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the few hours that passed after timber arrived to a small city outside of manhattan went by like a blur. she could only register a few things: the countless shots she had, roaming hands as she danced, pushing a stranger away from her, and throwing up in an alleyway. there had been a few times where timber had experienced this, and yet, she could still feel pain as if she was heartbroken.

she drove back--even in her intoxicated state--to the camp until she crashed the car into a tree, and made it out untouched. she had stumbled around, and somehow managed to end up at the beach, the water soaking her shoes and her legs, her hair soaring behind her with the wind, tears stained on her cheeks, and hiccups leaving her mouth.

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((You didn’t lie))

Jackson had no idea what to do, so after having laid in the horse stall for a few hours, he had slowly wandered out to the beach. The waves would give him peace, he thought, until he spotted a solitary figure. Immediately he knew who it was. She looked wrecked, which was funny, because she was the one who had done this. He walked over to her slowly, she probably shouldn’t be alone right now.

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((kinda funny though))

timber began to sing a korean lullaby, her native language pouring out of her mouth like velvet. a wave that was passing her by had reached up to her waist, so now a majority of her shorts were soaked. she giggled at how cold the water was, then hiccuped once more.

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Jackson knew it probably wasn’t smart to approach a daughter of the goddess of fear while she was drunk, but even if she didn’t care about him, he still cared about her. And right now she needed to take a shower or something and go to bed. “Hey,” He said softly, walking up to her. Her shorts were already soaked, and she was singing. Yep, definitely drunk.

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at the sound of a voice behind her, timber let out a few curses in korean from her surprise, then turned around and looked at jackson with a hazy gaze. "oh! h-hi jackson!" timber called, grinning. she tried to take a step towards him but almost tripped while doing so, so she stayed still. "you look sad. are you sad? did i make you sad?"

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He didn’t change his even expression, pressing his lips together. “Come on,” He said, putting a hand on the inside of her elbow and guiding her out of the water.

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timber squirmed out of his hold, which made her fall back into the water, landing on her bottom. instead of showing any discomfort, she giggled again. "i like the water, sad boy," she told jackson, peering up at him. "sad, sad boy. and i'm a sad, sad girl."

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Jackson bit his cheek, not wanting to spat out an insult. “Okay, Let’s go,” he said patiently, even though he was feeling the opposite. He grabbed her arm and hauled her up, resolving that if he needed to, he would carry her.

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"jackson, let go," timber pleaded, squirming again. "i don't want to leave!" she was acting out in her drunken stupor, but the sober part of her didn't want him to see her like this. like the true mess that she is. from just her resistance, the waves reached to her shirt now, so her abdomen to her feet were soaked.

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“Timber,” he said forcefully, gritting his teeth. “You should not be drunk and alone in the freaking ocean!” He grabbed her arm again, trying to haul her away from the current that was picking up. He swore, if she didn’t come with him this time, he’d just leave her out here. Who cared anyways? He tried.

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she stopped her squirming, staring at him with her wide and sad eyes. "why do you like me?" she asked in a broken voice, her hiccups easing into deep breaths. a bird in the trees suddenly cawed, making her flinch, but timber kept her gaze trained on him.

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“I don’t know,” he said, frustrated. “But you really should be asleep!” He saw something in her face and released his grip, running his hands though his hair. “You know what? Fine. I mean, I tried,” he said, walking away, defeated.

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astonished, timber watched him walk away. she shook her head, determined to get to him, and stepping over the waves, running as fast as she can until she was directly behind him. timber wrapped her arms around his torso, turning her head and pressing her cheek to his back.

"i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. she's going to make me hurt you, and i don't want to hurt you, but i don't want to be alone either. and a man tried to touch me in the bar and i got scared without you and then i crashed a car into a tree and i'm sorry," she rambled desperately, feeling a tear roll down her cheek.

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Jackson froze, stunned. He wasn’t sure if this was the drunk Timber talking, but he couldn’t take any chances. First though — “Why were you drunk driving?” He asked angrily, turning to face her. “You could’ve gotten yourself hurt, or killed!”

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"b-because i was trying to run from the man," she answered, unsure if that was the right thing to say. she was indeed terrified to be in the bar after the incident, and after throwing up in an alleyway, craved nothing but the feeling of home. and despite her disliking towards the camp, it satisfied that craving for her, and she had no other choice but to drive.

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Jackson sighed. “Are you still drunk?” He asked, a hint of worry tracing his voice. He kind of hoped she wasn’t, and she had meant what she said earlier. But really though, she was way too young to drink, and he needed to do something about it — not that it was his responsibility or anything. She had made it pretty clear that they were over.

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she thought for a moment and recalled her recent actions. "just a little. but my mind is sober, if that makes sense?" she answered, still keeping a tight hold on his torso. holding him like this was much better than him looking at what an emotional wreck she was. "i'm sorry," timber repeated softly.

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Jackson shook his head, he couldn’t afford getting lost in this. “You said it was over,” he whispered hoarsely, trying to ignore her hold on him.

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she hadn't realized just how heartbroken he may have been until he had said what he just said. his voice made her want to punch herself; how could she have hurt him like this? "i thought that it felt... wrong and-and awkward, but i realized that it was my fault. i'm scared that when we find phrike, she'll make me turn against you and eider, and i was trying to push away... trying to make it hurt a little less. but at the same time, i don't want to be alone."

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“I’ll make sure she doesn’t,” he said defiantly. He was sure he would do anything for her. Finally, he turned around and wrapped his arms around her. It was a relief, to hold her again. He breathed in her shoulder, burying his head in her neck. “I’m sorry too,” he said quietly.

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((Gtg, goodnight!))

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timber sighed heavily, moving her arms from his torso to around his neck. she had to stand on the tips of her toes to rest her head in the crook connecting his shoulder and neck, but his scent and warmth made the trouble worth it. even though he had said that he would keep from phrike from using timber as a weapon, she was still unsure, and tried to push the pesky thought to the back of her mind. "m-my clothes are wet," she muttered, her teeth slightly chattering as a breeze began to pick up.

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((One more))

“Oh,” he said. “We should get you back,” he said quietly. He reluctantly pulled away and, holding her hand, started walking out of the wet sand.

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"okay," she simply replied, walking with him as they made their way away from the beach and back to the campgrounds. timber looked up at the night sky, which coincidentally brought a yawn out of her. she then looked over at jackson, staring at him with wonder. timber was hoping that he'd stay with her for the night, though she doubted it, considering they had just resolved their dispute.

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