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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical Romance about a female viking warrior and her twin sisters [s]

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Jess | 2 comments Hello, I've been searching for years now looking for this book about a female viking warrior and her twin little sisters. Here are the plot details I remember:

The 3 girls are sent to live with a new viking clan by their father. The old girl is a fighter and must convince one of the clan members to fight her in order for something huge to happen (sorry, don't remember the exact details). The guy she must fight refuses to fight any longer after having an episode of blood lust during a battle.

The twin sisters are trying to find their way with this new clan. One of them starts talking to, feeding, and taking care of a prisoner despite the prisoner trying to scare her off.

Also, this is the time when Christianity is being introduced to vikings, so there's this big issue between the female and male clan members about having multiple wives and just one wife.

If any one can help me find the title and author of this book, I'd be eternally grateful. I've been looking for this book for over 10 years with no luck.


The twin sister falls in love with the prisoner. When the prisoner is rescued, her kidnaps the sister during his escape.

Thank you so much,

Jess :D

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Possibly My Warrior's Heart -- which was reissued with a new title: The Enchantment

from a user review: "Serrick brings his three daughters to the village of Borger, a powerful jarl, and gives them in payment of a tax debt--but with conditions. No man may touch them or wed them until one man can defeat Aaren in sword fighting; then each may be given in marriage. Borger accepts the payment and the conditions with his eldest son, Jorund, in mind. Jorund is a huge, handsome Viking, who two years ago tired of battlelust and the "dew of wounds" (blood). Jorund has no intention of fighting any woman, but after Aaren defeats two of Borger's best warriors, Borger decrees that no man may fight Aaren save Jorund."

Jess | 2 comments Omg!!!! That’s it!!!!! I’ve been looking for what feels like 10 years and you find it in one day! I cannot thank you enough!!!

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Yay!! Glad I could help! I'll move this to solved for you.

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