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Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Comment your thoughts!

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
I don't know why but it took me so long to read these chapters. I don't know if I'm in a slump or if this book is just moving a little too slowly for me. Maybe a mixture of both.

I did enjoy getting a bit more back story about Rosa's 'killings' in the past and her and Che's schooling. I also like that Sid (not even going to attempt to write her actual name) and Che's relationship has developed a little more, but not unrealistically fast.

The introduction of the rich family (again I'm not going attempt to spell it here):
I think something bad will end up happening with Rosa and the twins. Rosa has become very attached to just one twin so maybe the other will be her first human victim. The ending of chapter 10 did surprise me and I'm excited to read on!

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
I really like the oldest daughter of the rich family. I forgot her name, Lailani? She’s funny, I feel like they’re going to be great friends.

I also like the slow formation of Sid & Che. I loooove the historical names they all have.

The back stories on Rosa are wild. I’m thinking antisocial personality disorder. I can’t believe she’s missing!!!

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