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The Picolinis
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's chapter book about mini circus people living in an attic [s]

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Kaitlin Lee | 2 comments SOLVED - Read a children's chapter book (maybe slightly more advanced than Junie B. Jones) around '02 - '04; seemed like it may have been written in the 80's? It had 70's - 80's seeming cover art. If it wasn't about a circus it was something very similar like a carnival. Already looked at The Little's and I don't think that's it because I didn't see one with a circus theme in that series. It is similar to The Borrowers.
- Potential Spoilers -
I think at some point they got caught and were about to be sent off somewhere. Maybe like a port or something? But I don't remember country or city or anything like that. Fairly certain the family name of the mini family was Italian.

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Kaitlin Lee | 2 comments Solved! The Picolinis by Anne Graham Estern :)

niknaktoo from r/whatsthatbook found it for me.

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Yay! Glad you found it so quickly. Here's the link: The Picolinis

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