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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance from past about a doctor and a small town girl.

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Jéssica Córdova de pariz | 2 comments The story is of a doctor who is traveling through a small city , and his car breaks down. A city girl helps him, they end up spending a single night together. The other day he leaves, I think he had a girlfriend who was pregnant and so he does not come back. A few years later he reappears in the city looking for the girl, and coincidentally he enters a bar, which is celebrating the engagement of the girl and a cowboy in the city. I remember he makes a scene when he sees the girl, he fights with her fiancé and she faints. Then the young lady tells him that when he left she became pregnant, but later, she lost the baby.

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When did you read it?
Where and when is it set?

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Bumping since Jessica posted today.

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