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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Girl is sent away by parents to live in the mountains/rural/ranch(?) with a family member (aunt?). Meets & falls in love with a guy. 4th of July fireworks. Written with quotes, diary(?), short paragraphs. Spoilers ahead.

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Corinne | 1 comments I read and loved a book back when I was a teenager probably around 2007 or so. It was a book about a girl who gets sent away by her parents to live with her family member. I think like an aunt or someone. I believe it is in a mountain setting definitely in the country. It could have maybe even been a ranch or something. She meets this guy and falls head over heels over him. At one point, I remember a scene where it was 4th of July and they were at this local festival type of thing sitting together and watching fireworks. I remember at some point toward the end, they are broken apart and one of them is driving. I think she goes home and he either drives after her or she is the one driving and there is a car accident. The ending is pretty sad. The book isn't a normal novel, it has a lot of quotes almost as if she is writing in a diary and also has short paragraphs on the pages. Please help me find this book!

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Corinne, please read the group pointers/rules at the top of the group page - which explain what to put in your header.

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Corinne, I added plot details to your topic header. Feel free to edit it using the desktop website (not the mobile app).

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