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In the small country of Giadeno, there is a race of un-human like creatures. Seperated into four kingdoms; Sun, Ocean, Forrest and Night. A darkness has come over them and a fifth colony developed and are trying to take over. The othere four colonies will have to band together to save Giadeno.

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((okay, but can Charrice be good? I don't want her to be a bad guy... I didn't read this when I made her character... and Roxas has no colony because he works against all of them, including darkness))

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[[I'll just make the evil against all four colonies :P ]]

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Shimmer sat down by the water yet again. Another lonely night crept over her as the waves washed the sand slowly away.

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((thanks hun))

Roxas sneered, he saw Shimmer by the water, with a little magic he made it look like his head was bleeding. ((remember he looks like a little kid)) "H.. help me...." He stumbled from the tree line, and fell to the ground by her feet.

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[[No problem love:]]

Shimmer turned with a shutter, she ran to the little boy. "Oh no, here let me help you." she placed her hand over him and began to heal him.

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"Th... thanks miss....." He smiled weakly at her, then tried to sit up, collapsing again on her lap.

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She picked him up to the waters edge, laying him in the sand, allowingthe water to rush over him.

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Roxas recoiled slightly, unsure what she was doing; he then smelled Charrice coming closer. Charrice jumped from the top of a tree, her eyes glowing silver, her hair turned a gray-ish color. "I'll kill you!" She shouted and ran to him.

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Shimmer jumped back, not sure what was going on.

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Roxas kept his act going, and allowed her to pic him off the ground; "Stop the act!" She shouted, and shook him violently; Roxas whimpered slightly in fear, and looked to Shimmer for help.

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"Hey, Put him down!" she said defencively

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Charrice dropped Roxas and put a foot on his throat, "Are you going to fight back?!!" She dug her foot in, snarling at him, "Don't let this man confuse you, he's over two hundred years old... far from a kid, he can change his appearance whenever he wants to."

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Shimmer raised an eyebrow, now completely confused.

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In the blink of an eye Charrice was on the ground, with Roxas pinning her down; "Get off of me!" "You always seem to ruin my plans don't you, you little c***? Well this time I won't let you live." He trapped her in a spell, their eyes met and a light grey light started to rise from her body and go to his.

((if you're confused just tell me... I'm IM rping, so sorry if I don't respond right away))

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[[I'm confused but thats normal lol. Um JC, Is this the only RP your going to do?:]]

Shimmer was appauled, She raised her hands and a large blast of water knocked Roxas several yards away from the girl, She ran the the girls side.

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((I'm doing vampire and fantasy... I'm not really into human and/or romances... but if you want me to I will... I just won't be good at it... or particularly like it...))
((and he was taking her esence for her own, that's how you take someone's powers))

Roxas splashed into water, he fell to the bottom of the body of water.

Charrice coughed and rolled to her side, her head was pounding and her ears ringing.

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[[ No, its okay, I'm just keeping track. That way I know If I need to get more people. Problems finding more people lol. I don't know how some of this groups her 60 - 80 - 100 members. I can't even imagine that. Well, In that case Then Why'd you make a character in the Romance one I beleive. lol. Doesn't matter || okay, I gets it know :]]

Shimmer laid her hand on her shoulder to see if she was okay, she transfered some of her energy into her. She pulled away. "How are you feeling.

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Charrice jolted up, "Where'd he go?!"

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"I don't know." Shimmer said softly, backing away.

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Charrice's eyes changed back to their beautiful auborn color, and her hair slowly changed back to teal. "I'll get him eventually." She flopped back down to the ground, still slightly heaving for air.

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Shimmer wasn't sure what this was all about. "Who is he?" she asked suddenly.

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Charrice looked suprised, then sat up, "Roxas Bossard... when I was three he had come to our house to find me... my mortal parents tried to fight back, but were killed... I was snuck out of the house while they were fighting him by Annice... who was killed three years ago by him..."

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"Never heard of him." she said softly.

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"He kills immortals and takes their powers as his own, which is what he was trying to do with you."

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She looked down, "Oh." she stood up and headed back to her cave.

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Charrice stood, "Where are you going?" She followed her.

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"Home." she said softly.

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"How's it like?"

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"What?" she turned slowly, slightly confused by the question

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"To have a home... what's it like?"

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"Um, lonely when it's only you but nice to have something to go to at the end of the day." she stepped closer, "You don't have a home?"

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Charrice shook her head, "Like I said... my gaurdian died three years ago... there were no records that I lived with her, so I couldn't keep the house... we had to make it look like I died... I've been living in the forest mostly."

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"Come with me." she said softly and lead her to the cave. Inside it apeared to be a small house.

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((did NOT know that one coming))

Charrice shyly followed into the small house, "Wow... this is really cool."

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"Stay with me." she said softly, "I have an extra room and we could both use the company." she smiled.

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Charrice nodded, "Thank you so much."

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"No problem." Shimmer replied softly.

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Charrice put her arms around Shimmer, in an akward hug; it had been so long since she had hugged anyone.

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She smiled and embraced her softy.


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((I lied, no I don't. xD sorry about that...))

"Sorry... I just wanted to remember what it felt like..."

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"It's okay." she smiled lightly. "I've never had a family or been around anyone. This is the first time I have seen anyone since I can remember."

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"Well then consider me family."

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She smiled. She stepped back and took off her binding. Suddenly emerald blue wings spread wide. "That feels so much better." she sighed and sat down, rolling the ribbon into a ball.

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Charrice tried not to stare at the wings, but she never saw wings before.

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Her wings seemed to glitter lightly in the dim light.

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Shimmer looked up, "What?" she asked softly

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"Sorry, I've never seen wings before...."

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"Really?" she said puzzled, "I must be more different then I thought."

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