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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments

Muse A is famous and has been receiving threatening letters/messages online as of late. Muse B is a popular club bouncer, who gets a chance at the big leagues when they get a call from one of Muse A’s representatives to be Muse A’s personal bodyguard. Upon first meeting, there is a distinct physical attraction between Muse A and Muse B, but professional boundaries are set clearly within a contract. In the first few weeks of Muse B’s employment, they shadow Muse A everywhere possible and despite being there at Muse A’s request, Muse A begins to feel suffocated. They can’t have a personal life if Muse B is constantly with them, lurking over their shoulder or in the next room. The only way that Muse A can think of to get around this issue is to set up an online dating profile under a pseudonym, of course, so that they might meet someone without Muse B and the rest of the world interfering. Muse B also has trouble in their personal life, never having free time to date because they’re watching Muse A 24/7. Muse B sets up an online profile as well, unbeknownst to Muse A. Muse A and Muse B find each other online through their compatible interests and begin to chat, not knowing that they’re talking to each other in real life.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Name: Ava Henley
Age: 24

Personality TBD via RP.
History: Ava grew up in a posh neighborhood. Go figure right? Her parents were rich and that made her spoiled. Though she never liked it. She moved out as soon as she hit eighteen years of age, and that is when the media that was following her parents started following her. She couldn't push it away so she figured to make the best of it, signing a contract to work a modeling shoot for a big company. Photos of her got out onto the internet/social media and her fame immediately sky rocketed. She gained plenty of followers and popularity and also threats. That's when her representatives got worried, and found her a bodyguard.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((I will post my character when I get on my computer.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((alrighty. I'll post my character's online profile when we get to that point in the rp))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Name: Thorne Zayden
Age: 26

Personality: TBD via RRP
History: Thorn was born to a hippy mother who had many pimps over the years. Some of them beat her and Thorne. When Throne got in high school and finally reached puberty he began to fight back. Not only with the pimps but with other bullies around the school. He enjoyed helping people by fighting their fights even if some of them could do it themselves if they wanted to. He had been in the army till he quit because he couldn't handle all the death and bloodshed. Throne works in a bar now, doing various other jobs, such as bodyguarding.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Alrighty! Should we start with the first meeting? Or the arrangement of him being her bodyguard?

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments He looks so good by the way. I liked who you used for the appearance

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thanks. Lets start out with the contract and then the first meeting.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Okay. Could you start? I’m not quite sure how you’d want it to go. But I can try if you want.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Can you... we dont have to do the contract part...just begin with the first meeting.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Ava stood behind the grey couch that was situated in the middle of her living room. Her hands rested on the back, and her eyes kept glancing from the paperwork situated on the coffee table to her representative to the front door. She wore a simple light blue sweater and gray jeans, and popular branded sneakers. Her fingers drummed against the couch. This hadn’t been the first time that a threat she’d received scared her, but her representatives had had enough.

They called the most recent threat “too risky” or “too extreme”. So they went online and found some bodyguards who would follow her around. They did back round checks on all of the candidates and weeded out the crazies who just wanted to get close to her. She was only show the previous jobs they’ve worked and no photos so it wouldn’t be chooses off of looks. She had chosen Thorne because he seemed promising, and his experience was that of which her representatives had wanted her to have.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne had been called for an interview for another celebrity who had been receiving threatening letters or whatever. He had done a celebrity before and had actually apprehended the suspect. God, he sounded like a cop. He rolled his eyes. That would no doubt make his family proud. Instead he was a bartender at night and at times he was a bodyguard for A-list clients. In short, his family were embarrassed to call him a relative.

Throne had dressed in his dark jeans, a dark button down shirt, and his tennis shoes. He then grabbed his things before heading off to the interview. He knocked on the door as he stood with his hands in his pockets as he waited for the new client.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments So many thoughts were going through her head. Mainly those of if this guy was going to actually protect her well enough, or if the threats would actually come to pass or not, or if he would be good looking... not that the last but counted but hey, there was plus sides to having bodyguards around.

A knock on the door startled her. Her heart beat faster, she didn’t know whether to be scared or nervous. Ava stood up, as her representative, Sarah Harvey, opened the door. Ava could not see the man who waited outside the door so she brought hands to sides, crossing them.

“Come on in.” Sarah said all bubbly and enthusiastically as she widened the door so he could enter. She brought up a few random chit chat topics before leading him to the living room where Ava was waiting. “Thorne Zayden this is Ava Hensley, Ava this is Thorne.” Sarah said a little bit eagerly, jumping to introductions before either one of them could speak.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne looked down to the woman and nodded. He stepped inside the door skirting around her so he wouldn't touch the woman. He listened to her speak about random chit chat topics and gave short answers that were simple and to the point. He then was led into another room where a blond woman was.

He had seen this woman before, Ava Hensley, the model. She was everyone's celebrity crush, she was hot and from what little his friends had shown him from videos she was pretty sweet. Unless, it was all just a front and really she was cruel and really stuck up. He had clients like that before, he just kept them safe and did his job. Fortunately, he had never guarded a client whom he had been attracted to, until now. Yeah, so what? Thorne wasn't immune to a beautiful woman such as Ava was.

He cleared his throat and held out a hand to her. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Hensley." He said.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((Responding tomorrow))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Thorne Wayden came walking into the room and immediately she noted the way he held himself. He had an appearance that showed some of his background. One could tell that he had been through his fair share of roughness, and that was one of the commonalities between good bodyguards. He did however, have a softer look then her previous, and quick hired bodyguard, the last had been stern and tight knit in procedures.

Ava watched as he reached out to shake her hand. Without much hesitation, though there was a little, she reached out and shook his hand. Her handshakes always seemed to be a combination of delicate but firm, all thanks to her father. Thanks dad. She smiled warmly, a bit of a blush showing on her cheeks. He was cute.

"Nice to meet you to Mr. Wayden." She said a little unsure of the way she would be addressing him, it could change. She studied him for a moment before gesturing to the open couch near her. "Please sit." She said walking around the the other single person chair facing the long couch. Sarah remained standing, clipboard and papers in hand.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne had noted her handshake was firm but delicate at the same time. It actually impressed him to some degree. He then heard her say his last name wrong and chuckled deeply. "The names Thorne Zayden, with a z. But you can just call me Thorne." He said with a nod of his head and then he sat down.

He looked between the two women in the room. "So I know you two are supposed to be asking me questions and what not but I would like to know what you are dealing with. No doubt threatening letters or emails? But have you felt like someone has been stalking you? Making you feel uneasy? About anything." He said leaning back in the chair.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((Oh shoot it autocorrected the last name. Can I change it really fast? I don’t want to have a bad first impression.))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((I think it works actually.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Ava reddened in embarrassment. Man had she gotten flustered, and couldn't think straight for a moment. "I'm sorry about that... Thorne." She said catching herself before she said his last name wrong again, that would have been extremely difficult to come back from.

She stayed tense in her chair as he brought up the threats. She had a hunch that this time was different, they had been unlike the other minor ones she received earlier in her career. Ava played with her ponytail for a moment, thinking of how to word this, and to not mess anything up this time.

Sarah took this moment to pipe up. "Yes we can tell you about the threats, they happened to...." Ava interrupted Sarah, she wasn't going to let someone who didn't experience them first hand tell them. "Thanks Sarah, but let me explain." She said gesturing for her to calm her jittery self down, and be quiet for a moment. Honestly she adored Sarah, but she was a bit to bubbly for Ava's preference, but the contract she signed made it so someone, whether it be a bodyguard or not, stay with her nearly 24/7.

"It started a few weeks ago. While at my shoots I started noticing an out of place figure standing in the background. Then I began getting phone calls..." She shuddered at the memory of the calls and shook her head, "then threatening letters started showing up. The police ruled it off as some sort of common prank people pull on models/celebrities."

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorn gave her a hint of a smile. "No problem, Miss Hensley. Happens all the time, Zayden isn't a common name so..." he shrugged. He noticed that she hesitated when he asked about the threats. "It's quite alright, Miss Hensley. Take your time." He said and then when Sarah began to speak he looked back at her. But then he turned his attention back to Ava once she began to tell him about the threats.

While Thorne had listened to her he began going over all the entrances and exists that could be used for a person to get in and out unannounced. So far he had counted seven, the front door, five windows that could be opened, and a balcony. He thanked the heavens he had been trained in the army, it made bodyguarding a piece of cake.

He nodded. "I'm guessing that is not the case with this. What can you tell me about this 'out of place figure' person?" He asked her leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees. "Also, if you do choose me to become your full time bodyguard, I will want to see these letters so I know what I'll be dealing with." He told her.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Cool, no problem. I love this RP as well.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments She glanced curiously at Thorne as he scanned the area, knowing that he was probably noting the access points. Her apartment wasn't ground level, which was good in this case, but it did have a few unlockable windows that she needed to get fixed and or locked. She knew for sure that the one in the study room would not budge open since it was a sliding window. It had become stuck a few months ago by something.

"Well at any shoots there are the typical people who show up, and there is always a group of people I don't seem to know, whether they be representatives from other agencies or what not, I do not know." She said shaking her head. Of course a few of the same people were at all her shoots, but this time it was a different person doing a main job, yet no one had informed her.

"One of the lighting crew members, they probably were new, were constantly standing behind the light," Probably so she wouldn't have gotten a good look at them without blinding herself first, "and their light was always too bright, always in my eyes, until the head photographer kicked them out." Sure a few people had made a scene about kicking someone off the photo set, but this guy didn't leave immediately. And that is what made her nervous, they had glanced distinctly back at her after opening the door and walking through it.

"You can read the letters, after we ask you a few questions." Sarah said softly, having heard this explained for the first time. It was evident now that Sarah had some worry sketched on her face. Her pen tapped nervously against the clipboard.

((man i feel like i'm writing a mystery type thing...))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((I know. This is the first time I'm doing this RP... well, I had started this one with another person but they stopped. This is probably one of my favorite RPs right now.))

Thorne nodded as he listened. He had a feeling this person was coming up with fake ID's to grt closer to Ava under the pretense of working. He made sure to keep annote of checking out the staff, that was if he got hired. "Just one more question. This figure, would you say it was a guy or a girl? Or was it too hard to tell?" he asked her.

He looked to Sarah and could see the worry in her eyes. "Ava, Sara I want you two to know, that if you do hire me, I can promise you will be just fine. I will also make sure to apprehend the assailant." He said with a nod of his head. "Now that I've got my information. What would you like to know about me?" He asked her. He looked between Ava and Sarah waiting for the questions. No doubt they would both want to know different things about him.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Ava shrugged. "From the frame of the figure, probably a man." She said looking from Sarah to him, and for a brief moment hoping to any god that the figure wasn't the guy on her couch. A breath of relief escaped her lips as she studied what she could see of his frame, it wasn't, Thorne was a bigger build then the man at the studio. She blushed and looked away once she realized that she had just intently studied him.

"I do hope so Mr. Zayden." Sarah said, a hint of hope in her voice. Ava gave a small laugh as Sarah seemed to relax back into her chair. Ava knew that Sarah had a husband so she could just return to the safety of his arms. Being famous made it hard to settle down, not that she wanted to, she hadn't found the right guy yet. She lowkey didn't want another famous guy, but she didn't know who would be the right guy, you know?

Turning back to look at Thorne she focused again. Man her focus was off today, and in the past weeks. "Tell us your experience/training." Sarah said, literally reading her question off the paper. Ava gave a small huff, that was one way to ask questions, looking from Sarah to Thorne and shrugged, but also giving him a listening ear and look of anticipation, wanting to hear the answer to this.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne noticed that Ava checked out his body type as she explained that the figure was a guy. He was glad that she did that, sincw she had no doubt interviewed many other guys who could have been her stalker who threatens her. He turned over to look at Sarah once she began to ask him. He nodded and told them.

"My training comes from the United States Army. I quit to become a bartender and a bodyguard. I have been trained to interrogate a person of interest, hand to hand combat, to be observant of my surroundings, and to take note of each and every way in and out. For this place, I have counted seven ways, the front door, the balcony, and I've counted at least five windows that can be opened."

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments "That's good..." Sarah said dragging out the word good for longer than necessary as she scribbled notes down on her page. Her eyes travelled from her paper, to Thorne, and to Ava, and did so a few times in a row.

Ava shook her head in disapproval when she glanced at her. The fact that her and Thorne shared a commonality in history was not to be shared right now, if fact she never really used that skill anymore, so she'd be rusty anyways. Her father had her take self defense classes for years on end until she could defend herself, so she was trained in hand to hand.

To keep the attention away from that movement she looked back at Thorne. "A bartender? You and I will have to swap some drink recipes then." But they wouldn't drink enough to get drunk, just more of a friendly tasting competition. She made this one paradise drink that was a huge hit among party guests.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne didn't miss the strange looks that both he and Ava were getting from Sarah as she wrote notes. But when no one explained the looks he didn't push for them. He figured he would get told if they wanted him to know.

He looked at Ava and nodded. "Yep, a bartender. Anytime you want to trade some drink recipes it will be my pleasure." Honestly, Thorne couldn't believe that Ava Hensley wanted to do that sort of thing with a lowly bartender/bodyguard. Ava Hensley was definitely not like other celebs he had worked for. "Are there any other questions you have for me?" He asked.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((Responding sometime tomorrow. I’ve got a full day of work so I won’t be on until the evening.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((ended up falling asleep immediately after I got home yesterday.))

Ava smiled at that. It would be good for her to learn a few new mixes so she could switch things up to impress guests more, not that she'd be holding any gatherings here until this threat settled down or got caught. Thorne would present to be an interesting bodyguard. She secretly hoped that he had a few food recipes as well.

"Nothing else, the initial information from your file was enough. You start today if you accept the job." Sarah said flipping through the papers, checking the details and information, as well as bringing the contract paper to the top. She clipped the paper to the clipboard, and set the pen on top, holding the board out for him to take and sign.

Ava checked her watch and looked at him.. He was cute, and that may become a problem, but the contract she had helped to set up set some strict business guidelines and rules.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Throne nodded to Ava as she smiled. If he was to be her bodyguard this was gonna be hard. She was nice, kind, over all a good person, and then add on to the fact that she's drop dead gorgeous, who wouldn't want a chance to get with her?

Throne turned his attention back to Sarah and then took a look through the contract. He noted the clause where all parties involved needed to maintain a strict business relationship. Meaning, Ava Hensley was off limits to him if he chose to accept this job. Which he did. He nodded and grabbed a pen out of his jacket pocket before signing his name and initials onto the contract.

"Now, I do have to ask. Would you prefer me to go home in the evenings and then come here early? Or would I temporarily move in with Miss Hensley?" he asked the girls. He had some ones who had wanted their own space but he recommended he stay with them 24/7.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((responding tomorrow. Got caught up in work, and I've now got an essay due in like an hour so yeah...that's not fun. Wish me luck I probably wont be on again tonight.))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Good luck.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Ava stood up as he took the contract to sign. Her nerves were going again and she needed to not sit still. She walked behind the couch and leaned on it, bending forward at the waist slightly. She smiled once he had signed his name and initials.

He glanced over her shoulder and to a closed door, there was the study that could be converted to a guest room. She was kind of surprised that this apartment didn't have an extra bedroom, just hers, and a study, and a game room that she guess could be converted.

"I've got space for you here. I don't know what this threat is, so I don't want to be left alone." She said squirming a little, it wasn't like anything had happened at night yet but who knows when or if it'll start.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne handed back the contract and then nodded. "Very well. I will come back by tonight with my things." He said with a nod. He didn't need very much. Just some clothes and some personal hygiene things from his place. He could pack it all in his largest duffle bag. Hopefully she wouldn't mind if he needed to do some laundry from time to time.

Thorne stood up and held out his hand to Ava. "I will you see in a short while, Miss Hensley." He promised. "I look forward to working with you." He then made a note to bring his drink recipe books with him so when they had the chance he could teach her a few of his personal favorite drinks to make.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments "I'm looking forward to it...that is working with you, not facing whatever this threat is." Ava said returning his outstretched hand with a handshake, and blushing at how she tumbled over her words there. There was a possibility that the man may come here, but in reality the likely hood of that actually happening was slim...right??

She thought for a moment after standing up straight. Shaking her head she walked him to the front door, with Sarah still scribbling notes on her pages. "Would you like me to wait here with Hensley until you get back Mr. Zayden?" Sarah asked not even attempting to mask the uncertainty in her shaking voice. Ava just shrugged she didn't mind either way, all the doors and windows would be locked either way.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne smiled at Ava as she tumbled over her words. "Of course." He said and then took his hand back. He walked with Sarah to the front door and then turned back. He looked around the apartment. "Only if you wish to do so, Sarah. I will be back around an hour to an hour and a half. I don't need much from my place. Oh..." he looked to Ava. "I do have a couple of dogs, one is only a puppy, however if you don't like dogs I can drop them off at one of my buddies house." He said. He had two bullmastiffs, his brindle was the older one at 4 years of age, and he had a 4 month old puppy. (view spoiler)

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((Oh boy. This is going to get interesting. Responding tomorrow, going to bed.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments "Are they guard dogs? Oh what the heck, sure you can bring them over." Ava said after a moment of thinking. The only thing that might be an issue is when they had to use the bathroom, he'd either have to walk them all the way downstairs and outside, or put something out on the balcony. If he wanted to he could.

Sarah headed over to the counter and swapped her clipboard for her purse and keys. "Alrighty Ava, I'll be around again tomorrow if you need anything. See you!" She piped up happily as she walked out the front door first, seeing that he and Ava were discussing doggy arrangements. Ava responded to her with a simple yet polite goodbye.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne nodded. "Yes, Boone is a guard dog but he won't hurt you. I promise. He's loyal and he can sense when someone is a good person. As for Jasmine, well she's only a puppy, she's just four months so right now she loves everyone. But I'm training her to become a guard dog just like Boone." He told her. "Uh... I have puppy pads for Jasmine and Boone has been trained to let me know when he needs to go outside. So you don't need to worry about the dogs going to the restroom in your apartment." He told her and then he pulled out a card. "This is my information. My phone number, email, and my pager. If I'm not by you then you can get ahold of me by these." He said and then grabbed out his keys. "Alright, I'll be back soon." He said and then headed out the door and to his motorcycle.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments "They are more than welcome." She said to him after he discussed more about them individually. As long as he'd take care of them it was find. She wondered briefly if pets were allowed in the apartment, but dismissed the thought when she remembered that her neighbor below her had a small lap dog and a cat who wandered about 24/7. The cat tended to stay on his floor, but hung out in the lobby as well.

"Thank you." Ava said accepting the card and inspecting it as he explained what was on it. After he left she locked the door, out of habit, and walked over to the fridge, using a simple magnet to hold the information card in place. It was a good idea to have it out in the open for easy access. Knowing that he said he might be awhile, she went to take a shower, taking her time in washing up and then drying her hair and dressing in some sweats and comfy shirt. It would second as her pajamas tonight as well.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne went back to his apartment. He chuckled as his dogs came running to meet him at the door. He knelt down and picked up Jasmine. "Alright, guys. I got a job and we are gonna be heading to a new place. Dont worry. It's just temporary and you guys will be with me." He said patting Boone's head. He set the squirming puppy down and begun to pack his things. Once he finished packing his duffle bag he moved on to grabbing the dogs things together. He grabbed his truck keys and picked up Jasmine once more while he put Boone on a leash. He grabbed the stuff and headed on out. He put all the things in the bed of the truck before placing himself and the dogs in the truck. He glanced at the time. An hour and a half had gone by. He started up the truck with Jasmine on his lap and Boone looking out the window and headed for Ava's.

Once he was there at the apartment building he parked and grabbed Boone's leash once again and got out with Jasmine asleep in his arms. He grabbed hia things and headed inside. He took the elevator up to Ava's floor and then knocked on the door.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Ava put on the television just as a background noise and then sat down on the couch, opening a book that was sitting on the coffee table. She opened to the place where it was book marked and she begun reading.

The knock on the door didn't scare her, she had gotten up from the couch to go get a glass of something to drink, only getting the glass set out on the counter when someone knocked on the door. She nearly slid across the floor walking around the counter. Socks and wooden floors were a recipe for disaster. She composed herself as she came to a stop in front of the door.

Ava took a deep breath and looked out the peephole. Sighing in relief when she saw it was Thorne she unlocked it and opened the door. "Hey. I thought you had gotten lost." She said with a small laugh as her eyes fell upon the dogs. Her heart melted. They were adorable! Pushing the door opened wider she gestured for him to enter, holding her excitement in.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Throne chuckled slightly and shook his head. "I don't think that's possible." He said as he walked into the apartment. He could see her face light up with excitement at the sight of his dogs. He felt Boone pull him as he wanted to see who this new person was. He held him back for a moment. He closed the door and then handed Ava the puppy Jasmine. "This is Jasmine." Jasmine immediately begun to lick at Ava's face and gave a short yip. "Where can I set this stuff?" he asked her. He looked down to Boone and he sighed. "Alright, so Boone is a big guy, and he is friendly most of the time. I don't want to let him off the leash just yet, but if you can let him get your scent that would be great.

Boone was a good protector dog. He was also a big old softie. Especially when it came to kids. His sister's kids would play with Boone and he would never hurt them, even when they pulled his tail or ears he just took it. But when provoked he could be deadly. Boone sniffed Ava's hand and licked it. He looked up at her and wagged his tail. Thorne shook his head. "Figures." He finally let Boone off the leash and he bounded over to Ava and rubbed his head on her thighs. He gave her a deep, menacing bark. "Sorry, his bark is not as cute as Jasmine's. But he likes you." He told her.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((I absolutely love this RP. It's definitely one of my favorites.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((Mine too! It's so cute!))

Ava shut the door once the three of them got inside. Ava brushed her hair behind her shoulders and held out her arms to take the puppy he held out for her to hold. She smiled as Jasmine began to lick her face and squirm just as puppies normally did. She did her best to hold on her, then ended up holding her firmer and against her chest, and she calmed down more.

"I've got an empty study in the back, near the master room." Ava said nodding her head in that direction, then giving up and starting to walk in that direction. She listened to him as he explained that Boone would need her scent first, so she stopped walking and allowed him to come up to her.

Boone was definitely a big dog, so she did her best to stay still and not be nervous as he approached her. After a moment, and when she figured that he decided he like her, he rubbed up against her. Ava had to move to get her balance. She probably could be knocked over easily. "Oh well hello to you to Boone." Ava said bending over to say hi to the dog. She began to set Jasmine down then paused. "That's good that he likes me. Can I set her down?" Maybe he didn't want Jasmine set down yet.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thorne nodded to both things. "Yeah. You can set her down. She'll want to check out the place anyways." He told her. He followed her into the study and set down the things he brought. "Perfect. Jasmine." He called and the puppy came sliding in on the wood floor. He laughed and set her potty pad down and tapped it. She waddled carefully over and sniffed at it and fhen proceeded to go potty on it. Thorne brought out her treats and gave her one after she was finished. She then boundsd off once more. "So, Boone you won't even know he's here moat od the time. But, Jasmine will most likely be jumping on your lap and underfoot. So, I just wanna say sorry ahead of time." He said.

Thorne looked around the study. "So, if you wouldn't mind I would like to see the entire place just so I know the ways in and out." He said.

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments ((I may or may not respond tonight. I'm starting to fall asleep trying to do roleplays and homework. then I've got chores before I go to bed...yeah.))

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Kya | Diamond | 324 comments Ava sent the pup down gently they walked him to the study, opening the door to reveal a bookcase covering the whole side wall, a desk underneath the big window on the outside wall, and a couch with a single seater couch next to it. After she watched Thorne interact with Jasmine she instantly knew that she liked him. "It's all good. I don't mind puppy love." She just didn't do cats, she was allergic to cats and had to watch herself around her neighbors cat.

"Sure you can see the rest of the place. And I'm about eighty percent sure that the couch in the study makes out to a bed." It was fine if he crashed in the study, she didn't use it often, She lead him out of the study and down the hall a bit to reach the master room. Luckily she had cleaned it up a bit so nothing embarrassing was laying around. She walked him through that bedroom, and pointed out the bathroom then back to the main room, where they interviewed earlier.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments As Thorne followed Ava around the apartment and took note of the windows and doors. He also made sure to watch out for the places Jasmine could hide. He nodded as he listened to her. "Alright, well I'll figure out the sleeping arrangement. If the couch doesnt turn into a bed that's fine too. I've slept on worse things." He told her with a shrug. And he had. When he was in the aemy he had once slept on the dirty floor with nothing but his clothes to keep him warm.

When they got back to the livinf room he nodded. "Alright. So, what is your schedule like? What time do you normally head out?" he asked her.

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