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Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments A thread for discussion of High Voltage (Fever, #10) by Karen Marie Moning . WARNING - THERE WILL BE SPOILERS

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments Here's my thoughts -

I have to admit I was a bit worried starting the first section of the book. After all the action from Feversong and with a big anticipation of Dani's story going forward it was feeling a bit slow. I guess it was the Dani grieving and finding herself in the new reality set adrift from Mac, Barrons and the Nine.

But once Ryodan as his beast self re-entered the picture I binge read the rest of the book in one sitting. I loved how Dani turned into the Hunter (who in their imagination wouldn't want to be one of these amazing creatures swooping all over time and space) and the Shazam link was great.

But it was with the Ryodan/Dani relationship that KMM really lived up to the promise of a great HEA. I remember when Iced first came out and there was a lot of talk of how inappropriate the relationship between them was but it really came full circle in High Voltage. It all made such perfect sense now and to me although Mac and Barrons will always be the alpha couple of the Fever World, Dani and Ryodan are right beside them.

I've seen a few comments that it felt like an ending book and it did to me also. There is at least one more book in this series arc, I'm guessing it will feature the return of Mac and her getting control of the Fae.

By the end it was a five star read for me all the way.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 708 comments Yes LOVED the ending! Not a cliffhanger but plenty more that needs to be resolved. I admit I was worried when I started this because these books can be high anxiety reads at times. But this was done masterfully. I loved that Shazam was a Hunter watching over her all this time. I loved the creation story of the Hunters and how they had to want to change. And that Earth was a Hunter at one time. I loved that she got to transform back to human (even though I guessed this would happen). And the note from Dancer....sniff

I also liked that the big bad god in this one was dispatched before the end of the book. I don't like when things drag through too many books. I know there are other conflicts coming from both Fae and old gods, but that's fine with me.

Dani's evolution was done masterfully. I remember the gripes from the earlier books from some people. KMM is just so amazing at how she can tie things together. I find even if I don't like what happens in some of her books (people I like dying,etc.), I just love the writing so much the books are still amazing. KMM makes me feel emotions for fictional characters, and you really can't get any better than that.

Question - my memory acting up again....
So Deagus was killed during the fight with the Hag and Ryodan brought him back as one of the Nine (making them 10), and I remember he was in the basement at Chester's for awhile, but why is he living at Christian's castle on the dark side cottage and Chloe lived on the light side cottage? Christian said Chloe was not allowed on the dark side but they were holding hands near the cottage on the light side. So obviously Deagus can cross over, so why are they separate (and living there)?

And I remember Chrisitian and, to a lesser extent, Sean becoming Unseelie princes, but I don't remember too much of the Death, Famine thing.... So Sean ate unseelie at some point too then, right? Was it when he was running the black market? And why are the becoming Death and Pestilence?

And why aren't they dead from the Song of Making? Since they were Unseelie? And Jayne too. I remember now that the music flowed through Christian and he didn't die, but why not? Because there is good in him still? Or he wasn't completely unseelie or had not been created originally as unseelie?

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments I just love her writing too. She writes some of the most romantic passages full of passion and feeling without being sappy. I'm a big fan of the Bronte Sisters (especially Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre) and to me KMM is a modern version of their kind of gothic romance. And what an imagination. I kind of like the fact too that everything isn't spelled out as a reader you have to think about some of the aspects of the story and some of it is left up to your own interpretation.

So as to your questions -

Daegus - That's what I meant about everything not being clear at this point of the story. I'm getting the feeling that there is a lot more to the Daegus story to be revealed. Also Christian has been left a bit hanging, I wonder when she has completed this story arc whether more will be forthcoming about the McKeltars.

Unseelie Princes - So the Song unmade the Unseelie that the King had made with his experiments. All those nasties that were inhabiting Dublin after the fall of the Wall. The Princes were part of the four Courts of the Fae and when they die or were killed they naturally are replaced. I think that's why they are different to the Unseelie that the King made himself. I remember back to when Mac was assaulted by the Princes they went by those names also (is it alluding to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse as they are known biblically as War, Famine, Pestilence and Death also) Why Christian and Sean after eating Unseelie Flesh are becoming the replacement Princes I'm not sure maybe because of there strength of character they are "chosen" as the replacements but that's just a guess). Is Jayne becoming a Prince also? All hopefully will be revealed.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 708 comments Yeah I'm pretty sure when Jayne showed up in Dani's flat with AOG she referred to him as a prince, and she couldn't look at him without her eyes bleeding and getting all lusty. He had it tamped down for her, but she was mad cuz she knew in order to get the sword he would use that advantage on her.

At some point I'm going to go back and reread the later books. I read the first 5 years ago and then re-read them before the last book that came out along with Iced, etc. So the later books I only read once. I'm sure there's stuff I missed or don't remember.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 708 comments Actually, I probably just re-read them all again...who am I kidding.... :)

message 7: by Lisa - (Aussie Girl) (last edited Mar 18, 2018 03:42PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments That's so funny, I've re-read the first five books also just before Iced came out as well. I only discovered the series by accident, was visiting my sister who lived in France at the time and needed a book to read for the 24 hour flight back, picked up Darkfever and then when I got home binge read books 2,3 and 4 and Shadowfever was coming out a few months later. So I never had the horrible cliffhanger resolution to wait eons for. Then I backtracked and read the Highlander series. It was really interesting seeing how she developed as a writer.

I'm going to be really sad when she finishes writing in this world. And I don't feel that way about many series, most go on to long. I get the feeling that KMM wouldn't be that sort of writer. When she feels it is done, it will be done.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 708 comments I got the first 5 books from the library shortly after the 5th one came out. I didn't even know what they were really about, just kept hearing about them everywhere. Well, the 5th one had just come out so the library only had a 2-week borrow for it since it was a new book. So I had to read all 5 in the 2 weeks! When the 1st one ended and there was still so much not resolved I was super glad I didn't have to wait for the next book to come out. Same with those nasty cliff hangers in the later books as well! I had read the highlander books first which had me liking KMM already (favorite highlander romance author ever). So when I started Fever and they were so different I had to adjust big time. I did a highlander re-read about 2 years ago, but I've loaded them back on my kindle so I have them ready the next time I am in the mood, which should be soon.....

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1156 comments I finally finished listening to High Voltage. I really liked the transformation of Dani, more of the background into both Dani's and Ryodan's "childhoods" and just how similar they were, even centuries apart.

The star text was something else, and Shazam/Hunter was a cool twist.

I believe that Christian took Daegus home at the end of the last book. I think that he plead his case with Daegus being surrounded by family and tribe would have a better chance of getting control of his beast. He already had control of what, 16? demons that inhabited his body/mind with him. He was probably a more natural choice than almost anyone.

Sean becoming an Unseelie prince is weird to me. I don't recall anything about why he is becoming one, just that he is. I don't think that he is the father of Cat's daughter. She appears to be trying to sprout wings.

I think that Shazam whining about how he was going to be left alone again because Dani was mortal and was going to die was a subtle nudge to be a Hunter, although it was against the rules. Also he was always absent when all of the big bads intruded into Dani's apartment. Didn't he know as a Hunter that the cockroach wasn't an insect? It was kind of abrupt the ending of Papa Roach Wasn't it? It was as if that storyline had wore itself out and Moning couldn't be bothered to give it an actual tale.

There are still lots of questions left on the table, but I am satisfied with this installment.

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1156 comments I listened to this on audio. Were there a couple of deleted scenes at the end of the kindle edition?

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments There were in the hardback as well. Did you want an update? They were interesting but not important in the scheme of things.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 708 comments Yes, there was a deleted scene with Barrons from Christian's POV from another book. I can't remember the other one.

Lisa's right, nothing important, but enjoyable for us hard core fans....

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1156 comments I listened to the scenes, and I agree, they were interesting.

So the next book has the Seelie Winter Princess as a possible bad guy, the Leprechaun god, and possibly Jayne. For equal opportunity, are the Unseelie Princesses coming back too? I figure that Mac and Barrons will have a chunk of the next book, just to reunite all of the super powers for the finale.

I happened to like the voltage as a super power, I wonder if Dani will actually get something as cool as that.

I've been thinking about the Unseelie Princes. They aren't ones who were directly created by the Unseelie King, they "evolved" to replace the originals. The song of making passed through Christian because, I believe, that he wasn't true to the mold of the Unseelie Princes. When Cat "read" him she saw that he had encased the evil. I think that he is true to the Druid principles that he was born into. The other guys, Jayne and Sean, had only just begun their transformations so they were't wholly evil either.

Moning once stated that there would be 3 books in the so called Dani books. Do you think that the next book is the last?

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments I think the next book is the last book in her current contract. I'm a member of the Moning Maniacs on Facebook and according to the chatter over there, there will be more books after that. But nothing solid on how many or who they will feature.

I'd love her to go back and concentrate on the MacKeltars especially Christian or the other members of the 9. There is still a lot of mystery and non disclosure there a whole lot of stories waiting to be told.

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1156 comments Thanks Lisa, I thought that I read something about that. I did love the Highland books. I would like books about the 9. Perhaps the next book will feature the next "9" H, (or h), and we will get their story.

There is also the Cruz story. ( I listen to these so I have no idea of the spelling).

TINNGG | 663 comments I haven't read the last two - they're awaiting me in Mt TBR. Sooooon. Anyway, as I recall, there was a prophecy about a druid with fey powers (as opposed to a fey with druid powers) and Christian seemed to fulfill that after his "vacation" with the Crimson Hag. Prior to that, he was losing himself to the unseelie he was becoming. That would likely be why the Song of Making wouldn't affect him.

Also, Barrons' son was the 9th and with his death, there were only 8, so Daegus becomes the 9th.

What I wanna know is what exactly the 9 are, and what's this tribunal they keep alluding to. (also, is there something that states "there can be only 9"?)

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments Hopefully we will find out sometime the answer to your questions. There is at least one more book and I'm guessing (and hoping) that won't be the end of the Fever World.

message 18: by Temeritous (last edited Apr 17, 2018 12:02AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Temeritous I know I'm in the minority of reviewers, but I was very disappointed in High Voltage, overall, because of KMM's constant and utterly repetitive, whiny, self-absorbed, and bragging inner monologue of Dani. So much of it that it seemed like filler. Lots of unnecessary, redundant, irritating filler. I prefer stories where the author shows rather than tells us who the characters are and what they think/feel/believe, etc. I'm fine with *some* telling, but this was waaaaayyyy too much, plus it was a lot of whining, feeling sorry for herself and angry for her extremely bad childhood (which is normal to a point, but we didn't need to KEEP hearing it over and over and over. We readers "got it" the first couple times already.), and then constantly feeling like she was so much better, smarter, faster, stronger, etc than everyone else except for Ryodan that it made me lose empathy for her and struggle to connect despite her sad, traumatic childhood. And I'm an extremely empathetic person! I eventually wanted to smack Dani and tell her to grow up already, she's in her 20's not a teenager anymore so quit acting like one. Having to read all that over and over and over through so much of the book tainted the entire book for me even after I did mostly love the last 1/3rd or 1/4th because we finally got more "showing" than "telling" of the mc's.

What I did love was Ryodan. He was a FANTASTIC hero, in my opinion. He was alpha, sexy, possessive and smitten while still respecting her as a person and woman, allowing her to have her freedom and time to grow, have other lovers if she wanted even though it killed him, but wanted her to choose lovers who respected and loved her, and then have the time to choose whether she wanted to be with him or not. I loved that KMM gave us readers a great example of real love, selflessness, instead of the typical possessive, jealous, self-centered alphahole "hero" in so many romances today that is not really love, but is actually just a dysfunctional defintion of lust, desire to control, and possesiveness due to insecurity, arrogance and self-centeredness of the hero. I know it's just fun escapism, but I do get a bit tired of the alphaholes presented as "heroes" who don't actually show or act with actual love in majority of romance books now. I want an alpha who can still respect women and look at them as equals even if the woman's strengths might be in different areas as the hero's. And that's what KMM did with Ryodan, so I REALLY applaud her for that. So cool, too, after so many people got so upset about the age difference, Dani still a kid and him thinking of waiting for her to mature, in the first books (and I was not even one of those upset fans, I wanted her with Ryodan when she grew up.) KMM really pulled it off and redeemed anyones' possible doubts of unworthiness of him as a good hero, in my opinion.

The last maybe 1/3 or less of the book was good because we finally got to see more action and "showing" instead of so much repetitive inner dialogue filler and I enjoyed that. It still wasn't able to undo my extreme irritation of having to wade through SO many previous pages of inner monologue to get to good storytelling, plus an irritating, self-absorbed, arrogant, whiney, "poor pitiful me, I've had it so horrible and I'm so much more badass than everybody else" heroine that it made me not connect with her like I wanted to.

I was so irritated at KMM that I decided I am not buying another of her books like I have every Fever book up 'til now. She's not getting anymore of my hard-earned money. If I read anymore of hers I'll check them out of the library. It's ridiculous to pay $15 for an EBOOK and then have such poor and lazy writing full of filler crap for that expense. Her readers are extremely smart people (and loyal) as evidenced by all the extremely creative and intelligent theories and points shared in the forum. For her to give her reader that CONSTANT rehashing of inner dialogue is insulting to her readers.

Harsh? Perhaps. But that's how I felt and still feel after reading High Voltage. I expect far better writing and storytelling by a seasoned author, plus for a book and ebook that expensive.

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 593 comments Thanks for your thoughts Wild Irish. I do agree that the first part of the book concerning Dani "on her own" probably could have been edited or written in a different way and it was a slow start BUT once Ryodan in his beast form entered the picture I binge read the rest. Totally agree that Ryodan was a fantastic hero.

I guess we all have our opinions on what books mean to us, and I still love the feeling I get when I read a KMM novel. Sorry you were disappointed probably better for you to borrow it from the library.

message 20: by Temeritous (last edited Apr 16, 2018 11:57PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Temeritous Thanks, Lisa/Aussie Girl, for being open to others' differing experiences/feelings! It keeps things interesting, IMO, when not everyone has the same experience reading a book. It makes me happy to see so many people loved the book despite me not falling in love with it. I am being stubborn and holding a grudge out on it, and KMM, I was so incredibly frustrated. :) I imagine if I had gone in with lower expectations I would not have been so let down. It's all good though. Was not the worst book I've ever read! :D

TINNGG | 663 comments I had issues with Dani in Iced - I completely understand. :) It's why I haunted forums for spoilers when the next one came out - I wanted to see whose POV it was from. Granted, Mac fretting about the Book wasn't a whole lot better, but Mac isn't an arrogant brat either.

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1156 comments Wild Irish... I had some of the same feelings about the beginning of the High Voltage book, but then again I felt the same way about much of the Fever books. I had the same feeling about Mac's inner thoughts in Iced, blah, blah. I thought that Moning made Mac a whiny, shadow of herself in that book. I listen to these books and I can't skip through the re-hashed thoughts.
I read, (listened to actually), Moning's Highlander series a few years ago and I don't remember feeling like there was excessive repetition. I almost like them better, because she didn't string us along for 10 plus books and still not give us vital info about the main characters. (For example the mystery of the "9"). I'm not a fan of the last book, last chapter info dump. In fact I hate that, give me something that I can use to jump to my own conclusions, LOL!

Victoria (zemfirka) | 54 comments I'm a little late to this discussion. Almost done reading High Voltage, and I have mixed feelings. I never liked Dani as a heroine, but she has grown on me since. It was interesting to me, that her being "Jada" was almost ignored throughout the book, I know she kind of snapped out of it by the end of last book, but she was too much Dani this book, if that makes sense?

Also, I felt that Ryodan was a bit different from the way we've seen him in other books. Maybe that makes sense, cause we get to see him from different perspective. But I felt he was a bit too in-love this time around. (As example, Barrons never broke character to such an extent).

My other complaint is Christian - I always liked him a lot and he just got the short end of the stick in this series. Hopefully there are plans for him to get some HEA. And I would love to learn more about Dageus and how that works out.

Note from Dancer - *sigh* I miss him, but I'm glad there is no longer a love-triangle.

Other thoughts:
- When Dani and Ryodan discuss her brand/tattoo, she says he gave it to her when she was 14, but that's not true - he branded her after she was back from the Silvers and older (cause in the same discussion it is mentioned that she wanted the brand as to never be lost again).
- The Nine: there are really 10 of them now, but we keep calling them Nine still? Also, when they battle the Gods they are referred to as Nine again, but only 8 are present (since Barrons and Dageus are not there).

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 708 comments Regarding the Nine. I cold be wrong but Barrons' son was one of the Nine and he finally died, so that made eight. Now Daegeus makes Nine again?

Sounds like a math puzzle,,,hahaha

Yes Jada/Dani seemed completely "healed" in this book. I think that was why I didn't mind the character as much. But it did seem like there was no Jada left at all.

message 25: by Temeritous (last edited Apr 27, 2018 04:31PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Temeritous Vanessa, I couldn't agree with you more on all your points.

Victoria, I understand how you could feel that way about Ryodan. For me, it was a nice slight-departure as I was never a huge fan of Barron's constant and consistent attitude of "might makes right" and "he always knows better than anyone else and is better than anyone else" and only "condescends" to not always treating Mac that way like he does everyone else because he "loves" her is a bit unromantic to me. I read the series because I was hooked on Moning's intriguing and fascinating world she created. I only read the first Highlander book and it was too "mushy" and typical romance tropes of Me man, me strong, me will make you have sex with me and like it; you woman, you will cave in and want to have sex with me even though I have not proven I am trustworthy or decent simply because I am so hot" trope for me to continue with the series, but I definitely understand what you're saying about it being better because she doesn't lead her readers on and on and on.

I will probably continue with the series to see where she goes with the other characters and the world, as she is definitely making it so she can create Christian and Daegus' stories to keep the series going. But I won't be purchasing her books, just checking them out from the library eventually after I've read others' reviews to see if even worth that.

Victoria (zemfirka) | 54 comments Wild Irish wrote: "Vanessa, I couldn't agree with you more on all your points.

Victoria, I understand how you could feel that way about Ryodan. For me, it was a nice slight-departure as I was never a huge fan of Ba..."

I agree with what you are saying, I never thought Barrons/Mac relationship was all that great or healthy, but guess it worked for them - it always surprised me how many readers consider Barrons their "top book bf".

Anyhow, my only comment was that it just seemed out of character for Ryodan, but then again, it might be that we just finally got to see him from a different perspective.

I do hope that we get something more on Christian and Dageus in the next book(s). :)

LAB☺ wrote: "Regarding the Nine. I cold be wrong but Barrons' son was one of the Nine and he finally died, so that made eight. Now Daegeus makes Nine again?

Sounds like a math puzzle,,,hahaha

Yes Jada/Dani se..."

Now that I finished reading :) finally! I think Barrons' son was actually #10, in one of the deleted scenes it is mentioned that since Barrons' son is dead, there are still only 10 of the "beasts" with Dageus now one of them.

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Tsabita | 2 comments someone please explain to me lady susan

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