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Smiley: A Journey of Love
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Joni | 623 comments My friends who truly know me know my heart and my love for animals. In fact, one of those friends (and co-workers) showed me the cover of this book and I just fell in love.

Smiley was a puppy that was rescued from a puppy mill. He was born with eyes and with dwarfism. When he was first rescued he was scared, anxious and in pain. It was soon discovered that his eye sockets were causing most if not all of his suffering. He had surgery to close his "eyes" permanently. After his recovery, he was a completely different dog. His lack of eyesight never slowed him down. He was always happy as evidenced by his constant wagging tail. In fact, his every wagging tail caused an spinal injury that required rehab to heal him....acupuncture, laser therapy & deep muscle massage.

Smiley was also a therapy dog. Bringing comfort to so many he came in contact with.

I did a little more research and learned that Smiley passes away in October of 2017 from cancer at the age of 15. At his death, his owners asked this from everyone...."In Smiley's honor, please be kind to one another, give back, and always see with your heart." I think this is fitting for today and everyday.

This book is a juvenile non-fiction book for grade levels 4-12.

Michelle (MichelleBookAddict) (maslme) | 186 comments I loved seeing Smiley’s Instagram updates! Didn’t know that he passed away 💔
I’ve added this to my tbr because really that dog was such a great dog!

Michelle (MichelleBookAddict) (maslme) | 186 comments btw his Instagram is ForTheLoveOfSmiley and it looks like they got a new cute little pup

Joni | 623 comments Thank you. I will have to check it out. I really loved sweet Smiley.

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