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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Here’s our new quest, guys! Also, here’s our prophecy-

Caverns of crystal, fashioned of bone
Horrible halls, withering stone,
Fear that attack the vulnerable heart
Find that in death is your start

All things wither, all things die
Crystals burn under a night mare sky
Fears will sheik, monster will fade
Yet fate demands an equal trade

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe stuffed yet another folder into her already bursting backpack. She was leaving for the quest in a few hours and she still had some goodbyes she hadn't said, so she needed to hurry up. She'd said goodbye to most of her friends the day before, just in case she didn't see them, but she wished she and Ajax had had a better goodbye. She'd wanted to spend most of that last day with him, but instead had ended up fighting with him over something that looked stupid to her now and breaking up. He was probably long gone already, she had no idea. She glanced down and remember that she was still him her pajamas. She grabbed the outfit she'd left out the day before for the quest and began to get changed. She wasn't sure she'd actually need the jacket, but it was a part of the outfit, and it was fairly chilly right now. She laced up her boots while glancing around the cabin. It was bustling like every morning, but all of her siblings had been giving her quite a bit of space since yesterday evening when she'd burst into tears because she couldn't find a certain shirt. She was annoyed at herself about the whole mess, because normally, she wasn't that girl who was utterly shattered after a break up, but this time it was different.

She walked over to the mirror and began to apply a little makeup. She could never bring herself to be seen in public without a little mascara and concealer, no matter what else was happening. Her sisters and brothers had teased her about it, but for her, it was as much a mask as anything else. The skin around her eyes was still puffy and red, but nothing a beauty blender and some Tarte couldn't fix. She finished getting ready and went back to her plans. She'd figured flying would probably take a comparable amount of time as driving, and it would complicate things hugely, but she needed to make sure she was on the same page as her questmates. She'd recommended Anna to Fletcher for the quest, but wasn't sure whether or not they met each other yet, so that was gonna be just great. She glanced at the clock, and realized she still hadn't eaten. She dug around her bunk, hoping for a granola bar or something, because she wasn't quite ready just yet.

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Nathan | 780 comments Fletcher glanced around the cabin, mixed thoughts whirling through his head.

As he secured his belt that held his two duel long knives, he anticipated the Quest with excitement. Finally, a chance to get out and put his skills to the test. A chance to prove himself and just escape. Sure he loved Camp, but he was itching for adventure.

Different thoughts bloomed as his gaze swept over his sibling's bunks. He had only a few siblings of Hecate, but he loved them all dearly, especially since he had known all of them since they had been here, Fletcher being one of the first Hecate children to arrive at Camp five years ago.

Fletcher's eyebrows furrowed as he thought about leaving them. Even though one of the Hecate kids was older than him, it felt like he was abandoning all of his little brothers and sisters. What if he didn't see them again?

This is my first day on this Quest. Can I survive for every day? Do I have the skill and the will to survive? And not only that, can I carry my team through as well? I'm the leader, but I've never led. I don't know if I can do this and get Chloe and the other team member out alive. I don't want to fail.

Almost as soon as these thoughts erupted, he stamped them out. No. He could do this. He had only known Chloe for a little while, but he knew they made a good team. And hopefully the other team member Chloe was going to find would be a good person. They could get through this and succeed in their Quest.

He slung his backpack over his shoulder. It was packed with rope, food, flashlights, spare batteries, and most of the cash he had. He had put the rest of the cash under his pillow and had told his siblings they could have it if he didn't come back. He regretted that comment now. It was comical at the time, but now it was real.

He said farewell to his siblings and marched to the Athena cabin. He knocked on the door, looking at the creepy owl statue, and called, "Chloe? Are you there?"

As he waited for a response, he scanned the grounds of the Camp around him. He had never loved this place more. But then he caught sight of the trees outside of the border, and excitement flushed again. His own Quest!

He knocked again.

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Oh God. What day was it? Oh right. It was Sunday. Lying in bed, her eyes slightly widened after remebering the quest. After a good night, not neccarily of sleep, she woke up. Searching for her clothes, she saw her boyfriend peacefully sleeping in her bed. It was nice to have an entire cabin to yourself, no matter how much the silence was unbearable sometimes. Kissing Kellin on the forehead, she got dressed and grabbed her bags ready to head towards the stables. Looking around, she looked back a Kellin with a fond smile before grabbing her sword and heading out. Now, ever since Anna was young she had been alone. She lived in a house with three vile, disgusting, and evil boys, a man who she would never in her life even dare to call her father(for he was only her step father), who was so digusting, that the monsters seemed like extremely nice guys compared to him. Her mother had always been kind, but even truly there, and nobody even came looking for her as she tried to run away. Not that it mattered, anyways. Joining New Rome, she met a young woman named Val. Val was kind, sweet, and an amazing Amazonian. Skilled with the sword, sharp with the toung, and never afraid to admit her own mistakes. Perfect. Though as the Amazonians were off traveling, going through texas to reach South America, Val disappeared. Anna had searched for days on end, trying to look for the only one she called her family, but she was nowhere to be found. Hours passed, then days, then weeks, and months, then years. Years since she was unjustly torn from Anna, but what did it matter? Since when had the gods ever played fair? After years and years of research she had been denied even a glance of Valentina, but now she was being granted a chance to come the closet she ever had in years to finding were she went. Even if that meant not serving the Amazonians for a small while, it would be worth it to see Val again. Just one, last, time. While she had been thinking, she didn't realise that she had been standing in the stables for too long until she felt a muzzle gently graze her arm. Giving a sad smile, she suited Bellona her proper armour before loading on all of her bags. This time was going to work. This time, she would see her.

Deciding to go for a quick fly, she checked her watch before remebering that she had promised to meet at Chloe's cabin. Though as Bellona's hooves graced the ground, Anna saw someone she didn't recognize. He was a tall boy, who looked slightly around her age, though his eyes were naïve and wide like a child's. Though, he clearly knew how to fight, he definitely wouldn't be able to take down Chloe, and he certainly would not be Anna. Why was he at the Athena cabin though? Maybe he had a significant other in this cabin. The thought that he couldn even be someone part of this quest comepletely slipped her mind, she had been questing with women for so long, she honestly forgot that men went on the as well. As she looked at him she realised that he was calling for Chloe. "Why are you looking for Chloe Wayne? What buisness do you have with her?" Her hispanic accent was thick, which was slightly unusual since she had been in America for long, but the girls she were traveling with were from all different countries that she never really thought much of it.

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Nathan | 780 comments ((LOL RUDE!! 😂
Fletcher: "Wide like a child's"?! She just said my eyes are "wide like a child's"! AND I am not naive! Who does she think she is?!?!?!
Me: Ummm, you kinda are naive.
Fletcher: *huffs* Well I could definitely beat them up.
Me: Well... Maybe. But definitely not if they fought you together.
Fletcher: Watch me. I have skills.
Me: Like what?
Fletcher: ...I have knives.
Fletcher: And magic.
Me: So they could beat you up.
Fletcher: No!
Fletcher: Not easily, at least.
Me: Ok, we're agreed.

I want to see them spar, now. That would be a cool fight. XD))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe heard a knock on the door as she hunted through one of her sibling's bunk, hoping for some food or something. The Athena kids weren't quite as bad as the Hermes kids, but they didn't always grasp the concept of personal property. She ignored the second knock until she heard Fletcher asking if she was there. "Come on in," she called, although she doubted that he could hear her over the ruckus that was the Athena cabin in the morning. She ran a hand through her hair and realized that it was still an unbrushed mess. She darted to the bathroom and brushed it before throwing it into a messy braid. She ran back to Malcom's bunk and kept looking. She found a lonely, pathetic little pack of dried fruit and tossed back on his bed. She glanced over her shoulder to see if Fletcher had come in yet. She'd grab something at a Starbucks or something on the way. She didn't want to risk seeing Ajax again because she didn't think she could without bursting into tears.

She hopped up and dusted her palms off on her pants. She saw a book sitting on her pllow and grabbed it. It was one of the bazzillions of Grand Canyon books that she'd crammed into the night before. She shoved it into her already bursting satchel and looked over at her pile of luggage. She wasn't sure she'd make it back to camp before she had to go off to school, so she'd gone ahead and packed all the way.

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Nathan | 780 comments Fletcher squinted his eyes. Really? Does Chloe have a body guard or something?

A fierce-looking girl strode toward him confidently and threateningly. Maybe a child of Ares? They all kind of acted that way.

He raised his hands in surrender. He couldn't help but smirk at the fact that this ferocious girl was almost a foot shorter than him, and he was the one calling surrender.

Of course, if he didn't know that this person was a demigod, he wouldn't surrender, even if she was a child of Ares. But Fletcher reasoned that it would be a bad start to the Quest to pick a fight right on a cabin's doorstep before they even got the entire team together.

"Hey, Chloe and I are going on a Quest, and I was looking for her. Don't freak out. Why do you ask?"

Fletcher mentally confirmed that she was an Ares kid when the fire in her eyes never dissipated a spark. Fletcher had a surprisingly calming voice -- or so he had heard -- due to his mom's genes, so most people he tried to placate backed down at once. Hopefully this girl wasn't actually mad at him for knocking on the door, or he might be in trouble.

"It's a public camp, right?" He urged when she took a second to respond.

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Anna's eyes immediately looked at him in annoyance. "You're Fletcher?" with an exasperated groan she looked him up and down, slightly disappointed. "When I heared about the third quest member I was hoping for a Mars child, not a child of Trivia. I sure hope your magic is useful, boy." Stopping for a small perioud of time she looked at him once more with a skeptical look. "You do have nagic right?" As he held up his hands in surrender, she took out an imperial gold and held it to his throat. Though even with his calm voice, she saw the hesitance and fear in his eyes, with a smirk she drew back the knife and slipped it back into her
scabbard with a smirk filled with satisfaction. "I suppose it is... graceus." Don't get her wrong, did she like the greeks? Yeah, they were good allies. They were kind, even in the battlefield sometimes, even when she wad fighting for the wrong side under Octavian's lead. She was only 7 when that war happened. Though, this didn't mean she forgot about the silly rivalry between the greeks and romans. It was fun from time to time, and made her chuckle once in awhile, such as right now. Walking to the Athena cabin, Anna marvled at how extremely cold and cut off a cabin filled with many kids could be. Was this really it? Then she saw an upset looking girl in the corner and knocked on one of the bunkbeds, creating a loud clang eveytime she did. "Oye, ¿estaba con el mago por allí? ¿Está realmente en la búsqueda?" After a second her confused laugh turned into a smile and she chuckled. "Solo bromeando, pero en serio algo malo?" Furrowing her brows she smiled before walking over, concerned for her friend.

((Translation: Hey, whats up with the dude in the corner? Is he seriously coming?"

"Just joking, but seriously whats wrong?"))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe's head popped up when she heard a loud noise like someone knocking on a bunk. She put on a bright smile when she saw Anna. She liked and respected Anna, but even in the best of times, Chloe was a fairly closed off person. "Él realmente viene," Chloe told her with a laugh. At Anna's second question, her smiled flickered for a moment before she said "Nada. Estoy totalmente bien."

She hopped down from the bunk and walked over the huge pile of books that she'd marked as non essential, double or really triple checking that she hadn't left out anything important. She selected another three books and crammed them into her bag. She knew she had a tendency to over pack, but in this case, that was better than not. Glancing back over at Anna and Fletcher, she asked, "You guys ready for this?" She was beyond thrilled to have a chance to go on another quest, since she hadn't gone on one for the past three years she'd been at camp. She walked back over to her bunk and strapped a knife inside each of her boots. She already had a kinda of ridiculous amount stashed in various places all over her body and in her luggage, and her necklace could be weaponized if she needed to. It never hurt to have extras in Chloe's mind.

((Translation: "He really is coming."

"Nothing, I'm totally fine."))

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Nathan | 780 comments ((Ooooh this is going to be a way more interesting character development than last time. They're all way more interesting already.
Also, just wanted to point out that Fletcher wasn't scared. He was just placating. XD He wanted me to tell Anna that.))

Fletcher wished he had taken more Spanish when he was in school. He understood only a couple words they said, but he was pretty sure they weren't talking about washing machines in the dinner. Or flaming cats.

Fletcher steered clear of the angry girl and walked to Chloe's other side.

"Heck yeah. Let's get this show on the road."

Now that the team was together, he couldn't help but grin. He was going on a Quest!

Fletcher scanned his companions and realized that this might be more difficult for them than any of them would let on. He knew he was already worried about his leadership, and he could read Chloe and Anna pretty well.

He could thank his mom for the skill of reading people like a book. These two were tough nuts to crack, but Chloe especially was handling this about as well as he was. She was hiding it remarkably well, though.

And Anna... she seemed... Fletcher couldn't tell. But there was something off about her excitement. Like the end-point of their Quest was not all she wanted out of this journey.

Fletcher shook away the thoughts. He shouldn't read people like that.

"So, Chloe, where's your ride you mentioned?"

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Looking up at Fletcher she smirked. "Kid, you really should loose a bit of that optimism. Not everything will turn out the way you want it to. Thats a key thing to remember. Even if you don't want to." Though while every single word that fell from her mouth was true, she couldn't help herself either, her one chance to find Valentina. And she wouldn't fail. Not this time. While she had noticed that something was modt definitely wrong with Chloe, she knew that she wouldn't admit it so easily, so she would drop it until later. Trying up her bouncy curls in a ponytail, she carefully hopped up on Bellona and chuckled. Grabbing onto her reins, she turned on her small caset player before plugging in her dinky little headphones. Regular kids now a days wouldn't be able to appreciate casete tapes and vinyl records but to Anna they were the best tech around. Being a demigod did restrict many, many things from her, but she always found something. Now, placing one of favorite casete tapes with artists from Al Green to The Pharcyde, to Billy Joel she took off. "I'll meet you guys on the road, I have a couple things to take care of first." As she soared into thw sky, she reveled in the majestic feeling she adored while flying on a pegasus. Something was just so amazing about these creature, she loved it. Anna was excited, she couldn't hide it. As she flew higher she screamed a: "WHOO HOO!" Before dashing off. Though, as she left the camp to restock on light foods, something slipped her mind. If Eris was the cause of this quest... Khaos wouldn't be too far behind.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe watched Anna fly off before looking at Fletcher. "So, that's Anna," she said brightly, arching an eyebrow at him. It would be fun to watch how the two got along. She knew Anna could come off as a bit... spirited, even more so around most guys, but she was hoping that it would work out. Eventually. Hopefully.

She tossed Fletcher her keys and grabbed her things, which she somehow managed to make into one load. She technically only had a permit, so for the most part, it was best if she wasn't the one driving. As she walked towards where she'd left her car, she scanned to camp for Ajax. She bit her lip, irritated that she was disappointed at not seeing him. She'd known he was already gone, and anyway, she had no idea what she'd even say to him. They'd left things pretty rough, which sucked. She'd just need to get over it. She straightened up, standing taller and smiling brighter, not wanting to let anyone see her sweat.

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((I want to rp Ajax now that I've grown as a writer, only if your up for it.))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Sounds good))

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Nathan | 780 comments Fletcher huffed. "Great, that's Anna."

He felt a spark of amusement at the fact that Chloe was enjoying this. At least there was something funny about Anna and him. But so far he didn't like Anna.

After he tossed their light luggage in the back of Chloe's car, he took off down the small road towards the city. He didn't need to know the exact directions for now. He just knew they were going South West. They might be able to regroup in the city and figure out their plan... Since apparently Anna was too busy and independent to stick with her team.

"Is she allowed to do that?" He realized that he said that out loud without preceding it with the rest of his thoughts. "I mean, I thought team members stuck together. It doesn't seem right for her to fly off on her own. We can't help each other separated like this."

He glanced into the sky. He couldn't even find a black speck to signify Anna's pegasus.

Fletcher didn't feel like he should mention the fact that he wasn't upset that he wouldn't be stuck with Anna's... irritable personality for the entire car ride. Although he didn't know her very well, so far it seemed like they had very different and grating personalities.

At least he and Chloe got along together well and made a great team. If Chloe could work with both of them, maybe there was hope that they could pull through as a team.

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Now, as anyone could tell Anna was extremely freespirited. She knew how to keep her place in line however, being used to Legions and all but honestly, sometimes the Romans were so extremely uptight, that sometimes, letting go was like taking a bra off at the end of an extremely long day. Or chaffing clothing. Just extremely relaxing. As they got high enough in the air, she rested on the back on Bellona, feeling extremely satisfied witherself. Finally, a quest to find Valentina. Her sister. Not by blood, but family and blood were two very different things in her opinion. True family didn't have to be related to you, but when you called someone family, you definitely knew that they were.

As the traffic cleared up, and the cars were fairly spaced out, Anna swooped down dropping down from Bellona as she hovered above them. "Hello, I just wanted you to know that up ahead is when things get really weird. I just spotted some monsters tailing us in the air. I was able to finish them off thankfully but things are getting really dangerous. Watch out. I'm your eye in the sky, remember that." Of course, since she was quite the show off around Chloe because of their whole mini competition going on, she jumped off the car and as she fell the ground got closer. And closer. And closer. Until she felt a giant gust of wind push her up and a horse underneath her as she soared straight into the sky.

Still by the grace of Zeus, Anna hadn't been spotted by any monsters down below yet. Yet. There was still tiem, so Anna was always on her toes, but she did take rests though. Riding was always fun, but it did take energy of course. So, thinking would be fine to just stop for a moment she allowed Bellona to rest before picking back up again. Though it was too late. They had seen her.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe rolled her eyes at Anna's showing off, but didn't respond to it just yet. As much as she tried to hide it, she was drained from the past 48 hours or so. Getting a quest was dramatic no matter what, but paired with some intense monster fighting, a painful breakup, and next to no sleep, it was a miracle that she wasn't in a coma. She watched Anna as she rose back into the clouds. She'd left her pegasus back at camp like she did most of the year since she'd didn't know if she'd be going back to camp before she went off to school. Anyway, Chisholm was still pretty young, just over a year old, so she didn't want to push him.

"So, what do you think of Anna?" Chloe said to Fletcher, a smirk tugging at her lips. When Chloe's admittedly big personality was the easiest to get along with, you knew you were in for a good time.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Poke, poke, Nate))

message 19: by Nathan (new)

Nathan | 780 comments ((Thank you for the reminder, Ev. So sorry it took me so long, though! Ugh. And I don't really have too much to write. *facepalm*
And LOL I'm loving their relationships so far. XD))

Fletcher glanced sideways at Chloe. Apparently she was enjoying this.

He cleared his throat, fixing his eyes straight ahead. "Well, she's... interesting. At least she'll be handy in a fight, I think."

Fletcher began scanning the rear view mirror more frequently. Just their luck, they were not twenty minutes out of Camp and might have to die. At least he could finally test out some of his skills.

((Ok, what should they do next? Maybe since there are monsters tailing them, they could have a car chase through the city? Hopefully a good plot point will develop from that.))

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