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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 971 comments Mod
I am not a scientist but have long been a fan of Stephen Hawking; a great compliment to who he is. I admire and listen avidly to his work, attitude of endurance and positive spirit, and adore him as a likeable, humorous person. I am shocked that he died this morning without warning and sad. This is a big deal, an announcement as major as any other that gave our world pause. My spouse exclaimed from the livingroom as he got ready for work. Ron is a scientist and we are both fans.

We know we have had him for such a wonderfully long time, that Stephen's longevity, really did defy science. That is my own apt quote. We always laugh extra happily when he appears on "The Big Bang Theory". I remember him on "Star Trek, The Next Generation" and delighted in Brent Spiner's comment about how hilarious Stephen was about meeting him afterwards; citing the money Brent owed him for the poker game they had acted out on television.

God bless you, Professor Hawking! Thank you for being such a loveable, accessible person: that you make everybody interested in your work; no matter what our scholarly experience! I am especially happy your family had you so long. With Love, Carolyn.

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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 971 comments Mod
In Humboldt, Saskatchewan, there was a bus crash that killed and injured players of a junior hockey team, called the Humboldt Broncos. Today, our prime minister and NHL hockey heroes visited those recuperating in the hospital. Our prayers and love go to all of them, their famiiies, friends, neighbours, and peers. As Justin Trudeau said, "You are loved and the whole country is behind you". Gosh, we are lucky to have a leader who says kind things like this.

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 971 comments Mod
Merry Christmas to all of my people! May our Conan be safe and returned to us at home soon. May everyone else's prayers and needs be answered, too and may joy come our way, everyone! Yours truly, Carolyn.

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