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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Wolf shifter romance with mother abuse in the beginning

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Bethannie Sharp | 2 comments All that i can remember is that the female wolf shifter has a human mother who abused her. The mother was raped by a bad wolf shifter. She abuses her daughter and keeps her locked up in a cage in the basement until the day the daughter shifts and kills her mother. After that a pack investigates the murder and they find her. When she and another male wolf shifter fight he bites her and finds out she is his mate. I know its part of a series and that the next book is about a cougar or a lion shifter and wolf shifter falling in love. Thats all i can remember. I read this book about 3-5 years ago.

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Dani | 31 comments Bump sounds interesting

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Ayshe | 4272 comments Emily's Story maybe?

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