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Emma Woolf

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Sarah B (skauthen) | 581 comments Mod
I am beginning a thread on the works of Emma Woolf, daughter of Cecil Woolf (Bloomsbury materials publisher and nephew of Leonard Woolf) & Jean Moorcroft Wilson (Woolf scholar). To date she has written editorials and non-fic primarily in the self-help / self-awareness vein. She is currently writing her first work of fiction. Here is an article about her forthcoming work which includes some interesting bits about growing up in the environment of the Woolf legacy:
"Long before I had ever read my great-aunt Virginia’s novels I was proud of the family connection and I knew that she mattered somehow. People came to our house in Camden to stroke our kitchen table - the table on which Leonard and Virginia Woolf started The Hogarth Press in 1917."

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Sarah B (skauthen) | 581 comments Mod
The deets on Emma Woolf's new novel. There's some interesting biographical detail in the interview:

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