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message 1: by J.L. (new)

J.L. Gates (goodreadscomjlgates) | 2 comments Fleeing the collapsing South immediately after the American Civil War, two sailors from the Confederate Navy believe they have avoided a hangman’s noose by sailing to Alexandria, Egypt — where, to escape the blistering summer heat, they hole up in the warren of catacombs beneath the city, eventually to discover the bricked-up grave of the infamous 1st Century historian Titus Flavius Josephus. What they discover in that tomb sets into motion a train of events and intrigue spanning a timeline from the 1st Century AD to the 21st Century.

This is not time travel or fantasy. Josephus was an actual historian, a stubborn survivor, a tangible actor in the imperial machinations of the time and a very complex individual who suffered horrible experiences but lived to a ripe old age and survived all of his tormentors (with conjecture that he cut some of their throats). The book strictly follows the historical documentation and fictionalizes when the historical record is silent.

In this regard the work might be compared to the devices utilized by the author Dan Brown where there is an antagonist from the current century tracking the life of the main protagonist writing in the 1st Century. The main difference is a greater fidelity to the primary historical references left by Josephus himself. You know that you are reading serious historical fiction when you find appendices, a glossary of terms and a section explaining conventions utilized.

Find it at:

message 2: by Pattie (new)

Pattie | 8 comments Hi Jeffrey! Great review...I’ve added this book to my ‘to read’ list...thanks, pattie

message 3: by Edward (new)

Edward | 13 comments My interest is peaked. I am a Christian, but became interested in Falvius reading The Dove Keepers. A story about Masada and the assumed mass suicide of Jews. I will definitely put this on my read list. Thanks,

message 4: by Bernard (new)

Bernard Boley (bernard_boley) | 6 comments Looks like a great story.

message 5: by Pattie (new)

Pattie | 8 comments The Dove Keepers is one of my favorite books!
From what I remember of the time period of the messiah is that it was a time of unrest in the area and several ‘prophets’ appeared and gathered followers...

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