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Flight to Thlassa Mey (Thlassa Mey #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Knight accepts disgrace to save a woman's life. [s]

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Eduardo Garcia | 3 comments The book is about a knight of a (I think) a religious order who accepts disgrace in order to save a woman's life who became pregnant (I think out of wedlock) and would otherwise be condemned to death. Turns out this very act, impresses the Goddess he serves and she raises him to be her Paladin

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When did you read it or when was it published?
Remember the cover?
Author female or male?

Eduardo Garcia | 3 comments I believe the author is Dennis McCarthy, but not entirely sure

Eduardo Garcia | 3 comments Found it!

It was Flight to Thlassa Mey from Dennis Mccarty

Thank you all for helping me locate it

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