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Mr Wallaker *Spoiler*

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Steph Did anybody else feel that Fielding made him so unlikeable at the start, they really didn't want Jones to fall in love with him (even though it was obvious very early on that it would happen eventually)?

Gerd I didn't think she made him that unlikeable, just hard to relate to. He seemed the type that makes life needless hard on himself and others.

He also did come off as disliking Bridget a lot at first, even though (or maybe because) he obviously cared for the kids - although in a grumpy way - so I'm still not sure why those two ended up together. To be honest, to me it felt as if the author got cold feet at some point and so decided to get rid of Toy Boy.

I would have prefered to see them (Bridget and Toy Boy) grow up a little together and get their happy end.

Steph I think I just started to picture a grumpy teacher I used to have when I was at school, who I didn't like much. From then on I just disliked the character.

I also think it was such a shame she dismissed the toyboy, because it seemed as if they really loved each other.

Angel I'd have liked it better if Mr. Wallaker turned out to be watching Bridget in a secret service, manipulative resurrection of Mark Darcy returning from a 5 year mission of epic proportions and Bridget ends up singing, drunkenly to eye of the tiger while being unbelievably happy at husbands return and now having grown a beard while still neatly folding his boxers at night.

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