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The Frankenstein Chronicles (tv series)

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message 1: by Mosquitha (new)

Mosquitha | 26 comments Anybody knows this tv series? It is extremely good, very dark, beautiful costumes and setting, and great acting all around. I think it will suit perfectly who was in love (like me) with Penny Dreadful.

message 2: by Hennie (new)

Hennie | 2 comments Sean Bean? Is he going to live in this one?
It sounds good, though. I will give it a try, thank you! :)

message 3: by Mosquitha (new)

Mosquitha | 26 comments Live... Well kind of... But he is the usual Sean Bean that we all love. I hope you enjoy it! I just finished the second season. Now I need to find something else to watch.

message 4: by Scarlet (last edited Jul 25, 2018 05:13PM) (new)

Scarlet (scarletvampire) | 4 comments Yes, I have watched this. I watched Penny Dreadful too, pity it ended. If you liked those you may like The Alienist, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and Dracula (Series), if you haven't already seen them.
The Alienist is based on the novel of the same name.

message 5: by Mosquitha (new)

Mosquitha | 26 comments I don't think I have seen any of these, good to know, as I'm looking for a new series to watch!

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