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WestBridge has just opened up to take in abandoned and enrolled Gifted children alike.

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Renea walked up to the large castle-like building and sighed. She walked to the main office and got her room number. R00m 1 in the girls dorm. This means she was the first one here.... great. She headed off.

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Shadow stepped onto the castle grounds, and looked up at the huge building. "Geez..."

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Her room was large with a nice canopy bead.

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((can se be Shadow's dorm partner?))

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Shadow moved to her dorm, and saw that someone was already in there; "You're... my partner... right?"

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Renea looked over, "I guess so." she smiled

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"I'm... shadow... the name explains my powers... and you?"

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"And what's your power?"

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"Telepathy and weather control." she smiled.

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((are you gonna rp on the other rps? and is Jon still on do you think?))

"THat's cool..."

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[[Yes and IDK:]]


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Renea smiled and sat on her bed, "I wonder what this is going to be like?"

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"Whatever it is... I hope it's small classes."

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"Yeah, same here"

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"I can't stand a crowd... Gee, it's so bright in here..." Shadow turned off half the lights, "There, better."

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Renea smiled and laid back.

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