Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities Love's Not Color Blind question

Why are you reading, or have already read, THIS book?
Beverly Diehl Beverly Mar 18, 2018 02:45PM
As a white woman growing and learning in polyamory, it felt important to me to pay deeper attention to the ways some of my partners and friends might be feeling "othered," left out, or fetishized. So, hopefully, I do not do the thing, and help others in my community to do better.

As a non-monogamy community leader and event host, I want to understand my role, and the role of my fellow organizers, in the experience people of color have at our events and in our community. I want to understand where I'm failing to reach people, where I'm failing to open space to hear diverse voices. I want to learn how I can do better and I want to gain more perspective.

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