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message 1: by E.G. (new)

E.G. Moore (emilygmoorewriter) | 19 comments Mod
Hi everyone! Tom, the group co-founder, is being modest and won't share his news. His book, ASSASSIN 13, launched yesterday and it's FREE for download today through the 20th! Be sure to grab your copy.


Assassin 13 is a time travel thriller set in a dystopian future and 1927 Hollywood.

Lauren Ramirez, an Assassin 13, which means she's the best at her profession, is betrayed by her employer, the President of the United States, when she takes a high-rank target job to get information on her mother’s killer. While she's attempting to escape in a space shuttle from his trap, she hurtles through a time displacement anomaly and lands in the glam of 1927 Hollywood.

Lauren finds herself working for one of Hollywood's top actresses, Pauline Windsor, who is dating mafia member Benny Sorrentino. He is caught up in a gangland war with the Colombini brothers for the city's profitable bootlegging and gambling rings. Even as she clings to the revenge for her mother’s death and somehow fixing her broken shuttle to return for the information, Lauren's relationship with the people she meets, stunt pilot Remy Garnett, Pauline, and Pauline's children, all begin to change the hard surface of her heart.

When Pauline's relationship with Sorrentino draws her and her family into the gangland war, Lauren must decide whether to use her 22nd century talents and technology in their defense or abandon them to slip back into her time and get the information she needs to avenge her mother.

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Reppert | 21 comments Mod
I'm not being modest persey, just can't "spam" my own group. *wink*

BUT I am excited about it. Would appreciate the downloads and any reviews anyone is up for doing.

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