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cosmic (erosful) .

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tobio (view spoiler)

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elodie (view spoiler)

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CallmeTony Cool

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cosmic (erosful)

((who posts first?))

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CallmeTony ((You I guess, It's your rp after all))

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cosmic (erosful)

she got another bruise. in the midst of leaving escaping her cafeteria from the mass of students on their way back to class, elodie had bumped into a door frame, her arm being the victim. she stopped walking and winced, inspecting her arm, which was reddening rather quickly. she could only think that her soulmate would be fed up by the newest bruise.

taking a look at the bruise once more, elodie began to walk again, hoisting her book bag further up her shoulders and reviewing calculus equations in her mind in preparation for her quiz.

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CallmeTony Tobio was walking down the hall with friends when he grabbed his arm. He rolled up his sleeve, of course, a new bruise was forming. He'd always been so careful in trying not to hurt himself for his soulmate's sake. But whoever his soulmate was obviously didn't care much for him. He was always getting miscellaneous pains, bumps and bruises. The only time he ever got back at them was during volleyball. He'd practice and practice, maybe getting a small scrape ora hardly noticeable bruise here and there but never anything like what he got from his soulmate.

Once he got to his next class he took out a pen and wrote on his wrist, 'Are you crazy?'. He doubted they'd see it. He didn't know if it worked that way, could these something he'd written? He hoped so. Maybe he could make all this random pain stop finally.

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cosmic (erosful)

walking inside her math class, elodie was greeted by a few peers. she smiled at them, giving a small wave, and made her way over to her assigned desk. she slumped down, dropping her book bag atop her desk, and pulling out her phone. she sent a few texts to her closest friend, and was about to open another app when she felt something on her arm.

peering down at her wrist, elodie's eyes widened when she noticed a sentence in unfamiliar handwriting. was this her soulmate? trying to talk to her? she quickly opened her bag and grabbed a pen, responding in the neatest handwriting she could, 'crazy?'

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CallmeTony Tobio jumped when he felt something on his arm, he thought maybe it was n ant and went to wipe it off but when he looked down he saw it, they'd written back. In neat handwriting just 'Crazy?' He grimaced and grabbed his pen.

'Yes, crazy, you're always hurting me.' In neat, small letters.

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cosmic (erosful)

she waited for a response, staring at her wrist with wide eyes. when she felt the pricks on her arm, a response appearing, elodie looked up to make sure none of her classmates was noticing what she was doing.

she looked back down again, and considered his response. she wrote back, 'oh, sorry', in neat handwriting again, biting her lip in anticipation. at the last moment, she added quickly, 'i'm really clumsy'.

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CallmeTony Tobio looked down in aggravation, clumsy wasn't even the half of it. Whoever this was, they were downright reckless. He felt like they might have personal vendetta against him or something. Did they not want to have a soulmate? Did they already know who he was and were disappointed? He sighed and wrote back.

'We need to meet.'

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cosmic (erosful)

her eyes widened even more at his response. a part of her did want to meet her soulmate, but another part was worried that her soulmate was a pedophile. she noticed that a large part of her arm was written on, and her teacher would assume she's cheating on her test if she kept writing on it.

she wrote in response with small letters, '555-555-5555... i'm running out of skin to write on'.

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CallmeTony Tobio saw the number and immediately grabbed his phone and made a contact for them. Then sent a text.

'What's your name?' Was all it said. He didn't want to get caught but his teacher didn't much care if they had their phones out either so he kept his phone on do not disturb and checked it every few seconds.

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cosmic (erosful)

her phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out, reading the text. she unlocked her phone and texted back, 'elodie'. she then sent a second text asking him what his name was.

her teacher walked in then, and elodie put her phone away, and dropped her book bag to the ground, paying attention as the teacher started his greeting, then passed out the tests.

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CallmeTony 'Tobio.' He texted back. 'Elodie the Klutz' He thought. He used his sleeve to wipe away everything on his arm before turning his attention back to the teacher. He could text her when school got out at 1500.

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cosmic (erosful)

as calculus was her last class of the day, the bell rang at 2:20, dismissing her school. elodie parted from her friends, calling out goodbyes and see-you-tomorrows, and making her way to the student parking lot. she took her keys and her phone out of her bag, unlocking her car, and sliding into the driver's side.

elodie turned her phone off, reading the text. 'tobio... an interesting name', she thought. she sent a text back asking how old he is.

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CallmeTony Tobio felt his phone buzz, class had just ended for the day 1500, the text he got had been sent forty minutes earlier. He texted back,
'Sorry, classes. I'm sixteen, you?' Most soulmates, in his experience at least, were around the same age. He didn't think he'd ever met two people who's soulmate was more than a few years older than them, three or four at most.

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cosmic (erosful)

she had just gotten home when her phone vibrated with a notification. elodie turned off her car, eyes skimming over the text. she typed back, 'me too!', then put her phone in her pocket. she climbed out of her car, closing the door behind her, and walking up the driveway to her front door. before she unlocked the door, elodie thought about tobio for a moment, then quickly sent him a text, asking for a picture. 'i just need a confirmation...? i guess'.

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CallmeTony Tobio had been about to send something back when he got another tebtfrom her. It was good she was sixteen but just as she was skeptical of him, he was skeptical of her. He took a picture in his car, nose ring and earrings and white hair and glasses and all. Then asked for a picture of her too.

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cosmic (erosful)

elodie walked inside her home, taking off her sneakers and putting on the pair of slippers she had by the door. she walked to her bedroom, dropping her book bag down on her bed, then lying down. she took her phone out of her pocket and opened it to her messages. immediately her eyes widened at the picture. he was... extremely attractive.

she noticed that he asked for a picture too, which she considered fair. she stood up and walked over to her full-length mirror. making sure her hair and makeup were neat, she opened her camera, then snapped a mirror picture of herself. elodie sent the picture to him, biting her lip in anticipation.

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CallmeTony Tobio didn't know what to say when he got the picture. She was gorgeous but he couldn't tell her that. So he just sent 'Thanks. Good to know we're the same age.' instead.

He drove home and debated going for a ride on his motorcycle but decided against it. He went inside instead where he found his two cats asleep on his bed and laid down.

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cosmic (erosful)

she read the response, but didn't say anything back. elodie started on her homework, going through her physics homework easily. after a while, she got bored, continuously staring at her phone. she picked it up, opening it, and sending a text to tobio. 'where do you live?' she typed then sent it.

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CallmeTony 'I've lived all over but I'm back in my home town now. Lakewood Ohio. You?' He sent back. She'd taken long enough to responds he'd started his homework, an english paper due in a week but could hardly focus.

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cosmic (erosful)

her phone vibrated in her hand, and elodie took the moment to look between the device and her homework. deciding against the latter, she stood up from her seat at her desk, and moved over to her bed, flopping down. elodie typed away, sending, 'i was born in south korea, but i live in new york'.

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CallmeTony 'Not to far. It's almost summer, we should meet so I can convince you to stop hurting us.' He replied. It was weird referring to them as 'us'. He never really thought of himself as part of an us but now he realized he had to.

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cosmic (erosful)

she pursed her lips at the text, responding quickly with, 'you make it seem like i do it on purpose'. she then sent a second text that read, 'i'm just really clumsy'.

elodie's stomach rumbled, and she groaned. she slowly rose from her bed, slipping her feet into her slippers, and making her way out of her room and to her kitchen.

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CallmeTony 'I get at least two new bruises daily, what'd you expect. For right nowI'm just hoping you don't break you arms or something.' He texted back. He was quite salty about this whole thing. His soulmate was a klutz who probably couldn't even be trusted to walk down a flight of stairs without hurting them both and he'd been careful fot that specific reason.

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cosmic (erosful)

with a bag of chips in one hand and her phone in another hand, elodie read the text and frowned. she set the phone down on the kitchen island and responded first with a sour-face emoji, then a sentence, 'i also have sensitive skin! so blame that!' she picked up her phone again, and walked back to her bedroom.

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