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message 1: by EL Socratista (new)

EL Socratista (elsocratista) | 69 comments This book (9640001392) is different with 9789640001394 but both of them registered as one.The second one is not pocket book like first one.
The number of pages for 9789640001394 is 814.
The correct cover for first one is
the author is سید جعفر شهیدی
the name of author typed in persian and is correct unlike the name that is registered.
the next wrong fact is the original title.
If you delete the isbn of9789640001394 from this book , I will register correct information for this book.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26081 comments Hossein, it is an English Persian Dictionary, therefore the English style name stays. All the isbns are correct, as they match the WorldCat entry for this book. I've added the cover from WorldCat, and added your author name.

I suggest you add your book as another edition without the isbns if any details are substantially different from the existing record.

message 3: by EL Socratista (new)

EL Socratista (elsocratista) | 69 comments Thank you. I will.

message 4: by EL Socratista (last edited Mar 18, 2018 07:04AM) (new)

EL Socratista (elsocratista) | 69 comments sorry but it seems that I made a mistake. I searched the name of the book that I was intended to inform you about but apparently search engine got me a wrong book. The changes that you made for 9640001392 , should be undone.
سید جعفر شهیدی is not the author of that book.
the book that I wanted to mention was 964900792X.
the isbn that I mentioned is a persian book but it registered in Pinglish(phonic translation from Persian to Englsih writing)
Can you delete 9789649007922 for this book that I can add a new edition to this book?
The first isbn could be published in another country.

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26081 comments OK, author name removed.

Sorry Hossein, but I can't do the new book, as its past 1am & I'm too tired to think & I'm going to bed.

Hopefully another librarian will have a look at your request.

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