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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 80's juvenile book; family moves to a Shady Acres place and there's a ghost/monster there? [s]

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Kimberly | 4 comments Help!! I'm trying to recall a book I read in the 80's in elementary school. All I remember is there is a "monster" on the cover, like a Frankenstein looking guy. It's a drawn cover. Book was for prob 4-6 grades. I know I ordered it thru Scholastic or a similar book ordering school thing. I wanna say it had Shady or Acres or Shadyside - something to that affect in the title. The monster is like in the shadows & there's a house on the cover too. I have Googled any & everything to no avail. I don't really remember the plot. I think a family moves to this "shady acres" place & the kid(s) swear there's a ghost (monster on cover) haunting it.

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Joseph Marquis | 219 comments We’ll, the R. L. Stine Fear Street books take place in a town called Shadyside. Maybe something from that series?

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Kimberly | 4 comments Thanks. No, I would def remember R.L. Stine. :) Love him!

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Angela Johnson | 77 comments Maybe The Figure in the Shadows- John Bellairs? One of my favorites from when I was a kid. The cover matches your description...no 'shady' in the title ...but 'Shadow is in the title.

The Figure in the Shadows (Lewis Barnavelt, #2) by John Bellairs

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Kimberly | 4 comments No. Def fits description, but not it. This does make me find a ton of other books that I want to read though. lol. Thank you for your help.

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Ayshe | 4132 comments I can't find any plot details but how about At Ivy Acres?

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Kimberly | 4 comments OMG!!!!!! That's it!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

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