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The Echo Forest

Located next to the Echo Desert, this is a completely dead forest that serves as the border between Kolechia and Zedland. It can heat up to more than 50 degrees Celsius in this forest.

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After some time had passed Arisa and the others finally entered into the Echo Forest, and the heat was so overwhelming that it was almost too hot to even bear. You could actually see the heat waves through the trees. Arisa stopped for a second to wipe away some sweat from her forehead, "do you guys feel as hot as I do?" Questioned Arisa as she looked at both Red and Giselle. It appeared as though they were both unaffected by the heat, but then again, she had no idea how they were actually feeling. She took off both of her gloves and tucked them away in her pocket.

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Giselle didn't let it show on her face that she was really, insufferably hot. She could already feel the sweat forming, and she shrugged off her overtop, leaving herself only in black pants, a white tank, and boots. She tied the top around her waist, and stared at the heatwaves in front of her. She looked over at Arisa, and said, "ridiculously hot."

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 40 comments Kranos sat in a small fox hole he dug into the ground at the border so he could do his job as a sentry. The heat didn't bother him cause he spent most of his time in the forest. He had rigged traps all over the forest at the border just encase. He could hear footsteps nearby, he grabbed his MK46 and popped out of his fox hole aiming at the group."Who goes there!"HE shouted as a warning.

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Red looked at Giselle and Arisa and chuckled uncontrollably, knowing that the two were boiling hot. "Not me, I lived half my life on Akiraba harbor, its heat I much worse than this." Red cockily told them without a drop of sweat on him, and he was still wearing full clothing. Red heard the noise of someone coming out of a fox hole and quickly grabbed his desert camo MSR sniper and aimed it at were the noise came from, although, the noise did sound extremely far away. Red's perk, 'Dead Silence' had kicked in, making him extremely silent, not a single sound coming from his Sniper or himself.


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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 40 comments ((wait re read mine the group is close enough to the fox hole that he can see them.))

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((But Red is traveling a bit further away from Giselle and Arisa, just close enough that he can see them an hear them))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 40 comments ((ok))

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Suddenly Arisa saw a boy near a hole holding up his MK46 directly at them, but Arisa stayed calm and took a step back. Quickly she changed guns and held up her favourite FMG9 Machine Pistol. "Put you're gun down", demanded Arisa as she looked at the boy straight in the eye, "I'll put mine down as soon as you do, we mean no harm, as we're just passing through."

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Giselle's Five Seven handgun and Skorpion machine pistol were out, and aimed at the guy popping out of the foxhole before he could say, "who goes there". It was more of an instinctive reaction, than the fact the she'd seen him. She left the talking to Arisa, as she stared coolly at the guy wishing they weren't still standing there in the heat.

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 40 comments Kranos counted two three people. they weren't over the border yet but he still kept his Mk46 pointed at them"What purpose do you have in Zed-land?"HE asked his foot next to the detonation switch for the c4 and mines around the border. He noticed the sniper in the back as a former Zed-lander."Red."He said under his breath.

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"Kranos." Red muttered under his breath while pointing the gun to his head. Red put his MSR away and walked up to Kranos while taking out an authority border pass and showing it to him, it had Red's face on it. "Listen here, we have the right to come through here, and if you kill us, you will be sentenced to death by NML (No mans land, its the name of the continent were on) Law!" Red angrily uttered to him, knowing that he had authority on his side in this case, all the details on Red's pass were right. "And these are my two accomplices, they mean no harm and I'm allowed to bring them through!"

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"That's right, you heard what Red said, you have no right in stopping us, for you don't own this place. I won't ask you again, put your gun down and we'll be on our way" Arisa didn't understand this guy, it was almost as though he was just asking for trouble.

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Giselle stared at Kranos. Her guns were still cocked at him. But oh boy, it was so very hot. She just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. Red's papers were pretty clear and straightforward. She was dying to get out of the forest. Her tattoo had even started sweating because it was so hot. If she had gotten a face tattooed on her arm, then it would be crying right about now.

She sighed, "we're just passing through and like Red said, we're with him."

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 40 comments Kranos bit his bottom lip and lowered his Mk46."Damn you red how do you still have papers when your a rebel?"He asked confused. He sighed."Well i can't keep you here. All i can say is don't wear to many layers of cloths or you might die from the heat."He said lowering himself back into the fox hole.

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Red smirked knowing that he was right in every way. "I'm still technically from zedland you know, of course I have my papers." Red cockily said before continuing to cross the border. "Lets get out of here."
Red continued walking, until Victor City was in sight. "There it is" Red said while taking out three water bottles, and tossing them to Giselle and Arisa.

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Arisa caught the water bottle, and gulped it down fast, feeling replenished afterwards. She was just glad that they were finally able to pass undisturbed, she could also see Victor City in the far distance."Oh gosh, it's about time, our journey would have been a whole lot shorter if we weren't rudely interrupted." Arisa sighed loudly at the thought.

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Giselle scowled when she caught her bottle, and muttered under her breath, the sweat soaking into her clothes so badly, "these would have been useful at the start of the journey...." Unscrewing the top, she mirrored Arisa and gulped most of it down immediately. Looking at Victor City, she sighed in relief, her brother was not far off from her now. She was one step closer to him. "Tell me about it. So rude, I should have asked him to give me money for new clothes, it's his fault my ones are ruined now," she said annoyed, though in actuality, she didn't really care. She was just speaking her mind for the sake of it.

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 40 comments Kranos waited for the next sentry to replace him. He wanted to go see Red. About an hour later the next sentry showed up and replace him. Kranos started making his way to Victor city. He sighed as he kept walking the heat not bothering him."If red had't showed up i wouldn't be in a bad mood."He mostly said to himself.

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Red took a small sip of his water and put it back before walking into the entrance of victor city. "About time we got here;" Red said in relief, he hated crossing the border, he always had to go through all of this 'Paperwork sh**' and how he didn't have identification, but Red got sick of it so he got a pass.


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