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*~Use your imagination~* (SerpentineWolfgang) | 163 comments Name: Chandler Reynolds
Age: 15
Year: 10
Species: Sorcerer
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Single
History: Chandler knew about Blake's powers, and when she threatened to reveal it to their parents, he offered to teach her how to reach her "inner sorcerer" and be able to do the same things he could. Not long afterwards was when their mother passed and their father abandoned them and only gave them Blake's pet ferret and some granola bars before he drove away.
Personality: She's confident just like her brother, but lacks the capability to come off as a stone-cold person like him. She doesn't like talking about the past, but will open up more about it than Blake and definitely has more sweet moments. She also tends to be quite a flirty character, so watch out boys.
Pet: Doesn't have one of her own
Skills: She has just recently started training, so she's still struggling on the first step: learning how to control water. And she's not doing so well either.

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