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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel de Lill (danieldelill) | 2 comments I'm seeking reviewers interested specifically in New/Young Adult Science Fiction to review an ARC of my novel, Lunar One. One beta reader said it was like a cross between Divergent and The Hunger Games. I'm not personally sure it's quite that dramatic, but I would say that the comment is not too far off base, perhaps. The synopsis is below, and I appreciate your time and consideration. :) Dan (

Lunar One

Can the last of humanity be saved from itself?

Two hundred years after all life on Earth is annihilated, the last of humanity survives on a moon colony, Lunar One. Young Amia undergoes the Stage to live among its different societies. As her idyllic world unravels, she learns the ghastly truths behind colony life. A sinister web of danger, betrayal, and mystery makes the most difficult decision of her life impossible. With enemies lurking around every corner and uncertain who to trust, can Amia bring down an obsolete and unjust system?

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin Steinman | 4 comments I will review you if you review me! Land of Giants (By Way of Lantern)

Check out the trailer!

message 3: by Chrys (new)

Chrys Cymri | 61 comments Hi Justin

I'd be happy to review if I could have a digital file. Will you be releasing this for Kindle?

Secondly, just to warn you that Amazon are cracking down on reciprocal reviews. They take them down--and then a few more, just for good measure!

message 4: by Gabrielle (last edited Apr 06, 2018 12:26PM) (new)

Gabrielle (ladyofbookscoffee) | 4 comments I would love to read this in exchange for an honest review. Please message me through Goodreads if still taking requests. Thank you.

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