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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Hi, so did you want to make characters?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Haha same here

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Name: Summer Knight
Age: 17
Position: Princess of the forest kingdom
Species: Fox
-Out going
She was born to a well known family across the land, she was the middle child of five, she had two older brothers a younger sister and brother. Her two eldest brothers were already married or fighting their own path. While her youngest siblings were still too young to even be interested in someone else. Her on the other hand, they wanted her to have a bright and good future. So they had arranged a marriage with another family. When she figured this out at the age of sixteen she hated her parents for it. So on her seventeenth birthday she ran away from home because two weeks after her birthday she was to get married to this guy.
-Her kingdom
-Meeting people
-Animal abusers
-Listening to people
She has a necklace that was given to her at birth by her grandmother.


Name: Zero Wilson
Age: 22
Position: King of the Light Kingdom
Species: Phoenix
-Cold sometimes
-Easily get's angry
Since he was small he remembered his kingdom always being at war with the shadow kingdom and he never really understood why. He would ask some of the guards as he was growing up but none of them could really recall what they were fighting about. He knew this had to end but until then he never questioned his father about it he just let his father do as he pleased. Once he reached adulthood and took his father's place as king her made not only a few changes but a lot of changes. The kingdom is still growing to this day and his next step is to make peace with all the other kingdoms out there.
-Being nagged at
-Being out of the loop on something
-Killing someone
He has a dog that goes by the name Maxie


Sorry it took me so long to post my characters.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Great, I like them.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Oh really? that's cool! and I understand, its hard picking names.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments of course

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments It doesn't matter to me which kingdom, though I guess it should be Zero arriving to her kingdom, or maybe they could meet at a kingdom between the two? so it's neutral ground?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments could you?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Oh no don't worry about it, I'll just type what she went through that way you know))

Summer had just run away that night, she just kept running until she was far and I mean far away from home, she was a pure white fox with golden eyes. She looked beautiful in either form, but she figured if she was in her fox form she could get away faster from home, from her duties, from the man she is supposed to marry but didn't want to marry. She spent about a week out in the forest, doing her own thing, eating berries, drinking from a stream, playing around with some of the butterflies and bugs. Summer could entertain herself for a long time. She was enjoying her time out in the forest. She didn't realize that she transferred from her relam that kept her safe to this one full of humans. One day she was sleeping on the forest floor with the sun warming her up. She was woken up by a loud shot gun her ears stand striaght up she quickly got up and went up into a tree. She saw a few cars and hunters making their way towards her.

"I just saw it run up a tree! Someone get it down with a rock or something!"

The next thing she knew was they were throwing rocks at her and shooting at her to get her down. She turned to jump to another branch but missed it and fell to the forest floor. Her body hurt of course but she didn't notice anything broken. She quickly ran off some place else, they were chasing after her as well. They had chased her most of the day, closer to sunset they set the hounds lose to find her. Fox fur was really rare and expensive where they lived. he got into a bad fight with one of the hounds, was able to get away after she bit it really hard on the ear. An hour or so later Summe was limping her broken leg hurt, she was bleeding, and she didn't feel good, she passed ouot on the side of the road. It was fine but then it started to down pour making her cry. She didn't know how many hours passed by but she woke up to some right lights and people talking.

"Oh our little fur friend is awake, go ahead and put her out again" She passed back out from a big hand giving her something, she woke up again when someone opened a creaky cage she was in. They were trying to get her to eat or drink something but she just slept for most of the time. Her tail was over her eyes as she laid there in a dog bed. Her head was pounding, her leg hurt, the bites and bruising on her body hurt as well. She wanted the pain to go away.


Zero woke up that morning when his made pulled the cream curtains to the side and let the light shine through. For being the King of Light he was not a morning person at all. He took in a deep breath and groaned "let me sleep in!" he told her through his pillow that was on his face. Soon he felt the pillow being taken off of his face. "Sorry sir but that is not an option this morning, you are expected in the Shadow Kingdom today, now get your butt out of bed and get moving" she was probably the only maid that could talk to him like that. She was an elderly lade who had been with his family before he was born. She helped raise him as well.

Zero watched as the maid left the room, he groaned and got up from his bed and dragged his feet into the bathroom, he took a cold shower to wake up his body. Afterwards he watched his face and made sure that he was clean shaven, that he appeared to be awake. He made himself smell nice and look nice, most of the time if he was just staying inside all day he mostly had a lazy look. But this was his first time meeting this young woman of the Shadow Kingdom. He wanted to look nice and show her that they weren't bad people. He really did want to get this peace treaty signed.

Zero was in a nice white dress shirt, with black dress pants and nice black shoes, he was wearing a black over coat as well with cuff links and a ring his father used to own. He made sure that they had all of the documents that they needed to bring before they left. He was riding in the back of a car with his body guards. He wasn't going to take any chances. When they got there two of his body guards exited the car before he did followed by two or three more.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer listened to the people speak to each other, her ears were down the whole time she was there. She wasn't in trouble she knew that, she didn't do anything wrong. She was too tired to change back into her human form. When she saw Liam looking at her she lifted her head a little bit, he seemed kind but that all changed when she felt the needle poke at her she quickly turned and nipped at it with her small mouth. She had been shot at, rocks thrown at her, attacked by dogs, poked at by doctors, and more needles. She was exhausted and just done.

But soon she saw Liam again and once she felt his touch it was like she melted right away. She felt herself be cradled by him and it was nice actually, to be held by someone since she's been here and to be petted like she was a good girl. She let her body relax against him as he seemed like a person that wouldn't hurt her. She made a small noise a sign that she was happy, she moved her tail. It took a few minutes but soon she just felt numb and super light. She soon gave a big yawn and fell asleep in Liam's arms. Her tail wrapped around her as she slept.


Zero didn't really enjoy having this many bodyguards with him but the maid that raised him wouldn't let him leave without them. She was always such a worry wart. He knew how to hold is own in hand to hand combat and not only that his powers seemed to get him out of a lot of sticky situations. He was allowed into the palace and was escorted into a room where they were waiting for the Queen. Zero took in the beautiful room they were in. He enjoyed the arts, weather it was artwork or music, theater. He loved it all but he never allowed for that part to show afraid of people thinking he was soft. He was very impressed though, they were as good at the artwork back at his own home if not better. Soon he heard some doors open which caught his attention he looked over towards the door that had opened and soon saw the Queen entered. He was more impressed by her than he was was by the artwork. She was stunning and beautiful.

He had to yell at himself mentally to not be rude. He bowed before her. "Please the honor is all mine" he told her "I am King Wilson, it is a pleasure of meeting you Queen Shadowsong-Ethersly" he liked her name it just seemed to roll of the tongue fairly easily. He stood tall and strong, he actually really did like meeting people from different kingdoms

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((I think that's a great idea! so would his father still be alive just be in the other dimension? or is he deceased? and I apologize if my post for either one are a little short, I promise my next one after this one will be longer.))

Summer didn't think that she had slept so much in her life, not even when she was a young child did she sleep this much. She was always up when the sun was up. That drove her parents crazy, mostly because they weren't really morning people. No one in her family was Summer was the only one. However, she didn't really care though and she still wasn't going back. Even though she was hurt and in a way wanted her mom she wasn't going back. Because she knew as soon as she was healed they would keep tabs on her every move to make sure she didn't run away again. She didn't see a way out of the marriage, unless he got married to someone else but then in a way she felt like she was letting down her people; her kingdom. Summer ended up dreaming of her past with her siblings when she was younger, how they always ran around and had fun together but those years didn't last long she though.

She curled up more in the fuzzy blanket, she didn't know that not all people were like the ones witht he dogs. She didn't know why they were hunting her down to begin with. They seemed to like animals enough to be working with dogs. Her ears were constantly moving and twitching as she rode int he car with him. She might be asleep but her ears were still on guard for any potential dangers. Which she didn't hear anything all she heard was the sound of the truck, some wind that might be coming in from a window or something. She moved to where she and moved down further into the blanket and only her nose was poking out of the opening now. She needed to still breathe.


Even though he didn't have to bow to her, he was raised to always treat everyone with respect even if you were on the same level of power or being equal to each other. He was also raised to treat women with respect and hold them kind of higher than himself. His mother made sure that he would know how to treat woman, for when he was ready to get married. You aren't going to get far in ruling a kingdom if you are trying to tear each other down instead of working together and building each other up. Why is she so attractive? he thought to himself as he listened to her speak. "I would appreciate a tour of your palace. Just from being in this room I can tell it's quiet wonderful" He told her looking around before he placed his eyes back on her. He then glanced over at his men before giving a small sigh and leaned over to her more. "Between you and I, I had not requested so much protection. Leaving was out of the question unless they came along as well."

He gave a small smile to her before standing up straight a little but he seemed to be a little bit more relaxed, "thank you for preparing a room. We'll see what time it is by the end and make our decision from there." He said happily to her. He was always kind of joyful around beautiful women and any girl in general mostly because he didn't want to show a bad side to them.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Ah okay. That's fine though, it would be interesting for them to find that out though. Only if you want him to, that is. We don't have to. It is your character after all. Oh yeah you do, don't worry about it. I always try to write as much as I can that way the person I'm roleplaying with can have something to respond to. I know what it's like not having any idea of what to write because the person has only given me a line or two. But you are doing just fine.))

Summer's ears stood straight up and at attention, was he talking to her? she wondered she opened her eyes and could see him looking into the crate. Giving the air a small sniff she knew they weren't at that horrible place anymore. Well she thought it was horrible because of how she was being poked at. Summer could understand what he was saying, he just wouldn't be able to understand her if she tried speaking to him. They would come out as little noises that a regular fox would make. That was the only downside to this form. She slowly crawled out of blanket and out of the crate. She didn't realize it until now but her leg really hurt, it was her back . So once she was out of the crate and actually on his bedroom she plopped down and started to sniff at her back leg to see what was wrong. Once she realized that she hurt it some how she laid down on his floor and looked up towards him.

Despite her leg being in pain she got up from the spot on the floor and looked around his room. The first thing she noticed was the dog bed with the two bowls. Giving those a sniff she walked away clearly not interested in them. She wondered around his room looking at everything. She ended up at the baby gate and tilted her head to the side a litle bit, there was more to this place but she was blocked by something. She couldn't jump over it and she couldn't climb. She looked over her shoulder towards him again.


Zero gave her a small nod, before he noticed her reaching into her pocket and pulled out a pice of paper. He wondered what it could be until she told him. Zero was always so curious, but he had to remind himself that he was in another kingdom and to be respectful as possible. He gave a small nod to her again understanding what she was talking about. "Oh, don't worry about it" he said calmly he took the map when she handed it over he looked it over his eyes scanning the map and looking at the code they had put down for him. He gave a small nod. "Well why don't we start some place close by through these doors right here" he pointed on the map.

"Leads to another green room. Would that be okay?" He had asked her before looking up at her again. Every single time I look at her she just appears to be more and more beautiful he had to mentally stop himself and take in a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm his nerves that were going on inside of him. "Do you have a place my guards would stay and wait as we take the tour. I don't really need them to follow." He told her in a way it was showing trust that she wasn't going to harm him or do anything. He was starting to trust her a little more and more as they spoke with each other.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Okay, I'll let you know if I have any ideas, and then we can talk about them together. Same goes for you, I'm always open for new ideas))

Summer didn't actually think he would open up the gate for her, but in a way she was glad that he did. It meant that she could search the rest of the house but they both knew that his bedroom was probably where she was going to want to be most of the time. Summer wanted to tell him thanks but she didn't know how. So she butted her head against his leg and brushed her whole body against him kind of like a cat. She thought that he would at least understand from her actions what she was trying to get across. The haven't even known each other for a full twenty-four hours and she felt like she owed him so much.

She hesitated but she soon walked out into the small hallway. She peaked inside all of the rooms just to see what they were. Shes oon found herself in the livingroom the coffee table wasn't much higher than the floor. So she was able to climb up on it. She accidently stepped on the remote turning the TV on, it caused her to jump and put her ears down backing up away fromt he brightly colored TV. She made a hiss like growl noise. Though that quickly turned into a yelp when she fell off on the other side of the coffee table. She quickly got up and shook her head. What on earth just happened? And what is the big colorful thing. It's loud and making a lot of nosie


Zero smiled at Lorelei, he noticed that she was trying to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, however he didn't make it obvious that he saw. He glanced back down at the map, in all honesty it was probably a better map than he could ever create. He didn't seem to mind about the restrictions either, if he actually color coded a map like her's he would probably have a lot as well. His kingdom was a little more carefree and a lot more lively. Parties were an often thing but none like kids would have. Just pot lucks mostly down int he village a lot. He did like her kingdom from what he's seen at least.

He glanced back at his guards and saw that a they wanted to protest but he just rolled his eyes at them. He loved that they wanted to keep him protected but he didn't feel like he needed it. Plus it would probably make them both a bit more comfortable. "Oh I'm sure they will be too, give them a break from guarding my stubbornness." He chuckled a little bit as he said that. He could be pretty stubborn at times and boy did everyone that worked for him know that. "Well that's good that you can still find use for your training grounds. The barracks back home are still used for the soldiers and the police. But the training grounds are open for anyone int he kingdom who wants to learn a little self-defense. Some days it's open to the public and other days only the police and soldiers can train. We haven't really had a need for a military either, we have been on good terms with a lot of the other kingdoms." He told her as they walked towards the barracks. He couldn't stop looking at her, she was wonderful and he was wondering why their parents didn't sit down and end this a lot sooner.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer felt him pick her up and check her body, which she was completely find. She's had harder falls than that. Summer tried to grab at his hand as he checked her out. But she could never catch it. She soon felt him stand up and carry her some place. She soon felt the fuzzy dog bed under her tiny body. She looked around the room and saw that they were back in the bedroom. She laid her head down as he walked out and towards the bathroom. She then looked at the bowl of food that had ground turkey in it. Instead of turning her nose up to it she crawled out of the bed. It seemed delcious to her so she started to eat a little bit of it. She didn't remember the last time she ate something so now that she thought about it she was starving. Summer wasn't usually a big eater but after not having something for a long time she was able to eat almost all of it that was in the bowl. She then licked her face before crawling back into the dog bed and laying down. She was just as tired as he was probably, she didn't expect to be taken care of.

She closed her eyes and tried to sleep again but thoughts and memories of her family kept appearing in her mind, she didn't understand why though. Maybe she was feeling guilty, she did leave because she didn't want to listen to her family and what they had to say about her getting married, it just wasn't a life for her that's for sure. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She then opened her eyes I'm being selfish aren't I? it would be benfitial for both of our kingdoms and not just mine. It's not for love, it's for our kingdoms. she sighed as she laid there. But there is something about this guy that seems very comfortable. I'll stay here until I'm healed, thank him for letting me stay then leave, sounds like a good plan


Zero seemed a little puzzled when she said to hang on for safety but he didn't ask why and just did what she said. Zero watched as his body guards did the same but some of them had fear spread across their fast. Once it took off Zero thought it was the best thing ever, he found his footing after a minute or two on it. It gave him a thrill of a life time. He could never think of something this amazing or would his advior let him. She was always such a downer on all of the cool things he wanted to do or have fun. But one thing he did win was the way you could get around his kingdom. He had zip lines put up around the village. It was a fast and fun thing to do. Most of the people were around his age or younger so they didn't have a problem with it.

Once it came to a stop he didn't want to leave it was so much fun riding on that thing. He stepped out though with everyone else. He let his steps fall into place with her's as they walked that way he could continue to talk to her. "Oh good" he couldn't wait for it to just be the two of them. Mostly he could be more himself when no one that worked for him was around.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments (Oh no worries, thank you for allowing me to write a reaction)
Summer watched as he came back into the room, he seemed happy that she actually ate something. Maybe it was because she was hurt earlier and they were worried she wasn’t going to eat anything. The ground turkey was too hard to turn down, it wasn’t anything like the food back home but it was still good enough to eat. She let out a sigh but once she saw him pull of his shirt off her ears stood straight up and she sat straight up in the dog bed. She didn’t know what to do and her heart was racing a thousand miles per minute. If she was in her human form right now she would be blushing like crazy. Summer watched him, not like she was being a pervert or anything… actually if her brother knew what she was doing he would beg to differ. She quickly turned around and laid down in her bed with her back towards him. She moved her tail to wrap around her small body. She was so embarrassed for watching him a little bit. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she closed her eyes to sleep. She was exhausted even though she slept most of the day she didn’t understand why she was still so tired.


Zero followed the Queen around as she showed them the barracks where her guards usually stayed. It entertained him and he thought he finally met his match, other girls that he has dated in the past couldn’t keep up with him or his crazy ideas. This girl though she seemed perfect to him in every way shape and form. Zero looked through the class window and was very impressed with it. Something he had never thought about doing “huh that does look pretty fun. What do you think boys? We should get one of these, it will help train you.”
One of his guards looked at him as in he was nuts “I think the training you put us through is just enough. We are able to protect your life”
He looked back at him and then the other ones. “Right that’s why there are five of you instead of one or two.” He smirked at them “we’ll see” he then then followed the Queen again while his guards seemed somewhat concerned that their leader just dove further into insanity. At least the actually barrack looked a lot like his, with the guards hanging out and playing around. It looked a lot like home. His guards all let out a content sigh seeing as the dark kingdom wasn’t much different from home. That got Zero to smile seeing his guards be taken into good hands of some of the light guards. His men were polite and happy to talk to them allowing some of the men to be their escorts. He looked at the Queen “I think they’ll be just fine. This seems almost exactly like home for them”

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Yeah I can start us off on the next morning))

Summer was very restless throughout the night, she would sleep for a few hours but then she would be up. Sometime during the night she got out of her bed and stretched before walking around. She looked around but found nothing of interest. She has soon gone back to bed and tried to sleep again but she really couldn't. Eventually she wondered over to his bed and looked up at it. She was tiny compared to it. So she reached up with her paws and did her best to pull herself up onto the bed. It took a little while and was definitely a struggle. She eventually got up onto the bed. Walking over towards him slowly, she found a way under his blanket and curled up against his chest area before being able to sleep again. She didn't even know why she was doing this, he just seemed so nice and like he was a protector. Plus it was warm under his blankets she wanted some of that warmth as well. She slept all the way to morning this time.


Zero use to disrespect the staff when he was younger and once his mother and father caught onto what a little hell he had been to their workers. They made him follow seven of the servants around. A different one each day, he had cried to them by th end of the week and he really did learn his leasson then. He had promised to never be disrepectful like that again. However, he did tease them from time to time. He knew how to have fun with his staff and still be kind and light hearted to them. The life of one of these wonderful people was never fully easy. He hated to think of some of the hardships his people had weather it be finicial problems or a child with parents that don't fully care about them. So he worked day in and day out trying to better his kingdom and be on top of situations like that.

Zero smiled happily at her and gave a small nod "It's impressive that's for sure. I wouldn't mind hanging out here as well. It's nice to give them the break they deserve. They work hard I'm sure. I know my guards do. They train hard, battle hard. It's important to reward them as well. Kind of like how do you expect a dog to do new tricks if you don't reward them with a treat or play time? They won't, we all get tired and I think that's one of the most important things any leader can understand. Is to know when their team is just dragging on and wants to give up. But a great leader will give them what they need to continue on." He told her as he spoke, he learned that from his father. When his father was teaching him how to be a commanding officer for his army. How that they are people just like him. He soon turned to her and smiled again. "I would actually really enjoy that thank you, we can just walk and talk and any new room we enter you can tell me about it. If you want to that is." He told her.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Sorry I haven't replied! school just started for me so I will try to write a reply before I go home today))

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Yeah sorry it took so long for me to tell you. As far as turning human, I haven't really thought of anything, mostly because I just assumed once she was better her body would allow her to do so.))

It didn't seem to bother Summer that he snored when she slept next to him. She actually found it kind of peaceful but maybe that was because her older brother always snored and she would always sleep with him when she was younger, mostly because of the storms that always woke her up. That stopped when she turned ten. Summer could feel his soft touch on her head but she didn't open her eyes or show him that she was awake. Summer moved her nose a little bit before opening her eyes slowly and blinking a few times before she stretched out her paws on the bed. Her ears were soon standing straight up as she let her eyes dart around for him. She knew she had to act more like a fox, and not let him catch onto her then again, most would probably think he was crazy if he suggested she was anything else.


As soon as he heard her tone, he fell quiet, he was trying to make small conversation. But she couldn't get defensive like that, it's not like her kingdom didn't wipe out many of his own army. Right he wasn't there to make friends just to sign a peace treaty. Basically saying if you don't attack me I won't attack you. This was a bad habit of his, he would usually pick up other people's behavior and that's how he would start acting. He kept his trap shut and just followed her as she gave him a tour of her palace. He looked at all of the beautifully crafted rooms. He then looked at her when she would speak to him and tell him about each of the rooms. He wasn't sure what to say to apologize for earlier, most of the time he's not wanting what he says which is why he gets into trouble.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Yeah if you want I can skip forward a week or two.))

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Two weeks later

Summer was resting on his couch one morning, her leg was doing a lot better, she could actually walk without limping and bounce around more easily it was still kind of sore but it was doing a lot better. She was just at the doctor yesterday and they even were impressed with how well it seemed to heal up. She would just have to work on getting it stronger now. Summer had gotten used to the TV by now and was watching the colorful pictures dance across the screen. Summer kind of got used to a normal week schedule with Liam. Though she knew she would probably have to leave soon. She stretched before standing up, maybe she should take a shower or something before she left.


Zero's seriousness softened and he seemed to show a little bit emotion on his face which was unknown to him. But it was like when he saw her garden it reminded him of his mother how much she loved to work out in her garden though she never had to. She was always there and probably the number one place you could find her. He took a step or two into the garden, he listened to her story and something about this garden actually made him happy. He looked over at her before his eyes dropping to a plant he had never seen before. "Your highness, I'm sorry if I upset you before. I've often been told I don't have filters. Which is something I'm trying to work on." He told her with a soft tone of voice. He looked up towards her again. Before looking behind him to see the silver gate that had a lock on the door. He tilted his head slightly to the left, like that would give him a better view.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Oh it's totally fine, you are fine.))

Summer jumped off the couch and landed with a soft thud. She walked towards the bathroom that he had. It was pretty well kept for a guy, she just thought all guys were messy because well her brothers were and it was unfair for her sisters and her. She figured a shower would help her muscles relax as well. Now that her body was well enough it was allowing her to switch back into a human form if she wanted. That was the only bad thing about getting sick or hurt. No matter what form you were if you got sick or hurt while in that form that was form you stayed in. Which she always hated it was like a restriction of using your own body which never seemed fair or to make any sense to her anyway. Once she entered the bathroom she left it opened just a crack. She didn't think Liam would be home for another hour or so. She knew when he would come home to check on her. Most of the time she was either laying on the couch watching the TV or asleep on the bed in his spot.

"Uman" was the only word she had to speak before hear paws turned to hands and her legs turned into normal human legs and human arms. She looked just like a human despite a few fox like features such as her ears for one. Uman was a Romanian word for human. And Vulpe was the word for fox. Romania language was something her ancestors picked up a long time ago. She pulled a towel out of the closet that was in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror before starting the shower. The first experience with this she had watched Liam turn it on, that's how she figured out how to work it. The bathroom quickly filled with steam as she stepped into the shower, she leaned her head back and washed her hair along with her body. It felt so nice to have the water touch her body.


Zero watched her sit down and motioned for him to come and sit next to her, he followed her nice gesture. He walked over to her and sat down next to her on the bench. He listened to everything she had to tell him, he was turned slightly towards her and was looking at her the whole time. Once she glanced at him his heart skipped a beat or two. It took him a few minutes, what was he to say to all of that. He didn't want to come off too weird or strong in a way she didn't like.

Zero soon found his voice and looked at her again. "I've lost a lot of my own people to the wars not only between our kingdoms but other wars as well. So I wasn't really talking about the wars we faced with you. But that's why I'm here right? so we can make our peace treaty but I was also hoping to get to know you and what kind of person you were." He told her calmly, he really liked that she was being open and now it was his turn. "I don't think it will end with you, your bloodline that is. I know it's hard to trust people especially if they've done you wrong. But maybe one day you'll meet that special guy, we are both still so young, we have time. You and I are in the same boat in that sense. Young, not married and ruling a kingdom. Plus I don't mind if you unload on me, we all need someone. And if I can be that person for you. I will be here any time you need me then. . . I promise Lorelei" He told her as he looked into her eyes. He loved saying her name. He wanted something more than a peace treaty he wanted a friendship with her. Plus she must trust him enough for allowing him to know her name and all of this other stuff.

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Summer thought she head the front door opening soon what followed was foot steps but it all turned really quiet. She and was thinking that couldn't be possible because Liam wouldn't be home already. He wouldn't have been home for another hour or so. She was trying to find something to arm herself with or to use as a weapon worst thought was it was the hunters from earlier, maybe their dogs had sniffed her out. That was the thing she was mostly scared of was dogs, she couldn't go back to being hurt like before. Her ears twitched a little bit when the bathroom door was open and she could feel a difference in the air, what really got her was when she saw the shadow on the other side of the curtain.

She was armed with a bottle of shampoo that she was going to throw at that the person. Until she saw it was Liam she held back. She smiled happily to see him. Though he seemed a little scared and very confused she set the bottle back and turned off the shower. She then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself to dry off. "Oh goodie you're home early! Oh thank you for taking care of me when I was injured." She told him with a bright smile.


When she said she wanted to be there for him now he could feel his heart rate speed up. Why was it doing this to him? He smiled happily at her and gave a small nod "thank you, really that means' a lot. You can just call me Zero though, if we are going to be friends it'll be awkward to have you address me in a more efficiant poper manner" he put air quotes around the last thing he said. "Or so that's what my advisor says anyway" he shrugged slightly dismissing that thought. He didn't mind if she just called him by his name, he would respond to anything that she called him to be comepletely honest. He took in a breath loving the rest air.

"To be honest with you, if those are the types of people you are speaking to they don't deserve to even know of you. I don't see anything wrong with your kind and I never did. I've always enjoyed learning of the work you and your kingdom have done. It's all really impressive work. I like you for who you are not what you are. And I would love to see someone try to change my mind." He told her softly, there was just something different about her that the girls at home didn't have. He loved the types of feelings she would give him. Even though he was from the light kingdom, she had made him feel more warm then he's ever felt before.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((So I'm really dumb, I was writing my reply to you on my phone and I was just going to copy it over and paste it here. However, I changed my phone over to something new today. And that was one thing it didn't transfer over. But I think it would be cool for all the different kingdoms to have their own language and it can be languages that are kind of old fashion too if you want. Like old English and Latin and things like that. But Romanian can be a language that is kind of universal throughout all the lands. Kind of like how English is.))

She looked at him as he told her that he didn't take care of her, how could she get him to understand that he actually did, it was never her intention to scare him like this. She wanted to just thank him and leave. When he said Bella she smiled even more, she remebered her brother saying that a lot to his wife and asked him what it ment. But it sounded way better coming from Liam. "Yes that's right I'm your Bella" she told him happily, the more she looked at him the more she thought she she had done something wrong. She took a step closer to him and soon felt him tug on her ear once he took his hand away her ears went down flat against her head. "Yes they're real, but what don't you understand, maybe I can help you." She told him as she looked at him with her golden eyes, the same eye color she had in fox form.


"Well if the legend is that names carry power, I'll make sure to keep your's just between the two of us." He told her, he liked sitting this close to her, something about her just being there with him made him enjoy every single second with her. He could spend all day with her and not get tired of her. Zero smiled at her when she was telling him thank you, he really did like her and wanted her to know that. He also wanted her to know that she wasn't alone.

When she lightly touched his hand he could feel her slightly cold fingers and so he gently wrapped his fingers around hers. "I would love to stay for dinner" he told her, to be honest he didn't think they would get this far. "I don't want to make you cook tonight, thought you do have me interested in it now." He told her, he also didn't want to go out to eat with her and people start making assumptions. Because sometimes that was hard to work through and untangle.

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So each kingdom has their own kingdom like The light kingdom can have Latin, Forest kingdom can have acient greek. Things like that but what I was saying very much how English is spoken through many countries here on Earth maybe that's what Romaian is for the other world where Summer comes from. Like all of the kingdoms know Romaian. Then depending if you want your character to know more then one or two languages that's totally up to you Did that clear up what I was trying to say?))

Sumer waited for him to come back, she knew that she probably shouldn't over stay her welcome. She took the clothes he gave to her, the situation was a bit awkward for them both, but she figured if she pretended it wasn't that awkward then it wouldn't be. She pulled the shirt onto her small framed body before putting the towel on the counter. It was long enough on her it looked kind of like a dress. Summer glanced at him before pulling on the pants and smiled at him. "Oh you are funny" she commented before shaking her head. "You can't do it, and you haven't heard of it because well I'm technically not from here I guess you can say." She moved and sat up on the counter and looked at him once she was fully dressed. "My ancestors knew how to speak Romanian, they learned it from someone here. Or from the books, no one really knows. They also found that saying the Romanian word fox or human would change them from a fox to a human and vice versa. Unfortunately with my species if one person were to get harmed or sick within the form they are in they are stuck in that form until they are almost one-hundred percent better." She explained to him as she looked more towards her fingers now. "I never met to scare you and I certainly don't want to cause you any arm. I wanted to tell you thank you for all that you've done for me."


"Poisonous? who came up with that kind of a myth" he asked her as he got up to follow her, she kind of had a hold of his hand after all, and he didn't want her to let go. He wanted their hands to stay interlocked together like that. He looked down at their hands as they walked and it filled his heart with a kind of warmth he couldn't get from his own kingdom or anyone else. It filled him with something he didn't think he would ever experience as a ruler. It filled him with hope and helped him see things in a new light. He would do anything he could to make sure that he could stay in her life, because he didn't think he could lose her. Not now anyway.

"I don't care if it's not like Cordon Bleu, the fact is that you made it. That's special enough" he stopped and looked at her body, all the way from head to toe and back up again. "I would have to agree" he said getting slightly red. "probably can't move around as easily in the kitchen dressed like that." He hadn't noticed it before until she really pointed it out, he was a typical guy in that way. He took in a deep breath to calm himself down, it wasn't like him to act like this. He looked over at her again and gave a light smile. "Well shall we then, I will escort you in and you can go change. I will wait for you downstairs."

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Summer laughed as he groaned out of embarrassment "if it make you feel any better, I always tried not to look or I covered my eyes with my tail. One thing that was my fault was basically climbing into your bed every night" She shrugged her shoulders slightly. She tried to dry her hair more with the towel as she sat on his bathroom counter still. She felt like she was about the same height if not a little taller than him when she was on the counter. She smiled at him some more. "You would be correct though, that's why I couldn't change back into a human, I hope you aren't mad about that." She said to him her eyes moved slightly, picking up any other sounds besides just what was going on between them.

Her smile faded a little bit when she head that he had been trying to adopt her, she didn't know what to say or even how to feel about it. If she would have stayed in her fox form for the rest of her life would she had had a better life then the one awaiting her? It wasn't that she wasn't grateful for what he wanted to do. She took in a deep breath. "My name is Summer" she answered his question. "I have to go don't I?" she asked him as she glanced up towards him again. She couldn't go home, not with what was there waiting for her. It was worse than prison. Because you were literally married to someone and not out of love, you got nothing out of it. Your freedom, happiness, opinions all of it were stripped from you.


((That's okay I like happy things as well))

Zero let her lead the way to her bedroom, he was sure that if either one of their advisers found out about this they would both have a fit. But he was glad that she didn't seem to mind and trusted him that much. This didn't happen usually, most of the time it took people to trust each other so it didn't make sense that she was the first girl to trust him to easily and vice versa. Not that he was complaining either he just, it was a different feeling and he really did enjoy it. Once they entered her bedroom he was lleft in amazement. He didn't expect it to look so light basically because of what her species was. Though he guessed that's where that saying came from. Don't judge a book by it's cover, that's what his mother would always say to him.

He took a seat and gave her a small nod, he then looked around her room at all of the different things that were in there. It reminded of his own home. He smiled the more at the things he saw. He liked how everything so bright. He tried to relax and be patient but that was hard to do right in that moment. He wanted to see her again soon and he knew that he would.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((I know there are a lot of good ones too, I'm basically the same way, though I do love drama and fight scenes and things like that. I like happy endings, mostly because I use roleplaying as a way to get away from the real world. Just for a little while))

"I liked Bella better, never was a fan of my name I guess" she shrugged her shoulders slight, she liked Bella better because he gave her that name. She knew they had a few things to talk about. Like obvisously she would feel bad if she couldn't contribute to the house somehow. But she couldn't hide her ears very well and she couldn't go home. Man she was really in a rut, even if she wanted to leave his house and get one of her own, no one would take her seriously if she had these stupid ears. Plus it's not like you could just cut them off, her eyes still on him she gave a small nod and smile.

"Thank you for letting me stay, I just can't go home. I rather try to make it out here than go back home. Don't get me wrong I love my parents but. . . what they are asking of me is something I can't do. Because I can't share those same feelings. You know what I mean?" She asked him, she didn't want to pour this all out onto him. She bit her bottom lip softly, she took in a deep breath and let it out slowly before locking her eyes on him.


As soon as she walked back out into the main room where he was waiting for her he was blushing a little bit. For some reason she looked a thousand times attrative when she appered to be in something that she was comfortable in. He took in a deep breath and gave a small nod because he couldn't get the words out otherwise. He got to his feet now he felt slightly overdressed but he shrugged it off. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

He looked around the room at the rainbows and finally the blush that was on his face had settled. "You're right about that. I never thought of it like that before. But it is beautiful and does seem to be wonderful. I would like to think that our kingdoms would be fantastic together you know." He told her as he looked at her again and this time he smiled at her before offering her his arm. "Shall we then?"

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She looked around and noticed they were still in the bathroom. She gave him a small nod to wanting to talk some place else like the couch. She got off the counter and walked by him to go to the couch instead. She sat down on one side of the couch and waited for him, when he did show up she fifured she would have to explain everything to him. She gave him a small nod deciding to do it. "Okay I'll tell you everything then, it's only fair. Though I highly doubt you'll believe me." She told him. She leaned against the back of the couch "I'm from a different world you could say, each area or territory has their own uniquness. But they are divided up into kingdoms. Examples would be Darkness, Light, Air, water, Earth so on and so forth. I'm the Princess of the Earth kingdom. We have some technology that the Dark and Light kingdoms had helped us out with. We were such a small kingdom and very easily targeted. We had to make allies and quickly. My mother wanted Light and my father Dark. So we got both. However, from what I have last seen if one kingdom is helping us so if Dark is helping us Light won't even intervine. Even though they are still our allies. I think the two kingdoms are trying to work out their differences but I don't know. My parents tried to get me to marry a king of the water kingdom, kind of what you guys call the lost city of Atlantis. . . but it's not lost." She explained to him hinting at the fact that Atlantis was indeed int he world she was talking about.

So whoever had the first thought of Atlantis must have been from the other relem or has seen it. "I didn't want to marry him, you know marry someone I don't overly like. He's straight forward and has a booming voice, isn't very gentle or kind. The Light kingdom helped my parents arrange the meeting, I guess their best friendsh which would make sense because of thunder storms. I wouldn't be marrying for love I would be marring for making kingdoms stronger. I ran away I couldn't be miserable for the rest of my life that's unfair. So I turned into my fox form, I can run faster and climb better. I some how must have crossed through a gateway at some point. Because I got woken up by yelling and dogs barking. I remember taking off hoping they weren't after me but they were. I climbed up a tree knowing that the dogs couldn't do it. They were yelling at each other that I was int he tree. When I looked down there were dogs barking and hunters aiming at me. One through a rock and I was knocked down by it. That's where we get into the injured part and because of that I couldn't change back. I didn't feel any pain at the time. I took off running with dogs close behind me. I then got attacked by them I had to figure out how to get away I bit one of them really hard in a senstive part I think it's ear and I was able to get away from the other. I started walking down the road around the time when night fell so did the rain. It was pouring and eventually I just couldn't anymore." She told him she looked at him againd and sighed "the next thing I know is that I'm waking up to people talking and a bright light, but then I fell asleep when I woke up again I saw your face. And I knew I could trust you."


((I would probably think so... I don't really know because I didn't put too much into it. Why? I just added it above when Summer was talking about it because you asked))

Zero couldn't stop looking at her, she was beautiful and pretty much everything he would ever want. She had confidence in herself and that was a big thing, he heard her ramble about something and that made him smile a little bit. He would hope to one day make her more than just a friend and to have their kingdoms to really join together. He placed his hand on top of her's when it was looped through. "Though I wouldn't deny any other ideas other than just the peace treaty, but let's start off with that first". He told her with a soft smile. He stood int he elevator with her and waited for it to take them to where they needed to go. "I guess I'll have to invite you over soon then won't I? Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being here." He commented.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "You may not believe me if I tell you but animals can tell when you are a good person or not. They aren't stupid. They can also ready body language pretty well and read their owners signals even if it's unknown to the owner. I'm not saying the people you work with are bad. But it was the way you talked to me, telling me things were okay. Even if animals can't understand you they can feel your love and compassion and that means a lot. The way you held me as well that mean's a lot." Summer explained to him trying to help him understand why he's so trustworthy. "But what do you mean it explains some things about not only me but just in general? In all honesty I never knew it was there. Usually we keep track of all of these portals I guess is what their called or dimension gateways." Summer was excited now that he seemed to be taking all of this fairly well and was actually seeming to understand a lot of it. She wasn't fully sure what she was going to do, she would obviously have to write to her parents or call them. However, she wasn't sure where she could take it. Unless... she got in contact with one of the other kingdom's royals. Meaning the Light or Dark. They usually had easy ways of contacting them if you knew where to look.


((Oh well thank you, I like where our story is going.))

As they entered the elevator again, she could probably feel the excitement that hit his body like a wave. He was trying his hardest to be on his best behavior. He could feel her hang onto him and it was probably so he wouldn't lose his balance which he loved. She was sweet in that aspect. She was such a beautiful person, he loved how she looked, her skin was flawless, her hair despite it's dark color seemed to be full and vibrant

"Yeah you're right about that. Well all of them have a log to paperwork except for one." He said thoughtfully it was the one with so much less paperwork a few signatures here and there and that was it but the piece of paper held more power over all of the other ones combined together. Though in order to get there that would take a lot of getting to know each other and spending time with not only her but in her kingdom and with her people. With her army to understand their fighting tactics. But for now a peace treaty was fine enough.

He walked out of the elevator with her and down the hallways as he thought of a good way to start explaining what his home was like. He didn't want to talk it up too much and have her not like it when she saw it, or have it not live up to it's expectations. He took in a deep breath. "Well I think it's wonderful. I really do love my kingdom and my people in it. It's full of light, the sun is always out and you can always see people out soaking it up. Even at night the light isn't fully gone. There are a lot of street post along the pathway int he village. Throughout the village you'll see platforms up. Basically it's for zip lining. Everyone loves it. We have a great view of the beach as well, animals run wild just outside our kingdom but they don't go very far. We have technology but not a lot of it. The people in the village tend to like to spend more time with nature. Trust me I found that out the hard way. While still trying to make the kingdom advance in technology but allow my people to still be earth and nature friendly is hard. I still haven't worked out all the kinks. I think that's why having it on the coast was a good idea. My friend Aquarius of the water kingdom was nice enough to allow us to have some of the ocean where our kingdom was to allow us to learn and expand a little more. So we have an amazing coral reef as well that is full of vibrant fish and other sea creatures. It's breath taking really and you can't find another place like it. Just like how I can't find another wonderful kingdom like your's"

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Summer listened to everything he was saying her ears perked up when he said travelers that looked like gypsies and hippies. The more he talked about them the more she was searching her brain for anything that would have that kind of information. She tilted her head slightly when he stopped and looked like he might be embarassed to say the next thing. She saw him pull out the necklace he was wearing. She lightly reached out and touched it she got a closer look meaning she had to be close to him. Seeing the twirling affect she let go and smiled a wide smile at him. She found a piece of paper and pen on the coffee table. She wrote down a word Ανεμος φυλή. "Have you ever been to their camp? and if so have you ever seen these words on anything? I don't know the language really, I was learning it at the time I decided to run away. But I know what this says because it's kind of their trade mark. If I'm not wrong about the people that you see in the spring and fall." She told him with a small shrug, she wasn't going to say anything not until "was your father apart of that travelers group?" she asked himm as she sat there looking at him. Maybe that was another reason animals could trust him, because there was something about himm that connected him to the world that she was apart of.


Zero sat down on one of the bar stools and watched her dig through pots and pans. He smiled as he watched her as well. "That sounds amazing I can't wait to see it. Oh one more thing I forgot, we are heavily art based, a lot of people like to sing there or even dance so sometimes you'll see that in the village. A lot of people are writing most of our books or languages for translations purposes. There are people who draw and paint just passersby. So as to not worry you it's just something they do." He couldn't wait to see more and more of her kingdom though that might take many many visits. "Wait you want to come back with me?" He was surprised but he really did want her to come. "Oh yes please, I think that would be a great idea. I want to show you everything."

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"Hey I'm not saying your father had animal ears or anything like that, in fact in the other kingdoms you don't see it as often. I mean people still have them or have something uniuqe about them. I know for a fact you don't have any animal like qualities. Now can I pull your focus away from my tail and ears?" She asked him in a calm voice, she knew she was different but she didn't seem to mind that she was so different either. She then spoke up again putting some of her hair behind here ear. "Anyway those words mean wind tribe, back home they are pretty much the hardest people to contact. They were always gone in the spring and autumn time which would make sense if they were coming here. They speak Greek, I don't know much Greek if any but I do know those two words and that's about it. So your father is from the wind tribe... would you ever want to find him again?" She asked him as she tilted her head a little bit to the side, she was happy to find out that he was technically from that kingdom. "I mean if you don't want to find him and keeping living like how you were before you met me then that's fine too I won't bring it up again. I promise." She told him as she looked into his eyes again.


"I agree, we'll just leave together in the morning, it'll take a little while to get back but that's okay, we can enjoy the trip together on the way back. At least then it wouldn't be so boring, I'll have you by my side to keep it entertaining. "I wouldn't mind staying for tonight, I can't way to see what your kingdom has to show at night. The way you talk about it just sounds so amazing." He told her with a happy smile.

Zero was surprised when she grabbed his hands and told him to dance with her, he laughed a little bit though and got up from his seat to dance with her. The song was very up beat and he liked that kind of music the most. He grabbed her hands and danced with her the two of them acting kind of foolish but with her it was like he could let down his guard.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments She didn't mean to press so much like she did, she was just excited for him. It wasn't often you got to meet people from the place she came from. She gave him a small nod. "Yes, you can have all the time you want. You're right it's not like I can go home anyways" She told him as she put some of her hair behind her ear as she looked at him again only to drop her eyes from him. She wanted to go home but not with what was waiting for her. The only way to avoid that was to get married to someone else then go back. They couldn't do anything about it then. She played with the hem of the shirt trying to avoid eye contact now. It wasn't that she didn't want to look at him it was just she was now thinking it was a bad idea to run away in the first place. "I didn't mean to press so much like I did. I'm sorry" She told him honestly.


Zero chuckled a little bit when she said she would take him to the nightclub one night. "That's okay I would much rather being dancing with you in your kitchen right now anyway." He told her with a smile on his face. He thought she was a pretty good dancer which is what he always liked about anyone. He could do this all night if someone would allow her to. "He pulled her into him taking one of her hands and placing his other on her hips. He looked deep into her eyes and didn't break eye contact not even for a minute. He wanted to freeze this moment in time with her because it seemed so perfect.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer looked up towards him again when he asked her if she felt like going out. She looked at him like he was crazy, no she didn't want to be locked up in that small house forever but she was in his world now. People wouldn't be so kind to her if they truly saw how different she was. "Out there?" she asked looking out his window before looking back at him. "Last time I was outside bad things happened, how do I know they won't happen again?" she asked him tilting her head at him

"Why? well because I liked spending time with you, I find you very attractive and you seem just really sweet and kind, at least to me you are. Plus something about your personality makes me realize I don't have to have my walls up." He told her honestly, he wanted her to know that he would always see her as an equal unlike the other kings. Most of the other kingdoms looked down on him because he was young and didn't have someone by his side. Also because they thought the ideas he had were crazy and not responsible.

When she lost her footing and the rhythm, causing her to stumble a little it surprised him actually, though he was lost in his own thoughts so the stumble surprised him more than it probably should have. He had quickly wrapped both of his arms around her to keep her from falling and if they both fell to the floor then the plan was to have her fall his way that way he could be the padding between her and the floor. He as lost in her eyes that nothing came out of his mouth at first, he had to meant slap himself and shake his head a little bit. "Um are you okay?" He asked her as he never broke eye contact, he was more worried about her well being than himself. She had a way about her and she was the only woman to ever make their way into his heart in such a a short time frame. He just wanted to take care of her she was such precious gem.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer listened to him intently and kept her eyes on him. Since she has met him he as cared for her and protected her. She just thought in some way she had messed up his life. However, she knew that wasn't the case. He did have a point though, she would need fresh air at some point she already missed the outside world deeply. She bit her lip lightly before giving him a small nod to agree with him. "Okay, let's go out and get some fresh air. It might be good to do a little socializing as well." She said to him. She got up from the couch and stretched a little bit. "I know that you probably wouldn't want to but with you showing me your world makes me want to show you my mom some day. With you liking animals the way you do I think you would like it a lot. Just a thought. If I ever decided to go back." She said to him


As soon as the timer went off it surprised him as well, he hadn't realized how long he had been looking into her eyes because for the both of them it seemed like time froze. He really wish she didn't pull away because there was just something write about having her there in his arms. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she went to check on the food. He soon didn't think he was as hungry maybe because all he wanted was her.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer took the hat from him and pulled it over her ears. The hat did a good job covering them up so other people wouldn't get suspicious of seeing her ears. She tilted her head slightly to look at him "does it look okay?" she asked him. She then looked outside and saw that it was partly cloudy. She smiled at him "okay I'm ready when you are.


"Sounds like a good idea to me" he said to her he had looked at the type of chicken before going and picking one out. He knew of what kind of wine to pair with the type of meat you were having. It was just something he picked up when his parents were still alive. He grabbed a bottle for the of them to share, it was a family favorite back home and he was more surprised that she had it. It was an uncommon type so his parents only had it on special occasions. He walked back over to her and placed the bottle lightly down on the counter. "I was surprised you had this one, and I think it would go great with this wonderful looking meal you had made for the both of us." He said to her, the glasses were out on the counter so he poured some in each of the glasses for both of them. "Thank you for inviting me to your kingdom again. I love everything about it and trusting me enough to tell me about yourself, I don't know what I did to earn that trust." He told her as he sat back down.

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She looked at him before letting the sleeve fall off of one of her shoulders like he suggested. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror before watching his movements again. He set down a pair of flip flops which she didn't know what they were. She slipped them on with no problem and followed him out to the truck. "So do you see your mom much anymore?" she asked as she followed him, it felt weird to have some kind of hat on over her ears. She bit her lip lightly as she pulled herself up into the truck.

"Oh Lorelie, why would I lie to you? There is no benefit to it and plus trying to keep up with a lie is so much work." He commented before taking a bite of the delicious smelling meal she made for the both of them. There was nothing liked a home cooked meal. His mom didn't cook too often but when she did it was the most amazing thing in the world. Mostly because someone you loved and cared about made it for you. "Wow this is amazing" he told her as he took a few more bites. Before taking a sip of the wine, it was as good as he remembered. He would only have it every once in awhile. Special occasions just like his parents did. The very first time is when he had actually become king and took on the responsibilities.

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She watched him as he showed her how to buckle the seatbelt. She reached behind her and pulled the belt across her shoulder. She then buckled it into the odd shapped plastic thing connected to the seat on the other side of her. "Oh that's what that's for. . . but" she started to say as she looked at it. "What is it? and what does it do?" She asked him as she glanced over at him again. "I would love to meet your mom, she sounds nice." She said to him in a hopeful tone of voice. She seemed to be doing a lot better, she was excited about everything even something that seemed so simple like a vehicle. She looked at him before looking out the window, she hought she heard something but it seemed to just be a few birds flying around. She was nervous again mostly because she wasn't sure how the world would treat her.


Listening to her was so easy, for some reason he could pay attention long enough to do so. He was often distracted which drove his adviser crazy for the most part. Zero would start on something but then get distraction about fifteen to twenty minutes later and be off doing something else. It was something he was trying to work on but everything up until that point never worked. He got up from his spot and followed her with the dinner and wine glass as well. "Alright I'm putting my faith into you" he said to her as he followed her to where she was leading him, in all honesty the whole trip was worth it. He just wanted to be happy with her at his side.

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Summer looked over at him again as he started to drive off towards the mall. She just gave him a small smile and a nod. "Oh I'll just tell her that we're friends, unless you want to tell her the truth. She most know something about this right?" She asked him tilting her head at him, soon she looked out the window again and smiled when she saw all the different buildings and people go by, she really liked the way that the town looked the people seemed happy and friendly as well. Summer looked back over at Liam.


Zero watched her and was slightly confused on what she was doing. He didn't even noticed the city at first his eyes couldn't leave her and how she moved so gracefully it seemed like in front of him. When she patted the spot never to her he couldn't say no. He went over to the blanket and sat down next to her trying to be careful not to spill his wine. He set the plate down along with the glass before looking up.

That's when he saw the city for the first time and he took a brisk intake of air sounding like a gasp. He thought the place was amazing. The sunset was beautiful enough but her kingdom was bight with the stones they were built with. "Amazing" he muttered.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "What other things would I need besides clothes that aren't too big on me? She asked him as she unbuckled the seat-belt it took her a minute or so to figure it out. However, she soon saw the button. She then got out of the truck and looked around, her eyes soon landed on the mall, she was amazed by how big it was. She soon joined Liam on the other side. "Is that the building we are going to?" she asked him pointing to the mall behind her. She quickly grabbed onto his arm.


Zero didn't say anything for awhile while he just looked over the city, he soon looked at her and smiled at her again. "I can see why, this is amazing." He then had his attention pulled away from her again when he heard the start of the fireworks. Soon he could feel his heart boom when the fireworks starting to throw colors int he sky with beautiful patterns. "Wow" this whole thing was amazing the experience was amazing. He softly grabbed her hand without even realizing it.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Oh really? well now I'm excited to go" she said to him. Summer pulled him all the way inside the mall. Once they were inside the cool air hit her skin causing goosebumps to appear on her tan skin and she loved it. She stopped for a minute or two and just took in everything that was happening in front of her. She saw people walking and talking. She saw other's sitting down and having a good time with friends or family. She turned to Liam and smiled at him "I like this place. We don't have these back home" she told him as she hugged his arm like a girlfriend would when she was trying to be cute. "Which one should we go in first?" She asked him as she looked up into his eyes which she always loved to look at anyway.


He watched all of them and the ones that were her favorite he found he really enjoyed as well. They had fireworks back at home but they didn't happen every night like here. It was only for special occasions and they weren't as long as this showing was. He blushed a little bit when he felt her kiss his cheek. He slowly took his gaze from the sky and looked down towards her. He wanted to know why she did that but he wanted to kiss her more than know why. He lightly placed his hand on her cheek and leaned in. Softly pressing his lips to her's hoping he didn't scare her by doing that.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer's ears twitched under the hat not like anyone could see but they were tuning into what he might be feeling. She soon turned and looked behind her at the store he was looking at. Under clothes? that was right she didn't have any on. She blushed a little bit but quickly pulled him with her. They had panties back at home but she didn't really know of anything besides that. So in a sense he would know more than she would. "Yes I do need you to come with me, mostly because I don't know what I'm looking at here." She wasn't trying to make him uncomfortable but she did need help.


Zero was surprised when he felt her kiss him back he half expected her to pull away and half expected for her to slap him and band him from ever coming back. Though he was glad he was wrong on both accounts, when he felt her pull him closer he smiled against her lips, because it meant that she was really into it as well. This was the perfect scene with them in a comfortable spot and the fireworks around them, and the perfect most amazing girl. It couldn't get anymore perfect than it already was. He wanted to show her how important she was even if he was the only one that thought so. Because in his eyes he couldn't ask for anyone better, his fingers got tangled up in her hair for a few seconds before he had to pull away to breath.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer followed him over to a corner that way he could talk to her privately. She looked up at the poster of the model and tilted her head to the right. She thought the model was very pretty and very thin. She looked at Liam again and nodded slightly understanding what he was saying. "Why don't we just tell everyone I'm your girlfriend that seems to be a bit more simple doesn't it?" She asked him as she looked over her shoulder at the free fittings "okay sure, I wouldn't mind knowing the size I need. Saves time I'm sure"


He smiled a little bit when she placed her forehead against his, he didn't move a single inch, he knew that if this grew into something more than just friends they would have to be careful. They would have a lot to talk about as well, not that it would be a bad thing but there were a lot of people in both kingdoms who didn't like the idea of them even making a peace treaty. Zero let his hands fall from her cheek and hair and wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her close to him. "Then let them get complicated, as long as I get to be in your presences I don't care how complicated they get."

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Summer looked over at him and gave a small nod understanding that he would be waiting on the small couch for her. She was taken into one of the fitting rooms and the woman took her measurements of what would fit her best. She then said that she would go get a few different kinds in her size to see what kind she would like more. So summer just waited for her to come back. She was looking at herself int he mirror and took in a deep breath.


"Oh you want to be selfish and keep me all to yourself?" he asked her with a grin on his face, he was just being playful with her and knew that she would take it lightly as well. He was just glad that she seemed to have the same feelings for him that he did for her "that's okay, I don't mind if you don't want to share me yet because frankly I'm not ready to share you with anyone either. So I agree until things settle I think we should keep this a secret just between you and I. Not even our advisers should know." He really wanted everyone to know about them because he wanted her all to himself, he didn't want anyone else to have her and didn't want to share her with anyone either. He wanted to keep her wrapped up in his arms forever that way no one could steal her away from him.

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