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message 1: by Austen (new)

Austen Rodgers | 5 comments Looking to swap manuscripts with another writer. Here's mine:

FINDING HAVEN is an 88k high fantasy intended to be the first in a series.

In Dingir, the heavenly city of light and metal, Angela is a warrior haunted by visions of fire. Ever since she was attacked and bled on her last mission on Earth, buildings burst into flame at the snap of a finger and the touch of loved ones burns. Her superiors believe it’s nothing more than post-traumatic stress, but when Angela breaks into an archive and finds a scroll detailing a possession spell she learns the soul inside her is not her own.

I'd prefer to swap for another fantasy novel. I'll message you if I'm interested, and thanks in advance!

message 2: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 128 comments Hi Austen (and everyone else),

I'm currently looking for a proofreader for my completed manuscript (a dystopian sci-fi, currently at around 90,000 words), and I came across your post. At this stage I don't need anyone to give an opinion on my story or point out any big changes. All I'm looking for is someone who can comb my script and highlight any typos, grammatical errors, any extra or missing words, that kind of thing. In return I'm willing to offer feedback on any big picture fixes your story might need; issues with character, plot, pacing, etc.

For anyone else reading this who might be interested, genres I enjoy are:

Science Fiction
Young adult

I'm not too keen on romance or erotica, so I don't feel like I could give an accurate critique if that's your genre.

Private message me if this sounds up your alley. I hope to hear from you.

All the best,


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