
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Roen is a bit full of himself, but he may turn around and be 10x more charming. Inan, in my opinion, doesn't know what is best for him. They are both good people, but really need some screws tightened.

I do not ship her with anyone. Inan and Zelie is such an eye roll of a ship! Talk about forbidden love!

First time I read it I 100% shipped Zélie and Inan so hard, and I was only surviving on the hope that he wasn’t actually dead and that Zélie would forgive him... and then I read it again as a refresher when the second book came out.... and I 10000% want roën to be a main character and if Adeyemi put them together I’m not complaining, I just want more of him. And then I read an excerpt and there’s a scene with roën and Zélie together and my heart was throbbing so hard, like if they don’t end up together I will write a crap ton of fanfics and read all the roën x Zélie fics even tho I HATE fan fiction. I want them soooooooooo badly

nope you're not the only one, I 100% ship Zelie x Roen

But, if Zelie does get 'shipped' with Roen for the rest of the series, it will be a whole lot like A Court Of Thorns and Roses all over again.

Totally agree. Zelie and Inan was like insta love. It kind of came out of nowhere. I prefer Zelie and Roen and and although it's totally unrelated, Amari and Tzain. They seemed more natural and it wasn't instalove from what I saw.

zelie x inan otp! Is he like truly dead?? pls tell me he isn't

We totally need more on Roën.. ❤️

Roen seems too good for Zel. He has his head and heart in the right place.

I agree with Daniella, I've grown more attached to Inan's character throughout the book, and... yea. Idk how to explain my reasoning other than that. It sounded great in my head somehow.

Yup! Maybe writer can improvise the level of romance.

I ship Roen and Zeile any day anytime. I mean the way he stares at her is hot.


I like Roen. Inan can go away now.
But I agree with Kasia. She's too good for them.

Roen *heart eyes* yes a thousand times yes!

I like Roen but you can't help who you love and I want to see Inan x Zelie. Amari has said Inan had never looked at anyone like he did Zelie and he even says it himself. I just can't get over the total idiot he turned out to be. I think its too late to be forgiven but I'm trying to hold on to SOMETHING!! his got no1 if his still alive so I don't know how his coming back from this if his still alive

Throughout the book, I kept thinking “Inan is such a coward!” Then I got a glimmer of hope when he saves Zel, but his character arc completely crumbles when we need him to push through. Then Roen, who drips bad news, saunters in and delivers for Zel with barely a second thought. He intrigued me and his confidence and ability felt like it would positively influence Zel. I’m not sure about a romance, but I think he should be a regular part of Zel’s story.

I didn't like the instalove tipe of romance between inan and zelie, like one second the want to kill each other and the other they're kissing, i don't like him very much, but lets see how it plays in the second book

I think Adeyemi teases these possible love stories knowing her YA readers are desperate for a romance. I hope she keeps the writing style focused on the fictional war and friendships. Let the fans imagine the possible outcomes.

Uhh! Inan and Zelie was just awful.
!00% agree with Roen. I can't wait for Children of Virtue and Vengeance so we can find out more about him

Tomoko Adhami Same here. Release is expected in March.
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