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Who do you think was to blame for Ronni's accident?
Monica Shoshanna Monica Mar 18, 2018 09:38AM
As much as I didn't really care for Kim and Jeff, I thought it was unfair that people blamed them for Ronni's accident. Ronni's accident could have happened anywhere and she was old enough to be held responsible for her own actions. She was the one who chose to drink and take drugs. Also Lisa can't have been such a great parent herself if her daughter was drinking and taking drugs behind her back.

I think Kim and Jeff have to shoulder some of the responsibility. A 16 year old is clearly not an adult and even occasional spot checks could have helped rein in some of the teenagers' excesses. After all, they were teenagers themselves once. However, most of us make bad decisions and silly mistakes without paying such a hefty price; the people in this story were not so fortunate.

Ronni was responsible for her own actions. No one put a gun to her head and told her to drink or take the drugs, in general. Although Lauren didn't do anything physically, she did mentally. Her influence on her clique had a great impact on what the other girls did (to show themselves worthy of Lauren's attention). Hannah herself, as much as she hated Lauren, was impacted by that same influence, which is why she joined the clique after Ronni's accident. Her own conscience made her realize the impact Lauren had over the clique. But, all-in-all, they were products of bad parenting. Lauren was spoiled and never disciplined. Ronni's mom was greedy and thought that she was deserving of what everybody else had. Hannah's mom, although well-intention, was a little overprotective. Her father, being a "yes, dear" husband, feared his wife more than the kids feared their mother, and never put his foot down when necessary. All parties, kids and adults, played a small part in Ronni's accident, although, technically, it was all her.

I don't think anybody is to blame apart from Ronni as she is the one who let herself get so intoxicated and nobody forced the substances on her. However. teenagers make mistakes and none of the characters could have guessed that the accident would happen and that's all it was, an accident.

What did you guys think of the ending? When Hannah says that Lauren actually pushed Ronni.. is this true or is Hannah saying whatever she can to "take down" Lauren?

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