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Why Elections Are the Problem and How To Make Democracy Real
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David Grant (sortitionist) Please add my book to GoodReads Library:

* Title: Why Elections Are the Problem and How to Make Democracy Real

* Author(s) name(s): David Grant

* ISBN (or ASIN): Ebook: ASIN: B0081H7JVC
Paperback: ASIN: 1980371032 / ISBN: 9781980371038

* Publisher: Common Lot Productions

* Publication date: 15 March 2018

* Format: ebook & 6x9” paperback

* Description: Representative democracy is in crisis. Legislatures do not accurately reflect all sectors of society. Ordinary citizens should have more say than merely pulling a ballot lever once every few years.

A government that is merely ‘for’ the people is not any longer good enough. It is time to institute a government that is also ‘by’ and ‘of’ the people.

The original Athenian democracy used a method altogether different than elections to select its officials. They used the system now used to select citizens for jury duty -- sortition.

This essay reflects upon how the lessons from that first democracy might be used to develop a ‘legislative jury’ capable of representing all citizens without regard to party affiliation, financial status or any ideology other than fair play.

Includes appendix with links, bibliography, how to hold a workshop and access to other goods and services.

* Page count: 65 pages

Link to book page:

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