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Sean Lookielook Sandulak (seansandulak) | 918 comments Mod
The following is a transcript of the impromptu Discord chat that was held on March 7, 2018 in lieu of a hangout. Edited for format and clarity, but not content. Server messages have been removed.
Words or phrases between colons are emojis or Twitch emotes; most are self explanatory. Emojis (or words) appearing by themselves are reactions to the previous comment. Enjoy!


[10:00 PM] SeanSandulak: Let's get started. Who's here and what are you drinking?
[10:03 PM] BlueyeWard: I'm here, but I'm afraid I'm not drinking. It's 11:00pm where I'm at, and have work tomorrow :frowning2:
[10:03 PM] BlueyeWard: Drink apple-cran juice LOL
[10:04 PM] SeanSandulak: I'm just having a coke as I was too lazy to go shopping.
[10:04 PM] BlueyeWard: Drinking*
[10:04 PM] Rocketsoup: I am IPA, and I'm having a here. :hic:
[10:05 PM] BlueyeWard: My name is Ashley, and I'm new to the book club :slight_smile:
[10:05 PM] Rocketsoup: holds mowu43's beer
[10:05 PM] SeanSandulak: Never could get into beer. Can't stand the taste of hops.
[10:06 PM] kfarm17: Hello. I was having a lovely glass of Boudreaux but I’ve called it for the night.
[10:07 PM] bug929: Originally beer did not have hops. Hops act as a preservative, I think
[10:07 PM] Kimthulhu: I'm drinking Bushmill's whiskey
[10:08 PM] kfarm17: Hoppy beer is delicious. But I do admit it is such an acquired taste. But surprisingly easy to convert people to IPAs.
[10:08 PM] SeanSandulak: Alcohol also randomly gives me reflux too, so I don't drink much at all anymore.
[10:09 PM] Rocketsoup: I couldn't get into beer either. Then I started putting the beer into me and it went much better.
[10:09 PM] Rocketsoup: I am full-on dad joke tonight.
[10:09 PM] Kimthulhu: ^ha
[10:09 PM] bug929: I drink rarely. I'm too chatty buzzed. :grinning:
[10:10 PM] RMutt1917: Sean, try ginger beer?
[10:10 PM] Xanar: I'm here and I'm drinking water.
[10:10 PM] Felicia Day: I just drank some water because calliope let me get out of bed from her feverish clinging LOL
[10:10 PM] kfarm17: :joy::joy:
[10:10 PM] Joey Couture: Sorry I missed you at ECC this year Rocketsoup :/
[10:10 PM] Xanar: Gotta stay hydrated!
[10:10 PM] kfarm17: Oh Felicia I’ve gone through that with mine.
[10:11 PM] kfarm17: Their clinging is so sweet and so annoying all at the same time
[10:11 PM] Rocketsoup: Did you escape the plague yourself? I saw Wil got bitten.
[10:11 PM] Rocketsoup: Aw, would have been great to meet you, Joey. Too bad. Will likely be back there for PAX West though. :smiley:
[10:11 PM] Kiala: Hi guys!
[10:11 PM] bug929: What healing potions have you tried @Felicia Day ? :slight_smile:
[10:12 PM] kfarm17: Hello!!
[10:12 PM] Rocketsoup: :jcvimHiAni: Kiala!
[10:12 PM] Kiala: Hi Ian!
[10:12 PM] RMutt1917: :doogHi: :doogHype: :doogPaw:
[10:12 PM] Felicia Day: I've not gotten sick yet
[10:12 PM] Felicia Day: CROSSING FINGERS
[10:12 PM] SeanSandulak: Hi Kiala
[10:12 PM] BlueyeWard: Hi @Kiala :grinning:
[10:12 PM] Felicia Day: KIALA
[10:12 PM] Kiala: FELICIA
[10:12 PM] Rocketsoup: You will stay healthy. I have willed it. [nods definitively]
[10:13 PM] Kiala: Hi SEAN
[10:13 PM] SeanSandulak: This is usually where we'd do shoutout to the local meetups. Not going to do it today. We'll catch up next hangout. But I did want to mention that we will make custom channels here if you want a place to coordinate local meets or even voice chat.
[10:15 PM] Kiala: I would like to say that Legion was meowing so loud outside Shepard's door, I let him in and he woke up Shepard who was DELIGHTED but then we had to leave and he was not so delighted. Would anyone like a cat.
[10:15 PM] kfarm17: @Kiala damn cats
[10:15 PM] Kimthulhu: Aw
[10:15 PM] Bonnie: It's me Bonnie!
[10:15 PM] Kiala: BONNIE
[10:15 PM] kfarm17: Hi Bonnie!
[10:15 PM] Bonnie: helllllloooo is this the right place to be?
[10:15 PM] Rocketsoup: :jcvimHiAni: Bonnie!
[10:15 PM] Kimthulhu: Bonnie!
[10:15 PM] kotabuck: Hii
[10:15 PM] Kiala: I think so?
[10:16 PM] BlueyeWard: Hi @Bonnie :grinning:
[10:16 PM] Bonnie: Sorry we had to move the show from being FULL OF GERMS. I still have Cruise Crud.
[10:16 PM] Bonnie: SO MUCH COUGHING
[10:16 PM] SeanSandulak: Hi @Bonnie now we just need @Veronica
[10:16 PM] Rocketsoup: Awwww feliciaHeal to everybody. Tell your bods to stop being terrible!
[10:16 PM] kfarm17: Crud has been going around that’s for sure!
[10:17 PM] Felicia Day: Vaginal Crudity
[10:17 PM] kotabuck: ew
[10:17 PM] Kiala: Vaginal Dysentary
[10:17 PM] Bonnie: hahahahaha
[10:17 PM] Kimthulhu: Hahaha
[10:17 PM] RMutt1917: :doogHi: Bonnie :doogPaw:
[10:17 PM] jonelleoro: Elderberry, my friends! Elderberry is the answer to not getting sick.
[10:18 PM] kfarm17: I have a friend who vouches for elderberry too. I haven’t tried
[10:18 PM] Kiala: I highly recommend bingeing Poldark if you get the Norovirus. Which I did.
[10:18 PM] Bonnie: Not being around people is usually my answer to not getting sick... but I was on a cruise full of people... so I had to interact!
[10:18 PM] Bonnie: hahahahaha
[10:18 PM] kfarm17: :joy::joy::joy::joy:
[10:19 PM] Kiala: Oh yes, Bonnie. Jesse kept trying to make me go to the doctor and I was like "WHY? SO I CAN GET PNEUMONIA TOO?"
[10:19 PM] Rocketsoup: Oh god, illness sounds even more horrendous when incorporated into "Vaginal" wordplay. :nauseated_face:
[10:19 PM] SeanSandulak: You can join the "Music" channel to listen to or share music. Just type ">p" and then the song name.
[10:19 PM] kotabuck: Sometimes I think "I would love to go on the JoCo cruise, so many cool people I admire..." and then I remember that being trapped somewhere I can't leave with other people is literally my nightmare.
[10:19 PM] Rayah: Hope everyone feels better soon!
[10:19 PM] Kiala: Ooooh thank you Sean!
[10:20 PM] Joey Couture: This is why I stocked up on Emergen-C (no sponsored)
[10:20 PM] Bonnie: yeah my cough is on the way outs thanks to ENDLESS Nyquil, Musinex, raw garlic, throat coat tea, smart water, hot toddies and many Netflix shows.
[10:20 PM] Joey Couture: +t
[10:21 PM] Bonnie: I don't recommend getting sick on a cruise. You'll want to jump and leave it up to the sharks.
[10:21 PM] Xanar: you'll need to post the music in the #music channel then pop back in here.
[10:21 PM] jonelleoro: At least it wasn't the poopy cruise sickness!
[10:21 PM] Rocketsoup: Have a good time apart from catching the plague though?
[10:21 PM] Joey Couture: I don't recommend getting sick at a convention. Sailor Moon vomit is not fun.
[10:21 PM] jonelleoro: What's that one called?
[10:22 PM] Kiala: Yeah, I had a pitcher of iced smart water by my bed at all times. Because I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes. SORRY NOT SORRY.
[10:22 PM] Bonnie: Sailor Moon Vomit should be a band name.
[10:22 PM] Kiala: I lost 10 lbs!
[10:22 PM] Joey Couture: I Lost 10lbs should be the first single....
[10:22 PM] Joey Couture: too dark?
[10:22 PM] Kimthulhu: Bahaha
[10:22 PM] SeanSandulak: To clarify, you need to join the voice channel (with a capital M) to listen.
[10:22 PM] Kiala: HAAAAAAA @Joey Couture
[10:23 PM] bug929: Great @Kiala !
[10:23 PM] kfarm17: @Kiala I’m guessing the 10 lbs wasn’t worth it
[10:23 PM] Bonnie: yes the JoCo Cruise was a blast. I'm trying to convince them to invite me again but with Felicia, Veronica and Kiala so we can do LIVE-ACTION VAG FAN ON THE SEAS!
[10:23 PM] Felicia Day: I wont do a cruise
[10:23 PM] Felicia Day: water is scary
[10:23 PM] Kiala: @kfarm17 nope
[10:23 PM] Bonnie: I can't swim and I did it. It's fun! Honest!
[10:23 PM] TheFruityKiwi: I can look after Calliope for you! :smile:
[10:23 PM] Joey Couture: Yeah I saw Titanic, my name might be Joey.....but I'll die yall.
[10:24 PM] Kiala: You what @Bonnie ?
[10:24 PM] TheFruityKiwi: and after Veronica's pupper :smile:
[10:24 PM] Bonnie: @Felicia Day - Plus they feed you ALL DAY LONG on a cruise. And fancy cocktails. And free high tea with those little cucumber sandwiches!
[10:24 PM] Rocketsoup: And all the booze you can't drink yet!
[10:25 PM] Bonnie: I want to be an old lady on a cruise forever.... so many fun things to do!
[10:25 PM] Joey Couture: Me on a cruise ship with endless food, call me Pam Poovie
[10:25 PM] Kimthulhu: Omg, 7 course meal cruise food is the best
[10:25 PM] TheFruityKiwi: Joey maybe you are the cruiseship
[10:25 PM] TheFruityKiwi: you better be really good at staying afloat
[10:25 PM] jonelleoro: But, but -- the cruise poopies are scary!
[10:25 PM] kfarm17: Cruise food is so good. Build your own burrito... yum
[10:25 PM] Bonnie: They had a 24-hour taco bar on the ship!!!!
[10:25 PM] kfarm17: And those mojito martinis
[10:25 PM] Kimthulhu: How do you say no to that?
[10:26 PM] kfarm17: Easy. You don’t
[10:26 PM] Joey Couture: @TheFruityKiwi gasp face was that a comment about my backside? It is lovely isn't it?! (hehehe)
[10:26 PM] jonelleoro: I went on a cruise of the Hawaiian islands and my room was the closest room to the 24 hours buffet and I couldn't have been more blessed.
[10:26 PM] Kiala: A taco bar on every corner! The anti-trump cruise! WHEEEEEEE!
[10:26 PM] Bonnie: the cruise also had 24-hour FREE room service.
[10:26 PM] Bonnie: All I want is that in real life.
[10:26 PM] Rocketsoup: Ooooooooh
[10:26 PM] Rocketsoup: I... I kinda maybe wanna go on a cruise now?

[10:27 PM] Kimthulhu: Cruises are the stuff dreams are made of
[10:27 PM] Bonnie: yeah they spoil ya on a cruise so you never want to leave. It's like an expensive, tasty cult.
[10:27 PM] jonelleoro: Except for the cruise poop disease!
[10:27 PM] Rocketsoup: My favorite part of any trip is staying in my hotel room. That's basically what a cruise is.
[10:27 PM] Bonnie: yeah a cruise is like a high-end hotel on water.
[10:28 PM] kfarm17: And the cruise ship employees are fascinating to talk to
[10:28 PM] bug929: I've heard of rich people who live on cruise ships.
[10:28 PM] Bonnie: but when someone gets sick on the cruise, then EVERYONE gets sick... so they have free hand sanitizer stations everywhere. I should have bathed in it.
[10:28 PM] kfarm17: They should mist it in the doorways and elevators
[10:28 PM] bug929: Biohazard suit would have helped
[10:28 PM] Joey Couture: @Bonnie yeah but that's only going to work for so long until the sickness mutates.
[10:28 PM] Kimthulhu: Most have a decent library.
[10:28 PM] Joey Couture: @bug929 agreed
[10:28 PM] Bonnie: because it was a nerd cruise, the chef made geeky-themed food too -- the Tide Pod Challenge Cheesecake (looks like Tide Pods NOT made from them) was my fave.
[10:29 PM] bug929: Cool.
[10:29 PM] mhbuck21: I get motion sickness, so I try to avoid these kind of things
[10:29 PM] SeanSandulak: They're working on UV lights that kill bugs but don't harm the skin.
[10:29 PM] Bonnie: i found a lot of our past Vag Fan books in the cruise library too.
[10:29 PM] RMutt1917: FYI- There is an annual metal cruise called, 70000 Tons of Metal
[10:29 PM] Lecta: I get motion sick too, but not on boats, oddly enough.
[10:29 PM] bug929: You should become the spokesperson for them. :slight_smile:
[10:29 PM] Bonnie: Apparently we read the same books as elderly rich women who like weird sexy times books.

Sean Lookielook Sandulak (seansandulak) | 918 comments Mod
[10:30 PM] mhbuck21: Lucky lucky
[10:30 PM] Lecta: Ohhh that's cool, Sean!
[10:30 PM] Lecta: Science is real neat.
[10:30 PM] Bonnie: And the cruise had a coffee bar that would add booze to ANYTHING.
[10:30 PM] Bonnie: I'm tempted to write a Kraken Vag Fan Romance Book set on a cruise ship now.
[10:30 PM] Lecta: Speaking of sexy times: At what point does the channel for the books of the month switch over from Feb to March? I'm trying to determine if Bonnie's pick contains sexy times and/or high-quality tension.
[10:30 PM] Lecta: I would read that in a heartbeat, Bonnie.
[10:30 PM] Joey Couture: I'd love to go on a cruise where Bonnie reads Cthulhu literature to the passengers over the intercom system.
[10:30 PM] jonelleoro: Is there a Harry Potter cruise that serves Butterbeer 24/7, because I could get into that.
[10:31 PM] Bonnie: I know there's a Star Wars cruise but that is WAAAAAY too many screamy kids for my taste.
[10:31 PM] bug929: You are lucky to have gotten off that cruise alive with the booze and disease.
[10:31 PM] Bonnie: JoCo Cruise had maybe 10 kids aboard and they were all kids of people like Matt Fraction so they were cool to begin with.
[10:31 PM] Rocketsoup: A possible suggestion, @SeanSandulak ? You can rename a channel to like "main-last-month" or something and create a new one with the old name. You know? And then delete the last month channel after a while. That way there can be a bit of overlap? Just an idear.
[10:32 PM] Rocketsoup: Basically just move that conversation over and make room for a new one.
[10:32 PM] jonelleoro: I'd really like to do a theme cruise. I hope they get more popular. And less poopy.
[10:33 PM] SeanSandulak: I think there are already too many channels. I think at the hangout we just switch to talking about the new book.
[10:33 PM] Bonnie: yeah i wonder if there are romance book lover cruises! We should go on that one!
[10:33 PM] SeanSandulak: Anyway, book club…
[10:33 PM] Bonnie: oh right... the book
[10:33 PM] Bonnie: Well I liked it. A lot.
[10:33 PM] Joey Couture: mic drop
[10:33 PM] Bonnie: Do we talk about it here or in another area?
[10:33 PM] kfarm17: I also enjoyed it
[10:34 PM] Bonnie: I'm new to this whole Discord thingy
[10:34 PM] Lecta: There's #main-no-spoilers and #main-spoilers for book-specific convos :)
[10:34 PM] SeanSandulak: Usually we would talk about books in the other channels, but this is sort of a special event so just go ahead and talk here everyone.
[10:34 PM] Bonnie: Does anyone have any questions about the book they want to ask me or Felicia? We seem to have lost Kiala...
[10:35 PM] Lecta: Breakin' the rules. I like it. :P
[10:35 PM] mhbuck21: I didn't know I was already registered here:grimacing:
[10:35 PM] Felicia Day: I liked the book okay
[10:35 PM] Felicia Day: it was 6/10 for me
[10:35 PM] Felicia Day: the first half was 4/10 and the back half was 7-8/10
[10:36 PM] Felicia Day: It grew on me a lot
[10:36 PM] Felicia Day: I was annoyed the whole conceit of the book was her just saying no the whole time to the magic academy
[10:36 PM] SeanSandulak: I got bored halfway through and stopped.
[10:36 PM] Felicia Day: but maybe that's just me who would jump in lol
[10:36 PM] jonelleoro: Yeah, it didn't grab me until I was halfway through.
[10:36 PM] Felicia Day: oops baby crying I'll be in and out after that
[10:36 PM] SeanSandulak: We can use some of the questions from the forums. Just give me a sec.
[10:36 PM] Xanar: The trial thing seemed to come out of the blue. I kinda wanted more of a "back stabbing" thing.
[10:36 PM] Joey Couture: Same. To get through the first 2/3 I had siri read me excerpts until I felt it was worth the effort to read it with my eyes.
[10:37 PM] BlueyeWard: It took a while for me to get into it. It felt like a very long prologue to me.
[10:37 PM] kfarm17: Wait Siri will read to you?
[10:37 PM] Felicia Day: I thought the romance interest was creep but then he turned himself around
[10:37 PM] jonelleoro: I pictured him as Adam Driver and then kinda loved him immediately.
[10:38 PM] SeanSandulak: Kerstin asked: Which element would you like to control if you could choose?
[10:38 PM] jonelleoro: Honestly that was the only thing that got me through the first half. :drooling_face:
[10:38 PM] Xanar: Hum- not sure if he really "came around" was more like he fell in love and only treated her different.
[10:38 PM] Bonnie: i got into the book fine... but it wasn't like Cthulhu Erotica good or anything. Just a good solid read.
[10:38 PM] Lecta: I chose not to read it based on no sexy times and the fact that reviews said the love interest was a jerk, which I'm entirely sick of. Were the reviews overreacting?
[10:39 PM] Bonnie: The element I would like to control is the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE.
[10:39 PM] Lecta: :laughing:
[10:39 PM] mhbuck21: :smile:
[10:39 PM] BlueyeWard: I would want to be a waterrunner. Ice as a weapon sounds really cool
[10:39 PM] Felicia Day: I would want to control the elements of metal to make gold coins so I could be a pirate
[10:39 PM] Bonnie: Or maybe I'd like to control the element of Zinc. Lots of things are made from that.
[10:39 PM] SeanSandulak: Kiala's back
[10:40 PM] Bonnie: Hey @Kiala - Which element would you like to control if you could choose? It's a book question.
[10:40 PM] Xanar: I wonder if metal worker would be both fire and earth.
[10:40 PM] Kiala: @Felicia Day ye wouldn't need to be a pirate if ye already had the GOOOOLD.
[10:41 PM] Garuda_x17: If you could control earth elements, does that include minerals? Like diamonds and such?
[10:41 PM] Kiala: Ummmm....I would like to control water because then I can rule the apocalypse wasteland.
[10:42 PM] Garuda_x17: @Kiala Like Storm
[10:42 PM] Lecta: I want to control the element of heart. Captain Planet taught me that's an element, I think. :P
[10:42 PM] Lecta: Or maybe that just means I want to be a succubus? shrugs
[10:42 PM] Kiala: storm. Or a water bender
[10:43 PM] Joey Couture: I would like to control air/wind/etc. so I dont have to spend millions in air conditioning
[10:43 PM] Lecta: Oooh if you could control wind, you'd never have to pay for airline tickets!
[10:43 PM] jonelleoro: And you could always blame your farts on someone else!
[10:43 PM] SeanSandulak: If you're an airbender, does that mean you can can control farts?
[10:44 PM] Rocketsoup: Oh gosh, weaponized smart farts
[10:44 PM] Joey Couture: I thought gases were something else entirely LOL
[10:44 PM] jonelleoro: Drop a fart, have the wind immediately blow it over to someone else's butt. Done and done!
[10:45 PM] Lecta: :dayJoy:
[10:45 PM] Rocketsoup: ...wait, so an airbender only controls like atmospheric gases but not all gases? So like nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, but not like argon or helium?
[10:45 PM] Xanar: Why stop at shifting the blame? I'd move them over to people that bugged me.
[10:45 PM] RMutt1917: Farts, you say?
[10:45 PM] RMutt1917: :doogFart: :doogFart: :doogFart:
[10:45 PM] Joey Couture: Or shape them into spears
[10:46 PM] Lecta: oh my guy!!! That emote!
[10:46 PM] Bonnie: hahahahahaha
[10:46 PM] Kimthulhu: Lol
[10:46 PM] RMutt1917: and a fart on stream was the inspiration for that emote :doogFart:
[10:46 PM] SeanSandulak: Stephanie asked:
Would you rather be part of the Tower or remain in the library? Pros of the Tower is that you have magic but the downside is you could die since they seem to use the sorcerers as soldiers. Meanwhile the library may be a little dull sometimes but you are relatively safe, your boss is super nice, and you get to hang out with books all day.
[10:47 PM] Kiala: TOWER!
[10:47 PM] Kiala: TOWER OF POWER!
[10:47 PM] Kimthulhu: Library all day long
[10:47 PM] kfarm17: Tower for sure. They have their own library
[10:47 PM] Kimthulhu: Because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER
[10:47 PM] Joey Couture: Library, knowledge is the real power.
[10:48 PM] Xanar: hum- they have nice things in the tower... no more lemon cake ONLY ONCE A YEAR!
[10:48 PM] jonelleoro: But you'd have to give up your magic if you stayed in the library, right? No way. Tower time.
[10:49 PM] GalacticShawn: Hey folks, thank you for the invite
[10:50 PM] Bonnie: I'm all about the library. Both my mom and my grandmum were librarians so I kind of grew up in one anyway. It's like home for me. That's why I have 25 book cases at home.
[10:50 PM] Joey Couture: Same here Bonnie. I even use the LiBib app to catalog my books to help avoid multiple purchases.
[10:50 PM] SeanSandulak: @Bonnie How is the new home working out? Unpacked yet?
[10:51 PM] Bonnie: I have about 25 more boxes to unpack and then I am DONE!
[10:51 PM] BlueyeWard: Tower... There's a library in the tower :slight_smile:
[10:51 PM] Bonnie: so when we film the next Vag Fan you can see my new place
[10:51 PM] Lecta: House tour hype!!
[10:51 PM] Kimthulhu: Yay!
[10:51 PM] kotabuck: woo
[10:52 PM] Rocketsoup: Oh that's right, we haven't seen your new place yet. feliciaHype Congrats!
[10:52 PM] Bonnie: thanks! It feels empty without my dog (who passed away in Dec) but I'm hoping to make it a home.
[10:54 PM] SeanSandulak: I think we've lost Felicia to feliciaCrying and Kiala to :crying_cat_face:
[10:55 PM] SeanSandulak: We'll do a couple more questions and call it a night.
[10:56 PM] SeanSandulak: Imogen asked:
What's your opinion on the consensus that this book is a pretty meh introduction to what seems to be a much better series as it goes on?
[10:57 PM] Joey Couture: I don't think I will continue the series. For various reasons not entirely related to the book/series.
[10:58 PM] Kimthulhu: The rest of the series is amazing
[10:58 PM] Kimthulhu: The first book was... Raw
[10:58 PM] Felicia Day: I heard the rest of the books are great so I got the second one to try it out
[10:58 PM] jonelleoro: I'm halfway through the second book and have the 3rd in my queue as well.
[10:58 PM] Felicia Day: I'm not excited about it but I wanna try it
[10:58 PM] Kimthulhu: I read all 5 books in 6 days
[10:58 PM] Felicia Day: they're cheap lol
[10:59 PM] kotabuck: Too many other things to read to be underwhelmed again.
[10:59 PM] BlueyeWard: I got the sense that this first one was a very long prologue, so I was pretty bored. I might try 2nd book
[10:59 PM] Bonnie: Yeah I got the impression this book was setting up the second one. So I'm buying it too to see where it goes.

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Sean Lookielook Sandulak (seansandulak) | 918 comments Mod
[11:00 PM] Bonnie: Which is fine by me. I don't always need the 1st book of a series to be the best.
[11:00 PM] SeanSandulak: This was a first novel too, so there's that to consider.
[11:00 PM] Bonnie: I really enjoyed the story and the characters, so I'm willing to keep going with it.
[11:00 PM] Kimthulhu: Highly recommend the rest of the series
[11:00 PM] Kimthulhu: Like, it gets SO INTENSE
[11:00 PM] jonelleoro: Does it get SEXY?
[11:01 PM] Bonnie: I also dug the bad-ass inferno scene :fire:
[11:01 PM] Rocketsoup: Vag fans have needs
[11:01 PM] Rocketsoup: We need sexy books!
[11:01 PM] Lecta: ^^^
[11:02 PM] Kimthulhu: It does... Sort of? They talk about intimacy, and while nothing is graphic, it got really hot
[11:02 PM] jonelleoro: I can deal with HOT. Looking forward to it.
[11:02 PM] Bonnie: It's the first of five books so eventually there MUST be sexy times... right?
[11:02 PM] kotabuck: Sometimes I forget that we're reading smut.
[11:02 PM] Kimthulhu: It gets emotional at one point too
[11:03 PM] Kimthulhu: Like... In the end I kind of dig him
[11:03 PM] SeanSandulak: Speaking of sexy, Laura asked:
Do you prefer Aldrik or Baldair? Or a Baldrik threesome?
(Considering they mentioned ambiguous paternity a couple of times)
[11:03 PM] Bonnie: ooooh
[11:03 PM] Kimthulhu: Baldair.
[11:03 PM] jonelleoro: I'm Team Aldrik all day every day (see above mentioned Adam Driver reason).
[11:04 PM] Kimthulhu: Even with Aldrik redeeming himself through the series, Baldair
[11:04 PM] Liangelus: I also highly reco the rest of the series...but yes, they definitely get pretty intense!
[11:04 PM] Bonnie: Baldrik threesome for me please!
[11:04 PM] kotabuck: I wasn't overwhelmed with lust for either of them but I think maybe together in a threesome I could be very into that.
[11:04 PM] Kimthulhu: Of course, @Bonnie
[11:05 PM] jonelleoro: Yeah, I change my answer. I'll have them both please and thankyou.
[11:06 PM] Liangelus: ugh, I keep going to say stuff and then realise I'm referring to something further on in the series :smile:
[11:06 PM] Kimthulhu: I'm doing the same thing, lol
[11:07 PM] SeanSandulak: That's why I make the series channels and threads.(edited)
[11:07 PM] Liangelus: #BecauseDaniel
[11:07 PM] Kimthulhu: The first book kiss actually really inconsequential compared to everything else that happens
[11:08 PM] Bonnie: To be fair, most YA books don't allow for sexy times like I wish they would.
[11:08 PM] Kimthulhu: Truth
[11:08 PM] Bonnie: It's the publishing industry that determines all that which is a pain.
[11:08 PM] Rocketsoup: "And then they held hands, but like really passionately n stuff."
[11:08 PM] Bonnie: Because most teens are having sex... so yeah.
[11:08 PM] Liangelus: Don't tell me that!! I have a teen :smile:
[11:08 PM] Bonnie: Then again, maybe more adult romance books should have less sex or at least make the sex matter.
[11:09 PM] Bonnie: hahahahahaha
[11:09 PM] Kimthulhu: Hahahaha
[11:09 PM] Rocketsoup: Don't worry, Li. He won't like girls until he's 37. Promise. :wink:
[11:09 PM] kotabuck: And even if they're not they're thinking about sex and know how it works.
[11:09 PM] Bonnie: i wonder if there is a sub-section of romance books where the elderly are super frisky?
[11:09 PM] Liangelus: He's inviting a girl over for his bday bbq on Sat...."But she's totally NOT a girlfriend!!" :smile:
[11:09 PM] Bonnie: Like Jessica Fletcher erotica
[11:09 PM] Rocketsoup: Oh god, that HAS to be a future pick!!
[11:09 PM] Liangelus: so adorbs
[11:09 PM] Lecta: Aww that would be awesome!
[11:10 PM] kotabuck: Retirement homes are hot beds of vd.
[11:10 PM] SeanSandulak: @Bonnie You know there is.
[11:10 PM] Liangelus: :joy:
[11:11 PM] Bonnie: I always hoped Rowling would write Albus Dumbledore erotica
[11:11 PM] jonelleoro: Yeah, my mom randomly texted me yesterday to tell me about how sexually active (and diseased) the elderly are. Thanks, mom?
[11:11 PM] Kimthulhu: I don't think I could handle that
[11:11 PM] Bonnie: hahahaha
[11:11 PM] Rocketsoup: "Thanks, mom, I'll adjust my plans I guess?"
[11:12 PM] jonelleoro: Maybe she was hinting where she'd like to be for retirement? Not sure. I made a note, though.
[11:12 PM] SeanSandulak: Okay, one more quick question. Matthew asked:
How would you react if a friend of yours confessed to you that they are magic?
[11:13 PM] BlueyeWard: I'd be jealous
[11:13 PM] Bonnie: Well I've had friends that came out to me as Wicca witches... but nothing magic MAGIC yet.
[11:13 PM] BlueyeWard: And think it was really cool
[11:13 PM] mhbuck21: I would hope it was true
[11:13 PM] Bonnie: Of course if I did have a friend who could control the elements, I would be all over a night of booze and magic.
[11:13 PM] jonelleoro: Pics or it didn't happen and then jealousy if it happened.
[11:14 PM] Garuda_x17: Forget Vegas! Let's go rob a bank!!
[11:14 PM] Bonnie: I AM VERY PRO-MAGIC! :zap:
[11:14 PM] BlueyeWard: My curious mind would want to see everything they can do
[11:15 PM] Bonnie: i would want my magic pal to become a vigilante, with me as the sidekick!
[11:15 PM] bloody_albatross: Technically one could say particle physicists that synthesize new elements can "control the elements". So that is within the realm of possibility. :stuck_out_tongue:
[11:15 PM] Rocketsoup: How would you react to a friend telling you they do close-up magic though?
[11:15 PM] Liangelus: I'd make them train HARD...and be the best dang magician they could be!
[11:15 PM] Garuda_x17: Hold steadfast, little Bonnie buddy
[11:16 PM] SeanSandulak: writes Bonniegrrl vigilante fanfic
[11:16 PM] Liangelus: ooh, cuppa is ready. TTYL :purple_heart:
[11:17 PM] BlueyeWard: Well I'm barely holding my eyes open now, so good night everyone! :sleeping:
[11:17 PM] Kimthulhu: Is wonder why they weren't trying to be a damned super hero.
[11:17 PM] jonelleoro: I had a guy approach me in a bar doing "magic" once. Not cute.
[11:17 PM] Kimthulhu: Also, sleep beckons.
[11:17 PM] Rocketsoup: Thanks for everyone joining for this unorthodox but still super fun hangout. :heart:
[11:18 PM] SeanSandulak: It's getting late, so we''l do some announcements to wrap up the "official" chat. (You can keep going if you like.)
[11:18 PM] Garuda_x17: Yay for Discord!
[11:19 PM] SeanSandulak: The march main is Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear
[11:19 PM] Bonnie: I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK to be discussed!!!! :heart:
[11:20 PM] mhbuck21: Its 11:19 so yeah... Im rambling now
[11:20 PM] Lecta: Does this book contain sexy timez? looks hopeful
[11:20 PM] jonelleoro: Is this book #69?
[11:20 PM] Garuda_x17: Good night, other side of the planet people :purple_heart::earth_asia:
[11:20 PM] SeanSandulak: The forum-picked alt is * How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf* by Molly Harper
[11:20 PM] mhbuck21: I believe you are right
[11:21 PM] SeanSandulak: not 69. We skipped a hangout this month so the next is still 68.
[11:21 PM] mhbuck21: Aww too bad
[11:21 PM] jonelleoro: Gotcha! We'll be patiently waiting for 69.
[11:21 PM] Bonnie: I plan on also reading the alt just from the cover alone!!!
[11:21 PM] SeanSandulak: Group re-reads for March are.My Life as a White Trash Zombie and Dearly, Departed
[11:22 PM] Garuda_x17: Gnome erotica. That should be episode 6 to the power of 9
[11:22 PM] Garuda_x17: :wink:
[11:22 PM] SeanSandulak: 2018 Reading Challenge (Group challenge to read 5000 different books of any genre. Currently at 1546 of 5000 books. (31%) 657 books ahead of schedule and on course for OVER 9000.)
Vaginal Fantasy Book Club - Book Discussion & Recommendation: The 5000 Book Reading Challenge for 2018 (showing 1-50 of 699)
699 discussion posts. Vaginal Fantasy said: This is your mod, Sean, with a reading challenge for all of you. I want you to read 1000 books in 2018. Well,...
[11:24 PM] SeanSandulak: @Bonnie I picked that one for the poll because I found a copy at the local drugstore cheap.
[11:25 PM] SeanSandulak: You can see Felicia in all the things she's in, Veronica has podcasts, Bonnie sells her books, and good luck to Kiala with school and the cat.
[11:26 PM] Bonnie: I ALMOST picked this book as the main but it was too pricey and not available as an eBook - Loose Lips: Fanfiction Parodies of Great (and Terrible) Literature from the Smutty Stage of Shipwreck
[11:26 PM] Bonnie: Link:
[11:27 PM] SeanSandulak: That pretty much wraps it up for tonight we'll see you all March 20th? for an all-new proper hangout where absolutely no one is sick.
[11:28 PM] mhbuck21: :laughing: hope everyone is better
[11:29 PM] SeanSandulak: This was fun. We'll do this again next hiatus. Goodnight everyone. Feel free to drop by and chat anytime. We're always open.
[11:29 PM] Bonnie: byeeeeeeee :kissing_heart:

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