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The Hidden Life of Trees: what they feel, how they communicate : discoveries from a secret world
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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
Talk about the ways trees form communities underground via the "wood wide web." Explain what Peter Wohlleben means when he talks about how "social" trees are.
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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
By wood wide web, Wohlleben highlights how trees transmit information to each other through fungi about insects and drought. By “social” he means the extent to which trees look out for one another, including, for example, how their differing attributes allow them to help each other remain standing during wind storms. They share nutrients so smaller trees don’t fall too far behind, which protects the microclimate. They even stagger their seed production so animals that feed on them do not become so numerous as to be a threat to the future of the species.

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