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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen Romance/Fantasy. When a girl falls asleep she can make her soul come out of her body because she knows reiki. [s]

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Carina Castaldo | 2 comments When a girl falls asleep she can make her soul come out of her body because she knows reiki. One time her soul got stuck and she couldn't go back inside. No one could see or hear her in this state. The only way she was able to communicate with her friend Theodore Thomas was by typing on a computer or texting on his phone, even though this took a lot of energy out of her. She could also allow her friend to see her, but this took a lot of energy too. There was a force that was controlling Theodore because it wanted to take over the girl's body, and used Theodore as a gateway. The force took over Theodore and he acted agressive and like a different person towards the girl. In another part of the book, the girl pushes another girl she doesn't like off a cliff that Theodore and the main girl go to a lot. Or it could be that the girl falls and the story gets twisted into people thinking that she was pushed off the cliff when that really didn't happen. I think the main girl's dad might own a store and the mom teaches reiki or yoga, and was mad at the girl for practicing it without proper rules one time.

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Angela | 598 comments Auracle by Gina Rosati Auracle by Gina Rosati?

Here's a detailed plot summary from School Library Journal:

"Gr 10 Up — Anna has an unusual talent-she can pop out of her body to explore the world and the universe whenever she gets bored or needs to escape. Her best friend, Rei, is the only one who knows about her ability, and he doesn't approve. He's afraid she'll get sucked into a black hole, or that something will happen to her body while she's not inside. Anna has always thought Rei was just a worrier…until something bad happens. Taylor Gleason, the meanest popular girl in their high school, in an attempt to seduce Anna and Rei's friend Seth, blackmails him into meeting her at the local waterfalls. When they argue, she slips and plunges over the falls to her death. Only Anna, who astrally projected to watch over Seth, witnesses what happens. And while she stays with him in spirit, Taylor's soul finds Anna's unoccupied body and decides to take up residence. Now Taylor, in Anna's shell, is accusing Seth of her murder. Anna has to find a way to get her body back and clear Seth's name. Fortunately, she still has Rei on her side. Rosati's first novel has an original premise and an intriguing plot despite early flaws. The exposition in the beginning chapters pulls readers out of the story-and away from essential character development-and into a more academic mindset. However, once past these explanations of astral projection, reiki , and interconnections of matter, energy, religion, etc., a well-crafted and exciting novel emerges. Teens who enjoy more complex plotlines and are tired of the usual fare should enjoy this new approach to paranormal fiction.—Heather E. Miller Cover, Homewood Public Library, AL --Heather E. Miller Cover (Reviewed December 1, 2012) (School Library Journal, vol 58, issue 12, p130)"

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Carina Castaldo | 2 comments THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I think I've been looking for this book for YEARS!! I really appreciate it!!!

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Details added to header. Please don't forget to put plot details in your header, in addition to genre.

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