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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
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Ley (mall3tg1rl) | 89 comments Mod
1) What do you think about Midnight and Winter?
2) Do you think Tana is closer to going Cold now?
3) What do you think about Gavriel, now that he's had some more page time?
4) Would you have reacted to Tana's voicemail messages the same way she did?

emi.leeandbooks 1. I think Midnight and Winter are hiding something, I don't get good vibes from them especially Midnight.
2. I think Tana will turn Cold, but maybe she is half human half vampire due to what happened with her mother.
3. I like Gavriel, I hope him and Tana end up together.
4. I don't know what I would do about the voicemails.

Jackie ϟ Bookseller (jakimann) | 9 comments 1. VERY suspicious, but I don't hate them. Winter seems even more off than Midnight to me, but I do think at least one of them is planning something that will not end well for Tana.
2. Honestly, she doesn't seem like she's going to turn. Aidan was cold within 12 hours of being bitten, and it's got to have been at least that long now since Tana was "bitten" and she seems fine to me.
3. I like Gavriel, but I feel like he and Tana are going to fall in insta-love, which I'm not too happy about. He also seems a little suspicious. What was he really being kept in that bedroom at the house for?
4. No way, but I get why she wants to stay away from the people she loves. If she turns Cold, she might hurt them. I would've called everyone back though, I think, in case I might not be able to ever again.

Melissa | 11 comments I’ve finished the book, so I’m trying to go back to when we first meet Midnight and Winter. I feel like Midnight was always running the show. You can tell Winter is a lot more hesitant to go along with everything. At this time, I was not a fan of Midnight. Seemed like she wanted vampirism too much to do WHATEVER it took to get it.

Tana doesn’t seem to be going cold. She seems to keep getting the cold in her head and almost making it worse than it really is.

Gavriel is still a mystery. I want to like him, but we keep getting glimpses of his crazy. But, he’s helped everyone so far.

Christine (christinem710) | 4 comments 1.) I don’t think that Midnight and Winter are bad per say, just maybe once they get into Coldtown their interests will take priority over the well being of Gavriel, Aiden and Tana. I think they’re just fake hungry kids and hat Midnight is definitely the one who wants to be turned and she dragged Winter along for the ride.
2.) I feel like because she was bit before and it was barely a bite and it healed she might be the Anomaly and be able to control her impulses.
3.) I really like Gavriel but now that we know who he is...I really want to know more about him. I know Tana and him have something going on but who knows where it’ll go
4.) YES. I would have reacted he exact same way because honestly her father is being so unsupportive. He helped his wife now help your daughter! Not that she needs the help yet but still the principle of it

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