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Name ||
Age ||
Creature ||
Colony* ||
Personality ||
Powers ||
BackGround ||

*Colonies are seperated into four sections of Giadeno and all have ther own element[s:]

Sun || Light and fire
Ocean || Wind and Water
Forrest || Earth and Wind
Night || Darkness and Spirit

Your powers would be based on your colonies in a way.

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Name || Shimmer
Age || 19
Creature || Water Faerie
Colony || Ocean
Personality || Timid,but sweet and gentle
Powers || Healing, Water/Wind posesion
BackGround || She doesn't remember any family, she's been living in a small cave by the see sence she can remember.

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Name || Charice
Age || 19
Creature || medium
Colony || night
Personality || sweet to be around, angered easily
Powers || talk to dead, summon dead, when her eyes turn grey that means she's angered and about to attack
BackGround || mother and father both killed when she was only three, she was taken in by Annice, but Annice was killed by Roxas when protecting her.

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Name || Roxas
Age || 209 (looks 15 to better help his goal)
Creature || evil sorcerer
Personality || EVIL
Powers || sorcery
BackGround || drains powers from others to harness as his own so that he can become stronger. was the one who killed Charrice's parents and gaurdian.

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Name: Julia
Age: immortal (?)
Creature: avenging demon
Colony: Night
Personality: will develop
Powers: darkness and spirit hahaha. can change appearance at will
Background: was created by head avenging demon, doesn't have a past.

with these wings:

Creature: half faerie half elf
Personality:very annoying
Powers:earth and wind, and can annoy people all she wants without worrying about dying, because every weapon directed at her will miss
Background:hated by the elves and by the faeries, because she's not one or the other

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 1 comments
Name || Roelle
Age || 17
Creature || Butterfly Fairie
Colony* || Earth
Personality || Sweet and mysterious
Powers || To control the element of earth
BackGround || She was seperated from her colony when a fire broke out in their village, so she is a nomad

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