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Rereading the Penderwicks

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message 1: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
GUYS. We have exactly (if it's the 15th for you) TWO MONTHS until Penderwicks at Last is out! Only two!

So I was thinking while we wait, we should refresh our memories. Luna's quiz that she either created or just sent us made it apparent, to me, that I've forgotten a lot of the book - so what do you think about rereading the books until the last one comes out so that they're fresh in our minds and we've discussed them and understood them? Then maybe we'll enjoy the last book that much more.

idk, your thoughts?

message 2: by Sharla (new)

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments I just read through them last fall. But I think this is a great idea! 4 books is a lot to discuss we should start right away!

message 3: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I'll join in rereading. I'll have to do that anyway for my fanfic (:. Skimming the books, I recognized how much I didn't get! I don't have planned any other leisure books till May.

message 4: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
OK, time to reread! Time is ticking, and we don't have very long before May 15th! (yay)

I don't have the first book yet - it should be back by Wednesday, but I can't say for sure depending on when I see the girl next. (I might see her Sunday, so it should be soon.) But anyway, I think we should go ahead and get started and I might be able to find it online. Either way, we need to do it sooner rather than later so that we're already going by the time the book comes out. :) Is tomorrow feasible?

message 5: by Sharla (new)

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments yes I think so.

message 6: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I start with rereading book three because I'm not sure with this plot. Btw, Book 2 is the one I know by my heart and I like best. So if there would be questions to this book...

Little question: I've thought that somewhere in the third book was mentioned that Anna crushed a boy called Serge, but I'm not sure. This question is mostly related to my fanfic and the Nick and Anna theory. I really would prefer Nick. Twicebaked, you know what I mean (:

message 7: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
I don't think I've heard of a Serge in this book, but it could have been a one-liner thrown in there, like "oh btw Anna's dating Serge blah blah blah" and then never revisited. 🤷

message 8: by Luna (new)

Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments Yeah and noo r u making nick+anna a thing? that might be kindaa weird, but idk do whatever u want. But the rest of ur fanfic is amazingg so far Verena!!

And twicebaked, this is a great idea!!! Ill def start soon after I finish Mara ;)) sorry guys this has been a hectic past few weeks, so I havent been active at all :((

message 9: by Verena (last edited Oct 07, 2018 03:43AM) (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I'll have hectic soon and then I'll have to slow down here. That's why I'm contributing now a little bit more (: Thanks for your feedback, Luna, and the more I'm heading to Skeffrey, the more it will be amazing, I hope (:
The idea of Nick and Anna is very young, but I couldn't write your idea with a "badass military girl". Anna could be the character I tried to imagine for "Marianne" because she's beautiful as well a fiery and witty character. It's a pity she wasn't in book 4, but I got the idea when I was looking at the wedding epilogue and we see Nick and Anna together. Of course, not everything is a hint, but Birdsall likes clues, and I always wished that Nick would pick a familiar character.

message 10: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
idr remember Anna or her personality. Really I'm kind of settling bc I want Nick to be happy and there's nobody else left lol at least Rosalind's taken - I do not like the idea of her and Nick!

rlly I couldn't care less if Nick decided to go with someone else bc I've always had the feeling that Anna is a liiiittle bit messed up (bc of her dad marrying multiple times and her mom nowhere, just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen), so I wouldn't really want Nick to marry that, but if you could develop Anna, make her rlly nice (tty Verena lol), then I would be fine with it. I just want Nick to be happy!!! :P

message 11: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I'm just thinking about why I'm struggling with pressuring Anna into this story line if none of you likes it. It's just that I want to stay close with all possibilities for Birdsall. And yes, that Nick is happy is the most important fact, whoever he'll get. It's just I've still the chance to decide. Should I post both story chapters to decide which is best or is this stupid? Last minute chances are always difficult. Well, I've invented Frank and in my last chapter Grace and so I'll develope a third character. It's not that I couldn't create new ones and just play around with Birdsall's characters. It would be more easy to stay with my story line and then we'll get two couples instead of one and it would be mean if Serge dumped Anna on Rosy's wedding. So back to Marianne, the nurse? I hope it's not confusing for you, but I hope it will be done soon and then I can enjoy reading the originals more - I' m skimming the books for the fanfic.

message 12: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Nah, go with what you want to do - it doesn't really matter to me. And besides, I think it would probably be smartest to have Nick get together with a character who's actually in the Penderwicks, instead of making up a whole new person just for him. Besides, I think it would be kinda cute to have Rosalind's best friend marry Rosalind's brother-in-law, you know?

And you could post both stories, or you could read them and decide which one you like better (make a list of pros and cons for both, see which has more pros - or you could even make a list of pros/cons for the couple! << if any of this makes sense).

Just do what's easiest for you! Whatever you want I'm cool with unless you don't want Skeffrey :P

message 13: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I think I know now how to solve this tricky, problem (: and I'll do something we all could agree with. I hope I'll finish it soon so that you can tell me what you think about it. Perhaps Birdsall does Nick and Anna, that would be sweet, but a "Marianne" she won't do, I guess (: You won't get it, but I will do this as a reference to the Little Women sequels and this will be a similar solution like Batty and Frank. At first, I wanted to have Skye for this role (my dark days), but I think this is a comfortable solution.
By the way, do you have any wishes or suggestions for Keiko? I'm just thinking about with whom she could get together and what she'll be doing. You like her so very much, that's why you could be an expert (: And I'll do Skeffrey, of course. I've read enough books about determined astrophicians to know how to create there a sweet love story (: I should have recommended Geek Girl to Birdsall.

message 14: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
lol "my dark days" XD

you know you could always send her a letter...maybe she reads them?? idek :P

See I can't quite remember which one it was that Keiko liked, but I think it might have been Vasudev - she didn't like him, she was just thinking about maybe liking him and trying that on for size (it's just a saying - not a euphemism ew gross lol). << but it might have been Henry...idk you'd have to check with bk 4, which I don't have at the moment (loaning it out) so I can't do the research for you :( sry sry. I REALLY miss that book I've had it gone for like a MONTH now and I rlly want to reread! Who's with me, I rlly don't like loaning out books haha so selfish

message 15: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I hate borrowing and loaning out books, it's just like loaning friends out (:. I think she said that she was crushing Vasudev, but he seems to like her class mate Ginevra, and second was Henry and third Eric. But Henry is mentioned most often. Something against, if I take Henry for my fanfic?
And there were enough letters to Birdsall about Skeffrey. But she don't want any contact. I just got the remark on Wattpad that it's "Iantha" and not "Jantha". Did anybody realize here? Well, these are the hymnic praises to expect on Wattpad (:. You don't have to review each of my chapters, but let me know which chapters you have finished and if you would have any complaints.

message 16: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Well I knew it was Iantha in English, but I thought Jantha might have been a German spelling so I didn't correct it. Hope you don't mind - if I had known, I would have pointed it out a long time ago. It didn't make it hard to read, though, bc J and I look pretty similar.

I think Batty was annoyed with Henry, but that might change in book 5...though you already have her together with Frank, so I wouldn't suggest anything for the fanfic ;) but yeah Batty annoyed with Henry, Keiko considering Vasudev.

message 17: by Luna (new)

Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments Samee about the Iantha thing; I noticed it but thought it was different in Germany so I didn't say anything.

message 18: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Okay, well, thank you for your comments! :) Nice to hear from you again, Luna! Perhaps because there was Jane and Jeffrey with J, and so I thought it was there a J, too. There are similar names, all derived from the same Greek origins, Jolanda and Jolanthe, and so I thought it would be also for Iantha. In my epilogue of the fanfic, I honored this problem. So you find this reference? But should I change the name writing in the fanfic? I used it consistently. The fanfic is finished, and I used Henry for Keiko, but Birdsall could use someone else, like Vasudev. Actually, I had the impression that Henry seemed to be more focused in the book and Vasudev was the kind of a current crush. Whatever, it's not as important as Skeffrey. (: And I couldn't use any of Keiko's crushes for Batty and I searched for other possibilities. In book 1 it's mentioned that Churchie has grandsons in Boston and this is, what I used for Frank, together with Beth's "crush" Frank in Little Women. By the way, I'm writing a fanfic for Beth and Frank with Jo and Laurie, and Amy will also get together with someone else (:

message 19: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Nope, nothing is as important as Skeffrey! Vasudev was kind of a side character/crush that she added so that Keiko would have something to do (at least, that's what it feels like).

I really like the name Frank - I'm so glad Batty has someone like him to get together with! And it's so perfect that he's related to Churchie because I love Churchie too...ayyy they could get free food made by Churchie for their wedding! <3 too cute.

Ohh good, I didn't like Amy at all because she married Laurie. I liked her just fine and then when she got together with him I was like fine then ur a loser :P I love Jo and Laurie, that was a miserable ending (thankfully you agree, or else I wouldn't read your fanfic ever ever).

message 20: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Well, I guess that the unmarried Louisa didn't want romance for her alter ego heroines, Jo in Little Women and Nan in Little Men. I wasn't so much frustrated because I have still the German edition with Jo and Laurie in the end. But when I reread the original Little Women, I just thought: "Why didn't I remember that this is so bad?" Of course, Amy and Laurie get romance, but I just guess that Alcott didn't want romance for her heroines and make their ends as unromantic as possible. Rose in "Rose in Bloom" is allowed to get the right one, but she is a Meg character. If I talk about Little Women as my favorite book, I mean the brilliant German edition, of course. That's why they didn't publish the second part anymore, but I got to know the original edition because of the movies. But in Little Men it's much clearer that Alcott forces her characters to decide on this way. Nan stays alone and here it feels much more as if she was really in love with her Tommy. And Alcott just writes; "Clearly, Nan wasn't in love at all." I hope Birdsall is a better author than Alcott and forces not her characters to stay alone or marry the wrong guys (:

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