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JP Reads Welcome to our *Unique Book Feature* forum!

I need some help from all my readers out there.

Every few weeks I'm looking to choose a different book for my group(based on suggestions and reviews from others) and feature it on the group's homepage and bookshelf. This is NOT a Book of the Month, where the most popular wins. This is a place to discover and discuss books based on their unique merits, even if they are not that well known.

(Blackbirds was one of the first that came to mind)

I'll be looking for books that stand out for some reason (ex. they are controversial, they are written by a brand new author that has stunned readers, they incited a very strong emotion from you, they address an issue or a creature that is rarely talked about, etc). I want to find books that are a little different, but still deserve the spotlight.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know so I can get it out there. Tell me what the book is and why you think readers should know about it.

**Authors please do not contact me about your own work. This is not the place for you to promote your books (there is a separate folder for that).

I look forward to seeing what you all can dig up!

Gene Read double dead its so much beter then blackbirds

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