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David Grant (sortitionist) Please add my book to GoodReads Library:

* Title: Next Step for Democracy: A Short Play

* Author(s) name(s): David Grant


Ebook: ASIN: B00FN5JKW6

Paperback: ASIN: 1980350299

* Publisher: Common Lot Productions

* Publication date: 15 March 2018

* Format: ebook & 6x9” paperback

* Description: Marisa, Alma, Sami, and Ali live in a city embroiled in conflict and violence -- the Regime, the Opposition, the Opposition to the Opposition. When the fighting stops, they ask themselves: What next?

“Next Step for Democracy” argues for choosing legislators in the way we choose juries. And the way that the first democracy did. By random lot, known as ‘sortition.’

* Page count: 51 pages

Link to book page:

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