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Franca | 2 comments ama

Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited membership is a great idea to consider if you are an avid ebook reader. Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited access to over 600,000 e-books and thousands of audiobooks as well! They have titles ranging from the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy all the way to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

If you are unsure about the membership Amazon is letting you try it out for free for 30 days! Just sign up here to get started.

If you want to see what books Kindle Unlimited has to offer you can look through them all here. My favorite thing is that this includes audiobooks.

The way I see it: if you read at least (3) Kindle books and/or audiobooks per month, you’ll probably come out ahead. A major bonus: there are 53,130 children’s books!!

message 2: by Mochaspresso (last edited Jul 24, 2014 07:28AM) (new)

Mochaspresso  | 1 comments I'm intrigued by the idea. I just fear that I'm not disciplined enough in my reading and spending habits. I pay for Netflix and I pay for amazon prime and still rent movies anyway. I'm afraid that I'll be paying for it AND will still buy books that I want to read but aren't part of the Unlimited program. I also feel like it should be bundled into prime.

message 3: by animalhouse (new)

animalhouse | 1 comments Given the number of books I have purchased through Amazon over the past two years, I felt like Kindleunlimited sounded like a great deal. I have Amazon Prime, but because I don't own a Kindle device, I can't use the Amazon Prime with my Kindle App on my ipad. I signed up for KUnlimited almost 10 days ago and have been really pleased ( and surprised) by the number of books I've been able to find. For the most part, I'm alright with borrowing books, rather than owning them. The plan allows you to borrow up to 10 books at a time. With each book you return you may borrow another, with an unrestricted time limit. From what I understand, Amazon Prime only allows you to borrow one book per month. I have already read more than 3 books that I would have purchased anyway, which makes the $9.99 per month worth it for me personally. It's also nice to know that I can cancel my subscription at any time. In my humble opinion, you have nothing to lose by trying the 30 day trial :

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