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David Grant (sortitionist) Please add my book to GoodReads Library:

* Title: The Common Lot: A Novel

Author(s) name(s): David Grant



Paperback: ASIN: 1980360464/ISBN: 9781980360469

* Publisher: Common Lot Productions

* Publication date: 15 March 2018

* Format: ebook & 6x9” paperback

* Description: Two ordinary citizens, Cathy Marcek Gresham and Melvin Gallopova "Turk" Panos, have been chosen as representatives to the first legislature that is nearly proportionally representative of all citizens who are willing and able to serve.
Cathy is not much interested in politics, vaguely center-left, pro-woman, but would rather be gardening. She is assisted by Clara, her disabled aunt, a smart cookie.
Turk is a wild card, a worst case scenario, recently emerged from a mental institution. Without his staff director, McKnight, a former newspaper vendor out of Flatbush, Turk would perish.
Former power players – a craven ex-Senator and a religious fundamentalist – form a marriage of convenience to scuttle the process.
The Citizen Legislature manages to resist the blows against it, but has little time left over to demonstrate that it can perform much better than the previous elected Congress. The general public realizes, nonetheless, that since the legislature is statistically-representative of the entire population, “there is no one to blame but ourselves”. For the first time in modern history, a legislature is "by the people"… and fully legitimate as such.

* Page count: 191 pages

Link to book page:

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