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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Ahhh how have you been lovey? (: it's been waay too long.

Is there anything in particular you're in the mood for? Like cutesy or darker stuff?

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criticaster | 908 comments Heh.... shekira xD
I read shrekira.

But I've been good! Busy with a group roleplay, haha. What about you?? It has been too long c:

Aaannnd nope! Do you have any ideas? Though I am kind of in the mood for cutesy. \(•^•)/

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Lmaoo. Shrek is pretty cool as well XD

Oh nice! It's been ages since I've done a group roleplay.
I've been good (: trying to get back into rololeyIng a little more!

Okay great! So am I :P I'll see if I can find anything

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criticaster | 908 comments Preach! Aha.

Yaaa this one's really fun. ^^ Haha so have iiiiii.

Okie dokir! I'll try to think of something as well. :] If you have any ideas just feel free to share them whenever ~

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Man I haven't watched shrek in forever. That will need to change! Haha.

How has your summer been? (:

I found these: (view spoiler)

The internet wasn't giving me much to work with lol.

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criticaster | 908 comments Meerrr I'm on my phone so I can't see spoilers. :/

But Shrek. I really need to watch shrek as well! :o

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments My bad!

During the day, Girl A and Girl B are the picture perfect daughters, they’re Daddy’s little princesses by day. However, they aren’t as perfect as everyone makes them seem. Both girls are no strangers to local parties and bars. They sneak out late at night and often get in trouble without their father knowing. The night was going pretty well. Guy A and Guy B are new in town. They are the classic example of a dad’s worst nightmare for his daughters. The girls run into them at the town's annual block party. One thing leads to another and Girl A and Girl B find themselves way too interested by these two new guys. Possible pregnancies, drug addictions, run ins with the cops, young love, ect. {this doesn’t need to be doubles}

So this is kind of like The Fault in Our Stars. There's Guy A (in his early twenties) only real family member is his grandmother. She has stage four brain caner, and passes away. They guy, obviously distraught, is in the hospital cafeteria after her death, and that's when he meets Girl A. Girl A has cancer. Whether it be terminal or not, she's been given a wish by the Make a Wish foundation. Her wish is to travel the world. And while her doctors determine whether she is healthy enough to do this, Girl A and Guy A start talking, and eventually become friends. She invites him to travel the world together. They make a crazy bucket list and travel the world together, eventually falling in love and all of that cutesy stuff.

Girl A and Guy A met on an online chat room. They both find the other interesting, and soon switch to either texting, emailing, ect. So we could play them getting to know each other better and eventually realizing that they have feelings for one another. Then when they try to arrange a meet up there are complications. Whether it be distance, family issues, or maybe one of them is a catfish (like from that one tv show).

A foster family. A young married couple (mid twenties probably) find out that they can't have children of their own. So they resort to adopting and fostering kids. We can have as many or as few foster kids as we want. Some of the kids can have problems (disabilities, hard past, ect) and the couple may struggle a bit because they've gone from just being the two of them to suddenly having teenagers in the house.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Shrek was a classic! :D I haven't watch edit in years lol

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criticaster | 908 comments they all sound so cute *^*

message 10: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Awh thanks :P is there one you like the most?

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criticaster | 908 comments Ermmmmm
I like the first one but I kind of feel as if doubles would be repeating the same thing? But that's just me. :p

And I also really like the foster parent one!

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Yeah I see what you're saying. When I was reading it off of some roleplay website I was thinking the same thing lol.

Yeah that one is cute too! I've never done a foster family one before. But I'm good with either (:

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criticaster | 908 comments (we can do both?)
whhaatt who said that >w<

I'm down for the foster one if you'd like to stick to singles ^^

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Whaaattttt. I don't know where that came from :o but whoever said it is on to something.
I'd be willing to do both!

How many characters do you want for the foster one? If we have multiple ones it might be easier to stick to singles, but I'm up for a challenge!

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criticaster | 908 comments Eeerrrrrrr
Maybe the guy in the first idea is the foster child of the parents in the first idea? :o

So it's kind of intertwined?

And I was thinking they could start off with one or two kids and since they're fostering they'd go away after a while and so they'd receive new children and shttuuffff.

am I making sense? >.<

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments YOU ARE A FLIPPING GENIUS OMG.
I love that.

You are making perfect sense. I really like that :P

message 17: by criticaster (new)

criticaster | 908 comments Ppfftt, I try. ;p

So! how many kids???

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments You succeed (;

Should we start off with just the one? Then we will have two characters each and then add more as we want to?
Then we can each have a teenager and each have a parent

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criticaster | 908 comments Hmmm should they have a small kid or something?

Just because the teenage foster kid won't always be around and stuff, y'know?

I don't mind playing the kid. ^^

message 20: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Ooh yeah that would be cute! How old do you want the kid to be? And you can choose either boy or girl, I don't mind (:

message 21: by criticaster (new)

criticaster | 908 comments 5-7 years old, I'd say? And eerrrmmm I think a girl would be cute. :p

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Ah yes a girl would be adorable! (: would it be okay if I was the foster boy and then the female character?

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criticaster | 908 comments yesyesyesyes I wanted to be the foster dad *^*

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Yay it worked out then! :P I'm not home at the moment but as soon as I do I will post my characters.

For the foster boy I was thinking of making him somewhere around 16-17 and for the foster mom I was thinking 23-27. Is that good?

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criticaster | 908 comments I'm not home either :p

Aannnd that works for meeee!

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criticaster | 908 comments
¤ ( charles klein ) -- ( twenty-five y/o ) -- ( boyfriend/fireman )

¤ ( fallon ruth lanikai ) -- ( sixteen y/o ) -- ( daddy's girl )

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Holly Jane Schaller * twenty four* veterinary technician

Carsten James Ranger* sixteen* foster kid

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criticaster | 908 comments They're awesome ! <3333

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Thanks babes!!! So are yours <3333

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Okay I'm finally home! How do you think we should start this off? I can start if you want me too (:

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criticaster | 908 comments Yes ma'am!

Hummmm we could start with Holly at home late at night with the kid I still need to make aannnnd Carsten is off doing his own thing when he's not supposed to be out aannnnddd I supose Amelia would be doing the same thing, haha. Aannnndd then I can have Charles come home in my post after yours and yeah ~

Please tell me if you've got a better idea, ahaha.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments That sounds good to me! Maybe Carsten and Amelia are at some sort of party? Like getting high and drinking and all of that fun illegal stuff haha. That's basically all I've got lol.

Annnnnnnnd first or third person?

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criticaster | 908 comments First or third, whatever you're most comfortable with ~

Aannnd yup! So do Carsten and Fallon (I'm going to change her name to that ._.) already kind of know each other? Or are they meeting at the party? And yay for illegal stuff :p

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments I've been kind of obsessed with first person lately so if you're okay with it I'll do that :P

Holy shat she's so pretty in like an innocent way but she's not gonna be innocent and yeah. I really like her :D maybe they kind of know each other? Like they have seen each other around before and they have a similar group of friends but they've never really talked for more than a minute or two?

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criticaster | 908 comments Go for it!

I know right?! xD she's my newest girl crush. shh don't tell anyone. And that sounds good to meeeehhhhh ~

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Thanks babessss xx

I'll keep it a secret. I love secrets awesomesauce. I shall get started on my post now!!

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criticaster | 908 comments Yayyy, can't wait!

it's been too long since we've roleplayed x-x

message 38: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments What shall we name the little kiddo? :P

it has been waaaaay too long

message 39: by criticaster (new)

criticaster | 908 comments Darn it, I keep forgetting! xD

Errrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm let's name heeerrrr Fae?

Aaaannnnd she can look like this?

And she should have a sister who's always sleepy and looks like thiiiissss this and her name should be Lei.

just sayin'

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments OMFG SHES PERFECT. She's adorable *o*

Fae it is then :P and her sister is precious too! Do they have her sister already or is she coming along later?

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criticaster | 908 comments SHE'S SO KAWAII *0*

I think they should already have her; just because they're sisters, ya know?

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Holly

I shoved my hair up into a bun right before I started on Fae's late night snack. I don't know how some girls manage to get the "perfect messy bun". Mine always turn out like the name, a messy bun. But whatever. It's getting late, I've had a long day at work, and I'm just looking forward to the glass of wine I'm about to pour myself. I don't give a crap about what my hair looks like. I don't know why Fae insists on having a snack this late at night, but I'm bad at saying no to her. So when she came down the stairs, clutching her little Winnie the Pooh teddy and asked for a snack, I couldn't just tell her to just go back to bed. So here we are, in the kitchen, her watching me make a snack. Lei was still asleep upstairs. She had no problem sleeping through the night.

"Alright, Oreos or goldfish?" I asked her, already knowing the answer. "Oreos," she told me, with an excited grin. I'm no master at this while parenting thing, but I'm almost positive she shouldn't be having sugar this late at night. It won't kill her. "Don't tell Daddy," I teased, earning a giggle from her. So I opened a package of Oreos, giving her three and saving the other three for myself. I'm not going to let her way a whole packet. I will draw the line there. I pushed a little glass of milk towards her, which she accepted without any hesitation.

While she enjoyed her little midnight snack, I got two wine glasses from the cabinet, filling each glass halfway with some red wine. Charles might appreciate it after a long day of work. And if not, then I'll drink it for him. I'm not an alcoholic, or anything or that sort, but some wine after a long ass day is always appreciated. I glanced at the time, Charles will be home soon. I hope, anyway. I didn't want to tell him this over the phone, but I'm not exactly sure where Carsten is. I went upstairs to his room to tell him dinner was ready, and he wasn't there. I've called his phone several times, but he hasn't picked up. I know he doesn't respect me as an authority figure. But maybe he'll listen better if Charles can get a hold of him.


I've always liked the thrill of sneaking out.

I've been sneaking out since I lived with my actual parents, I continued to sneak out with my first pair of foster parents, and I will continue to sneak out even with this couple. I actually like these two. They probably don't know that considering I hardly talk to them, but I do like them to a degree. I doubt they like me much, but that's not my problem. That's my social worker's problem once they've decided they have had enough of me.

This night has turned out a lot better than I planned. A group of kids from the area had arranged A bonfire set up on the beach. So here I am, at the beach, with a cold can of beer in my hand. The people in this area are actually pretty chill and I can get along with most of them easily. Back home, like actual home, it was a pretty tough area so you had to be careful with who you decided to befriend. Here people like to act tough, but they are pretty harmless, as far as I can tell. I've only been here two weeks so it's kind of hard to tell.

I finished off my second can of beer, tossing the can into a nearby trashbag. Apparently it's illegal to litter the beach or some shit. And my probation officer told me it would be best not to get arrested. So yeah, I still drink and get high, but at least I don't litter. He and my social worker would be proud of me. I'm not really sure why I'm on probation anyway. Something about being a victim of child abuse, being in the foster care system, and having a small criminal history. I don't know how it all works honestly.

I eased myself out of the lawn chair I was sitting in, making my way back over to an open red cooler. "S'cuse me," I said as I maneuvered around a girl, I think her name is Fallon, and grabbed myself another can.

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criticaster | 908 comments quick question - i'll post in two minutes after i get an awnser buuuttt

where do they live?

message 44: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments girl I was wondering the same thing.

New Jersey? South Carolina? Maybe California? I don't really mind haha. Do you have a preference?

message 45: by criticaster (new)

criticaster | 908 comments new jersey sounds cool! i know nothing about new jersey but that's okay xD

message 46: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments neither do I! Lol. We'll work it out though :P New Jersey it is!!

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criticaster | 908 comments
(omfg yes charles will set him straight.
try to xD

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Andrew,” I told him just before we exchanged handshakes and went off our separate ways. What a long day. I was tempted to call Andrew back and tell him to call Jared and Amanda to see if they wanted to grab a beer but I decided against it. Holly’s been with the kids all day and I’m too exhausted not to grab every ounce of sleep I can get. Nothing major had happened today but there had been a baby fire in an old folk’s home and my squad was called to go and clear but aside from that, not much. The only reason I worked so late today and was going to be for the next two weeks was because housing two little girls and a teenage boy was expensive. I grew up with my brother and three sisters in the poor part of downtown and the thought of struggling financially was enough motivation to get all the overtime I could get if it meant being a little more comfortable.

I walked to my car and got in, quickly revving the engine to life and taking off. I supposed one good thing about late-night shifts was the lack of traffic. I hit nearly every green light and I figured I’d be home in about ten minutes; not bad. As I was driving, I couldn’t help but notice the Chinese restaurant was still open. Damn Chinese food sounded good. When had been the last time? Plus, Fae and Lei would be in bed by now. It wouldn’t hurt to dine with my girlfriend alone after such a long-ass day, even if my muscles were already beginning to stiffen.

Turning into the parking lot, I was out of the place within fifteen minutes, takeout in my hands. I set the bag down in the passenger seat and quickly made my way back home. Once there, I parked the car in the garage and quickly make my way inside as quietly as I could, Chinese food in hand. I took my shoes off by the door leading to the garage and stifled a yawn, absentmindedly making my way into the kitchen where I heard Holly’s voice.

But apparently she wasn’t alone. “Well this is a surprise.” I smiled at both of them as I set the bag on the counter and stepped closer to Fae so I could kiss the top of her head before I fell at Holly’s side, kissing her briefly on the lips. “What’s she doing awake?” I asked her quietly, scratching the scruff on my cheek I so badly needed to shave.

** * *** ** * *** ** * ***

Why did every boy have to be so fucking hot at these parties? Everywhere I looked it was as if some guy had stepped out of some magazine and was just waiting for us to flock them. I had to admit, was it not for the fact that I needed to be home tomorrow morning by ten, I would’ve been one of those girls as well. Instead I was standing by the beer keg, talking with some of the girls about the Lucas drama. God what a fucking asshole. Apparently he’d been dating one of the Sula twins and screwing the other behind her back. Had that been my twin, I would have thrown her so fucking hard out the window she would’ve hit the house next to mine.

“What a slut,” I commented at Carol’s comment about the second Sula twin, Jamie, I think, screwing her sister’s boyfriend. “I wouldn’t touch that bitch with a ten foot pole.” This earned me some giggles from them and I couldn’t help but grin despite the small pang of guilt that came with saying those words. These girls liked drama and gossip and I didn’t want to be the stupid girl who hung around by herself and watched everyone laugh it up, so I said stupid shit sometimes.

But sometimes it wasn’t enough. Like right now. I’d lost them to some event I hadn’t been a part of so I was left nodding my head, but I was mostly glancing around and trying to see if I could spot any familiar faces. “Oh, sorry,” I quickly moved out of the way for some guy trying to get another drink, but when I turned around I realized who it was and I couldn’t help but smile. “Heeey, new guy, right?” I smiled and nudged his shoulder with the hand holding my can of beer. Word spread fast around town and this guy was no different; I’ve seen him around but I didn’t think we’d ever actually talked.

“Um, Casrsten, right? Welcome to New Jersey!” I giggled, perhaps a little tipsier than I should be. “How’s everyone been treating you?” I leaned back on my heels and held my can of beer close to my chest, still grinning at him. God dammit another fucking boy model.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments (lol yesss. Charles, do your thang buddy)

I leaned against the counter, wine glass in hand, as I watched Fae eat her little snack. It was pretty adorable how she would delicately take apart the cookie, and then hold each piece in the milk for a few seconds before finally allowing herself to eat it. Young kids are very fascinating, I've learned that ever since we started fostering Fae and Lei. And it's impossible to not love them with everything you've got. I brought the wine glass up to my mouth, taking a sip of the heavenly liquid, just as Fae finished her second Oreo.

The garage door could faintly be heard as it opened, meaning Charles was home. Fae gave an excited little gasp as she bounced in her seat slightly. I smiled, tiredly, setting down my wine glass onto the counter. The wonderful smell of food truly was a welcoming scent. I had made Fae and Lei chicken nuggets for dinner tonight, but I was not going to eat them myself. Thank God for Charles and his ability to think ahead. "Hey," I said, softly. As he stepped closer to me, I put my arms loosely around his waist, kissing him again for a slightly longer moment. I love having all three kids, I really, really do, but I miss our alone time. And now he's been working more so it seems like the only times we see each other anymore are in the early hours of the morning.

"She got hungry and wanted something to eat," I told him, keeping my voice quiet so Fae wouldn't hear us talking about her. She really should be in bed, I will admit that. "Honey, are you almost ready to go back to bed?" I asked Fae, unwrapping my arms from around his waist. She nodded, unable to speak due to her mouth being filled with Oreo. "Almost," she said, once she swallowed. She has already mastered dragging things out. It can be quite impressive.

I turned away from the little one, peering into the paper bag which had our food in it. "You're the best," I told him, as I reached in and started pulling things out and putting them on the countertops. I pulled out two forks, one for the each of us. As I was doing that, I decided I should probably mention Carsten. "I should have said something earlier but I didn't want to get you worried or anything while you were at work," I started, opening one of the containers. "But Carsten isn't home." I doubt he would be surprised, this has happened before. "He hasn't answered his phone when I've tried getting a hold of him either."


I reached down into the cooler, reaching for what was going to be my third beer of the night. It probably wouldn't be my last, either, if things were going to keep going like I had planned they would. I couldn't help but grin stupidly as she Fallon asked if I was the new guy. I blame it on being slightly drunk. "Yep that sounds about right." Things move around this town quickly. I've loved in New York up until this point and there's obviously not much small about New York. Living in a small town has been a fairly drastic change, but so far it's alright. Word travels quickly around here, too, and everyone seems to enjoy gossiping to a degree. I feel like I've already gotten to know almost everyone at our school just through stories that I've heard about them. So far the thing that has spread about me is that I'm the "new kid".

I opened my can of beer and nodded when she asked about my name. "Thanks," I grinned, taking a gulp of the beer as she welcomes me to New Jersey. It was getting to be fairly evident that she's had a few drinks herself, but that was fine with me. Alcohol makes people easy to talk to. And it's not like I have much room to judge, I'm happily enjoying my third beer. I knew her name as well, but it's best to make sure. "And you're Fallon, right?"

"Not bad. Everyone has been pretty straight so far," I answered when asked how people have been treating me. Which is true. People can fairly nosy around here, so that's a little annoying considering I don't want to tell everyone about being a foster kid, but other than that everyone has been easy to get along with. Well the kids my age have been easy to get along with, anyway.

I took another gulp of my beer, glancing down at Fallon. Damn this girl is hot. And the fact she's not being shy makes it even better. I don't understand the fascination with shy girls. "So Jamie is fucking with her sister's boyfriend?" I asked, with a smirk. I heard Fallon's friend, her name begins with a C I think, mention it as I was coming over. Basically I was looking for an excuse to keep talking to Fallon.

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criticaster | 908 comments
(you know what would be sad but cute also? that if they got different foster kids all the time, like fae and lei would leave eventually because somebody wants to adopt them and stuff but carsten is the only one who stays there because nobody wants to adopt him and it could get to him after a while and then maybe at some point charles and holly could sit him down and ask his permission to adopt him because even though he’s a troublemaker they love him and blah blah blah annnndd yeah. if that made any sense. xD)

I draped an arm over Holly’s shoulder when she wrapped her arms around my waist. I pulled her into me a little, planting a chaste kiss on the crown of her head before stifling yet another yawn. I looked over at Fae as Holly explained to me that she got hungry. I frowned a little but didn’t comment on it; I wasn’t here to take care of the kids today, I wasn’t about to say anything that would start an argument. Or maybe it’s the fact that my mom never let me have late night snacks, she’d always send me back to bed with the threat of the wooden spoon treatment which scared me more than the monster in my closet. “Alright,” I murmured with a sigh, dropping my arm away so she could go to the food.

“I know,” I replied cockily, grinning tiredly, although playfully. While Fae was eating and Holly getting ready to eat, I peeled my coat off and set it over one of the chairs because I didn’t have the energy to go hang it up on the coat rack. I looked over at my girlfriend when she admitted that something was wrong. “Fu-” I cut myself off, my gaze falling onto Fae who’s looking at me with those tired eyes. “Do you know where he’d be?” I was more than ready to drive out and find him. Telling us he was going somewhere and not following the curfew we gave him was one thing, but sneaking out was what a five year old did when he was too scared to face consequences. “I’ll talk to him when he gets back.” I’d wait in his room if I had to.

Fae yawned once she finished her Oreo and she grabbed her small glass of milk and drank the rest of it. That was my cue. “Alright, bed time for you, cookie monster.” I walked over to her and picked her off the chair, straddling her on my side. “Say goodnight.”

“Good night, mommy,” She blew a sloppy kiss in her direction, which had me grinning because, come on, that was cute as hell. I chuckled and adjusted her weight on my arm before taking her upstairs to the bedroom she shared with Lei. We had a three bedroom home and Carsten was a growing boy so he there wasn’t a choice but to give him a room to himself. Plus, Fae and Lei were actual sisters. To be honest I didn’t know I’d enjoy fostering children so much.

I set her down in her bed and pulled the covers over her small body, tucking her in snugly before kissing her forehead. “Sleep tight, sweetie,” I whispered but she might as well had been out like a light bulb. I checked on Lei and she was still snoring lightly. Good. I finally made my way back downstairs and to the Chinese food I was practically salivating just thinking about. I hadn’t eaten anything since six this morning.

I spotted a glass of wine on the counter and it dawned on me that it’d been there when I came home so I didn’t hesitate to finally pick it up and take a small drink of it. “Finally.” I chuckled and grabbed the small container of fried rice and the fork, looking over at my girlfriend. We didn’t have enough of these moments. “How was your day?” I asked calmly, leaning against the counter.

** * *** ** * *** ** * *** * * ** **

Even if he hadn’t said anything funny, I couldn’t help but giggle. I watched him take a drink of his beer and I couldn’t help but notice just how comfortable he seemed already. Unlike Julian who’d been here a good two years now and still couldn’t manage to bring himself to these parties. Nobody liked him anyway. “Yeah, I’m Fallon.” I smiled and brought the can of beer to my lips. I think this was my third . . . or fourth, I didn’t really know and I didn’t care all that much, to be honest. Plus, now Carsten had gotten my attention and if I had to drink more beers to keep talking with him, then bring them on.

“Don’t expect that to last long,” I told him seriously even though I was smiling. “People are vicious around here. Reputation is the currency, I swear.” I laughed quietly, nearing the bottom of my drink already. I was trying to preserve it a little. “Just watch out, I guess.” The fact that my dad pretty much owned the place sort of gave me a freebie to everything. Nobody ratted me out to him just because I was usually the one bringing the alcohol to these things, like tonight.

En he mentioned Jamie and I scoffed, rolling my eyes at the thought of her. I didn’t even ask how he knew, I didn’t need to. “What a bitch. I mean, who goes and screws around with their twin sister’s boyfriend? There’s got to be some twin-code for that, right? No fucking each other’s boyfriends.” I sighed exasperatedly and finished my drink despite my want to keep it as long as I could. “I mean, it’s a dick move, you have to admit.” I took a small moment to grab myself another beer before focusing my attention back on Carsten.

Out of nowhere people began shouting behind me and when I looked back, it was obvious that two guys had broken into a fight. Oh, goody. That was one thing I hated about these bonfires by the beach; there was always at least one drunken fight. It turned my attention back to Carsten and then I glanced out at the beach and bit my lip. Should I …?

“Do you want to walk a little?” It was getting stuffy being here. Even though we were outside, I still felt a little boxed in and I didn’t like that. Plus, when a fight broke out, I knew the party was pretty much over and everyone had thrown their sobriety out the door. “It’s cool if you don’t.”

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments (Yes I love that!! Then it will be like a real foster home and we can introduce new kids and everything :P Ooh! Maybe as they are thinking about adopting Carsten, his mom gets out of rehab or something and wants to get custody of him again and he is kind of torn because he still wants some kind of relationship with his mom. Then there can be some drama and whatnot. But obviously he’ll choose Charles and Holly in the end :D
Also I was thinking maybe Carsten lies to Fallon about being a foster kid. Like instead of saying Charles and Holly are his foster parents, he could say that Charles is his brother or Holly is his sister and he’s living with them because their parents have issues or something like that. That could cause a little drama between them later on :P

I could tell Charles wasn’t exactly thrilled with me giving into Fae and her need for some food. She really shouldn’t be having anything the least bit sugary at this time at night, or I guess morning now, but it won’t kill her. That’s one part of parenting I haven’t quite gotten used to, saying no. Charles is a lot better at that, but thankfully he just kind of drops the subject without saying anything about it. The last thing we need to be doing right now is arguing. Although, considering how tired both of us seemed to be, it probably wouldn’t be much of an argument. It would probably be a pathetic back and forth until one of us is too tired to come up with something else, and then just gives in. That’s basically all the damage we could do at this hour.

I rolled my eyes, snacking his stomach gently as he replied with a cocky ‘I know’. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit though, tucking some hair behind my ear. Do guys ever stop being cocky? Probably not. That’s okay, though. I love him anyway. I gave him a look just as he was about to curse, but he managed to catch himself before he said it. Knowing Fae, the moment she heard a word like that she would keep repeating it only because she thought it was funny. “I have no idea,” I shrugged, feeling a little defeated about the whole situation. “He didn’t mention anything about going out tonight.” I would imagine a party somewhere, but I don’t know where that party would be so I’m not exactly helpful in that sense. I nodded as he said that he would talk to him when he gets back. “That’d probably work out best.”

I’m not really sure how to deal with troublesome kids. My sister and I were always fairly well behaved. And when we did act out, we did it in secret so our parents never found out. And if they didn’t know about it, we couldn’t be punished. That’s how the Schaller girls did it.

I smiled as I watched Charles with Fae. Guys and kids are quite possibly one of the cutest combinations I’ve ever seen. “Good night, sweetheart,” I said, giving her a little wave as she blew a kiss at me. Hearing someone call me ‘mommy’ is one of the best things to hear, especially after my doctor told me it would be virtually impossible for me to conceive any children. It was heartbreaking news, but something good came out of it. Fostering children. And I don’t think I would trade what we have for anything. They may not biologically be my kids but that doesn’t mean anything.

As the two up them headed upstairs, I got a head start on the food. I was starving. Having to worry about animals all day at work and then kids all day at home gives me little time to even remember to eat. I hardly even have dinner anymore. I just have a snack around dinnertime and call that my dinner. It would be nice to have an actual dinner tonight. And on top of it being a nice thought, the food was fucking great too.

I looked up from the fried rice I was eating when Charles came downstairs. I smiled at him as he got to his wine. “Busy,” I said, leaning against the counter. “But overall everything was pretty good. The one dog I was telling you about finally had her puppies. And the kids were all good today. Fae and Lei had a playdate with the little girl across the street. The mother was very nice,” I said, going through the interesting parts of my day. “How about yours? Save any lives today?”


“Vicious? Damn. I better be careful then,” I teased, but I could tell there was truth to what she was saying. People here did seem pretty two-faced. They say one thing to you, and then turn around and say something completely different to someone else. People like that really are only worried about keeping face. Caring about your reputation is one thing, ruining another person’s reputation to improve your own is another thing. But we’ve all stabbed someone in the back for our own benefit. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I couldn’t help but laugh slightly as she explained the whole twin situation to me. It really is amazing how things get around this town. Well, I guess considering the high school only has like 500 students, things get around pretty quickly. “No fucking each other’s boyfriends,” I repeated. “That sounds like a pretty good rule to me.” I don’t have any other siblings, much less a twin, but I’d be pretty pissed if I found out my brother was screwing my girlfriend. “I’m sure the guy isn’t complaining though. He probably has it pretty good.” Having sex with both twins? Most guys wouldn’t turn down an offer like that. I’m not going to say that out loud to Fallon, the last thing I want is her leaving because I’m now the dick for saying something like that.

There was suddenly a circle of people, surrounding two very drunk guys who were swinging at each other. It’s not a party without a fight, now is it? From experience, I know people usually start leaving around the time of a fight. Police are more likely to show up if there’s fighting. So two idiots can basically be the reason for getting a hell of a lot of drunk teenagers arrested. I will admit, I’ve had my fair few drunk fights, and they have almost always ended with me in the back of a cop car. Shit happens.

Of course the party ending meant Fallon would go home, which would result in me going back, and then having to face Charles. But, luckily, Fallon comes up with a solution to it. Take a walk. I pulled my attention away from the fight, which looked pretty pathetic, really, and looked at Fallon again. “Yeah, yeah, that would be good,” I nodded in agreement. I chucked the last of my beer, before grabbing myself another. This would be my last for the night. I can still talk and walk, so I’m good to go.

As we started walking away from the crowd, which was already starting to diffuse anyway, I opened my fourth and last beer. “You got any plans for the summer?” ((Hope you’re okay with me making it summer haha. If not I’ll change it!))

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