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"The inaugural Staunch Book Prize will be awarded to the author of a novel in the thriller genre in which no woman is beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered."
"That doesn’t mean we’re just looking for thrillers that feature men in jeopardy, but stories in which female characters don’t have to be raped before they can be empowered, or become casual collateral to pump up the plot."


I was just googling because I declined a book rec from FIL that was just this type and I came across this new book award. I was trying to help form my words before telling him why I was pretty much done with these types of stories (and TV).

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Lena | 2380 comments Such a good idea!
I just finished The Good Son, loved it, and it would mostly fit these criteria. A bit of following but I wouldn’t say stalking as that implies research. But women are murdered.

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Lena | 2380 comments Posted about this on the Mystery/Thriller Group. Going to read that Java book on Principle.

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