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Miranda | 1 comments I read this book about 2005-2008, and it seemed pretty recent at the time. (I got it from the Scholastic Book Fair. My guess for publication date is 2000-2008.) It was part of a series about child spies who were injected with nanobots that made them stronger and more resistant to disease, but also kept tabs on their location and such for the company they worked for. It wasn’t the first book in the series. The main character was female (around 11 or 12), tough and gritty, willing to kill people but silently trying to resist completely conforming to the will of her “boss,” if you will. The opening scene was her and an older agent (maybe 15). The boy’s name may be Simon or Peter, don’t know why that’s sticking with me. She’s sent to kill bodyguards in a lab to retrieve something. She kills all of them in this long hallway. At the facility, she’s in this really blank and boring waiting room. (Irony with the severity and danger of MC’s job.) I believe there was a kind lady who kept her up-to-date on her nanobot shots. The person in charge was a white male, 40’s-50’s. He tells MC she’s going undercover to a summer camp at a cabin in the woods for winners of some academic competition to explore the wilderness and learn survival skills and all that. Basically, a bunch of nerds. MC has a particularly annoying roommate who’s overly friendly with frizzy red hair, glasses and braces. MC’s all chill, very suspicious of the two adults in charge—one buff man and one buffer lady—when she sees this boy. And he’s the spitting image of her former partner. (Kai? Kyle? Maybe Asian-American?) Her former partner had managed to escape from their Big Brother-esque bosses and she’s thought him dead. Author goes overboard on detail here: smooth tan skin, freckles, green eyes, etc. Turns out this guy is her partner’s long-lost twin brother! The twin lives a few miles away from camp, and has been hiding MC’s partner in a shed in the backyard. He’s really emaciated and not himself, but MC is just happy he’s alive. MC trusts twin. Something happens where all the campers start coming down with some illness. It’s really bad: coughing, fever, discoloration, sickness, the works. The two adults get it and the whole complex is overrun with secret agents, who’ve been watching from afar (as secret agents do). (Or maybe it was FBI?) MC discovers it was her dorky roommate the whole time; roommate is part of an evil organization that grooms children into death machines (not unlike MC’s bosses), and she wanted to infect everyone so this airborne virus would go global. Bang, boom, bam. Baddie is defeated, though I don’t remember how. The other thing I remember vividly is that the cover was orange and black, with a black cabin over an orange wash on the bottom right corner, maybe a silhouette or fuzzy picture of the heroine across the top left side of the book. I really hope this helps me find it—I’ve been trying to relocate it for ages! Thank you to everyone who reads and helps out!

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