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message 1: by D.J. (new)

D.J. Edwardson | 23 comments Mod
So what did you think? Was the conference what you were hoping for? What were some highlights? Suggestions for next year? This is the place to share them!

message 2: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Stock | 12 comments Mod
DJ - I was thrilled. surpassed all expectation. I have heard nothing but positive remarks. Our hope is to expand some more on attendance to share these dreams with others. I do think your final talk was the best. THanks Again.

message 3: by Cyr (new)

Cyr | 4 comments I thought you did a great job, you're a good speaker. How did the audio recordings turn out? Second talk of the three was probably my favorite.

Jacob and I had talked about how to get more buzz and more people involved. I'll probably talk to a few people at Hutchmoot this year, see if they might be interested - folks that have some name recognition and might draw at least a modest crowd, but don't cost a mint like Peterson. That guy Jonathan Rogers I'm in the online class with, he does some talks, we could consider him. The thing is, if we get a bunch of people, we need a bigger venue. That's probably one thing most needing to get figured out before Lewolkien can really grow.

message 4: by D.J. (new)

D.J. Edwardson | 23 comments Mod
Thank you, gents, for the encouraging words.

I agree a bigger venue would be wonderful, though I would miss the castle.

When I hit the bestseller list, I will build the Lewolkien Library and Study Center for you up on the mountain.

As for the talks, I am re-recording them. The audio was awful. So far, I've finished one. Hope to do one a week and have them out by mid-April.

Stay tuned!

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