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message 1: by Pam (new)

Pam (whitewitch1905) | 842 comments There are two book listings for this book. There is only one book. One appears to be an e-book and Ashe Barker is listed as the first author. The second is a Kindle version. This is the correct version as it's only available through Amazon.

The URL for the supposed e-book version is:

The URL for the correct Kindle version is:

I don't know if these two listings need to be combined or the e-book version needs to be deleted. I think that's up to the Goodreads librarians. But this needs to be corrected with the authors in alphabetical order by last name.

Thank you.

message 2: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments Corrected the first author placement, which allowed me to combine. I have no way of telling whether there is another ebook edition, so will leave it at that for now. If there's some way we can know for sure, we (or you) could request the one labelled ebook be deleted here: It would take a super because of how many times it's been added.

message 3: by Pam (new)

Pam (whitewitch1905) | 842 comments Thank you. I don't know if each author in the anthology added it or their publisher did. I just know I bought the Kindle version from Amazon as a preorder. I think the authors probably provided ARCs which might be where the e-book edition came from. I appreciate you combining them.

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